Text: Matthew 21:1-9
Memory verse:
“Whereas you have been forsaken and hated, So that no one went through you, I will make you an eternal excellence, A joy of many generations.”
‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭60‬:‭15‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

Have you ever seen a once booming business or a center of activities appearing as if no one has ever passed by it? Or a business installed with all facilities to attract the public but still unpatronized? This was the state of Jerusalem during the captivity. It was forsaken and hated, abandoned by her friends, abhorred by her enemies; no man went through it. It became a rueful spectacle, an astonishment and a ridicule. “You were hated and deserted, rejected by everyone. But I will make you beautiful, a city to be proud of for all time to come.” (Isa 60:15 CEV).
The waster destroys its victims and turns them into a wilderness, a desert, a wasteland and an uninhabited place; like a dry, famished and stony ground, which is worthless for cultivation or for any good thing (Isa 14:17).
When you begin to observe these signs in your life, family or business, know that you need to violently stop the waster and its works. For example, a sister of about thirty years, who has never, for once, received a marriage proposal. Sometimes, the same thing happens to all the other ladies in the family. Also, when your gifts or talents never receive any appreciation or attention in the same place where others with far lesser abilities do not only receive acknowledgments but their services are engaged. And if you often dream of being in an empty place, being alone, in the desert or good people departing from you. All these are signs that the waster is about to strike, so you need to stand up in prayer against him and his plans.
In our text today, a donkey that no one had ever used was tied down and a colt with it. Even though, it was tied outside for everyone to see, no one ever got attracted to it! Even though, it had great potential and was available, no one ever hired it for once! It was just wasting away there. Jesus sent a word of deliverance to end the wastage and to put the donkey into a royal use. The King of kings rode on it. What a honour! The donkey moved from wastefulness to usefulness! From abandonment and neglect to such a great honour as the Lord rode on it!
Friends, let Jesus rescue your destiny from the wasters. Even though the donkey had not been ridden by anyone, yet it willingly surrendered, without struggling, to the King of kings. If you also, willingly surrender to His lordship today, He will cause men to cloth you with honour. He will make you beautiful, like a a city to be proud of for all time to come. You will no longer be called forsaken nor your work be called deserted (Isa 62:4). None will call you unmarried or a deserted wife anymore. Even though the colt wasn’t tied, yet it couldn’t fulfill destiny because its mother was tied. Your deliverance ends the wastage in your family. Because the Lord delights in you, you will be highly favoured and good people and good things will be drawn to you, your family and your works. The season of loneliness, singleness and childlessness will end and you will be desired, married and fruitful. Glory!

Prayer points
1. O Lord, please, let the wastage in my life, family and works come to an end today in Jesus name.
2. O Lord, as I surrender to You, make me a city to be proud of and let my life be desirable in Jesus name.

Today’s declarations
1. Since the Lord delights in me, I can no longer be forsaken nor my family and work be deserted.
2. As I daily surrender to Jesus, He brings out my potentials and causes men to honour me.