October 1, 2022



Beginning the Month of October with the Lord
(Month of Possibilities)
Ministering: Rev. Ebenezer Olawuyi
Text: Mark 10:27

Whatever you are passing through, don’t be discouraged as the God of all impossibilities is alive and He will visit your file.

-There is no mountain that God cannot relocate.
-There is no man that God cannot remove. Nebuchadnezzar was humbled, Pharaoh and Herod were removed for the rulership of God to stand. Whoever is standing as a God in your life, let them be removed today in the name of Jesus
-There is no demon that God cannot rule over. What is that oppression? Enough is enough! This month, it is your time to take over. When you rule, you raise your head with confidence, don’t bend your head and look pitiable.
This month, whatever you bind shall be bound and whatever you say shall be established.
-God can reverse any conclusion sealed against you and He will. Haman made conclusion over the Jews during the time of Esther but the conclusion was reversed.
He can change medical reports and other negatives.
Whoever has gone into agreement because of you will be disappointed because such agreement is revoked today in the Name of Jesus.
-God can revive any dead thing. Your case is not dead, you will laugh again and you will laugh last.
-God can restore lost time. With men, lost time cannot be regained but not with God.

– Mountain of pain, lack and afflictions, I command you to relocate from my life in the name of Jesus
-Anyone standing as Pharoah or Herod in my life, I dethrone you in the name of Jesus
-From today, I take my place, I rule over demons, I cannot be a victim/casualty
-Every evil conclusion over my destiny/ family, I reverse them in the name of Jesus
-My Father, by Your power, revive whatever has been concluded dead in my life
-Father, restore to me every lost opportunity in the name of Jesus

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