November 26, 2023

Desperate for Miracles 

Desperate for Miracles 


26th of November, 2023



SERMON TITLE:       Desperate for Miracles

SERMON TEXT:     II Kings 4: 1

PREACHER:            Reverend Ebenezer Olawuyi



Content:    Let raise our hands and praise the Lord. Lord, we worship you. C’mon, Lift us His holy name. Say, God, I worship you – I trust you. Lord, we thank you. Speaking in tongues. Thank you, Jesus. We are going to sing that song again. Sing it with understanding. Sing it joyfully. Everybody sing it again. Take it again! You made a way. I don’t know how but you did it. You made a way! We don’t know how but he will do it again! I don’t know how it will happen; but I know God will make it a way! Amen! O God, I’m excited this morning. Give three persons a hi-five and tell them: God will make a way! I’m excited. Give the Lord a shout! A louder shout! Jump up and shout! Hallelujah! Pout your hands together and praise the Lord. He is awesome! Shout another hallelujah! Let us read the scripture this morning. Be seated. God bless you! As we go through the sermon this morning. I will like to remind you a key point of what the reviewer forgot to bring up yesterday. And that is: Important of desperation in the place of prayer when you desire a turnaround. There is a difference between crying, whispering or muttering a word. When you are in need of a miracle; you don’t mutter a word; you don’t whisper. You cry! God told me to tell you this morning; as we go into this programme. Life don’t give you what you deserve; Life gives you what you demanded for. That widow – they wanted to take her two sons away. One major reason why you need to be desperate is that if you don’t cry out now; if God decided to answer your prayers later; it maty be too late. In the time of need; even Jesus Himself cried out. If you don’t cry; you will become oppressed and afflicted. I’m not talking about replying critics. When you cry in desperation; you better go back and beg God; rather than beg man. If a man doesn’t help you; God can raise multiple men to replace him. So, you had better go back instead and cry only to God. Psalm 60: 11. Useless is the help of man. Some people will just sit down. I’m sure some other beggars were there when the Bartholomeus was crying in that day – Jesus, son of God, answer me. God will raise help for you when and where you least imagine. Maybe your back is pushed to the wall and it seems there ‘s no way for you – God will make a way for you. Some people will say the faith is in the heart – that they don’t need to cry – but whoever keeps quiet; the person’s own will keep quiet with them. In the book of Psalms 40: 1 – David said: I waited patiently to the Lord and he inclined to me, and heard my cry. God says, in this season, – mark my words – God is ready to do something great. Don’t be tired when it comes to the time of prayer. Use what you have to get what you want. Bartholomeus did not have eyes – but he has mouth. He used what he has to get what he wants. Speak out. Shout out. Don’t let your own pass you by this season. God can do miracle -n Miracle still happens – and I Pray you will be the next testifier in the make of Jesus. Before I dropped this microphone; Let me say this – Do not allow distraction – The devil is cunny – Do not let him distract you. Jesus said I have set my face as a flint – I’m not looking any sideways. Don’t react to things. Whether someone hit your car or someone sits where you need to sit down; just move to any other available seat. Make sure you beat the strategy of the devil. Even the devil wanted to use Eli – the priest – a pastor – to distract Hannah – but she refuses to be distracted in the place of prayer. Early in the morning; how can you be drunk? But the woman answered softly with humility. Avoid distractions this season. When Peter was walking on the water; at a point he turned his eyes and looked to the boisterous wind, and began to sink.  Listen, it could be your spouse, children, colleague, friend or anybody… But don’t allow anybody to distract you. Number 1 – be desperate. Number 2 – Avoid distraction. I tell you: Satan has failed concerning you in Jesus name. Can you rise up to the Lord in prayer?


Prayer: Tell the Lord – Lord help me. O Lord help me to be focused. Help me not to lose my miracle. I refused to be discouraged. Lord, pour upon me the spirit of desperation. Lord, O that you will bless me indeed that after this program – I will indeed be blessed in Jesus name. Prayers.


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