March 3, 2024

A Grateful Heart

A Grateful Heart


3rd of March, 2024



SERMON TITLE:       Grateful Heart as Requirement for Greater Tomorrow

SERMON TEXT:     II Samuel 9: 1-7

PREACHER:            Pastor (Mrs.) Olawuyi



Content:  There is a saying among the Yoruba people that He who is grateful for what was done for him yesterday will receive another. Where you are; be ready to appreciate him. Tell him – Father, I ‘m grateful. God – you are so awesome. Father, we are saying thank you. Do you know that Mephibosheth was dwelling in a place called the valley. I don’t know what situation or condition you are in that is not letting you to lift up your head. I pray that the God of Mephibosheth is lifting you up from that valley in Jesus name – where you will say indeed God has been grateful to me. Beloveth, I want you to stretch your hand out to God. Mephibosheth saw favour in the sight of God – and I want you to know that even David remembered Mephibosheth because he is connected to God. There was a time that David himself was humiliated and he became depressed, but he did not allow the enemy to mock him – because he knows he has a great God. He has a grateful heart – and he was grateful to almighty God. David was a great man. Is there still anyone in the house of Saul that I may show kindness because of Jonathan’s sake. Do you know that if David had been holding grudge and malice in his heart because of what Saul did; he wouldn’t have gone far in life. Remember several of the sons of Saul and Jonathan died. I don’t know how many of you are squatting today, but I announced to you today that the God that lifted Mephibosheth up that he became the owner of mighty estate will lift you up in Jesus name. Always remember that weeping may endure through the night but your joy comes in the morning. Your joy is today. Your joy is near. Mephibosheth walked in the mercy of God – and he was not forsaken. I prophecy to you today that strange things will happen to you this morning and you will brought out of obscurity in Jesus name. Haggai 2: 9. I want to declare to someone this morning that the glory of the latter house shall surpass the former in Jesus name. Right in this church vigil some time ago – the governor called a sister and wanted to be sure that she was where she said she was and her life was changed around. I prophecy to you today that your situation is changing. I don’t care what you have gone through – but I know the one who can take care of everything. The only thing that prevents God from taking care of ypur situation is an ungrateful heart and if you have an iniquity in your heart. Let’s bow down our heads to pray. As we round up now – I want you to declare that anything that will stand between me and my greater tomorrow – O Lord, destroy it now in Jesus name!


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