December 4, 2022

God of All Possibilities


SERMON THEME: God of All Possibilities
SERMON TEXT: II Corinthians 5: 7
PREACHER: Reverend Ebenezer Olawuyi

One of the secrets to prevail in life is t6o allow the word of God to grown in you. You are not interested in the ministration. You are not interested in reading the word of God. It is only when the word of God grows in you that you prevail. One of the secrets of the victory in life is to allow the word of God in you, the scripture says when a strong man keeps his house; his goods remain secure.

Number one you are going to do: Don’t forget to live the life of faith. Work not by sight, but by faith. We walk by faith, not by sight. Hebrews 11: 1 says “Faith is the substance of…” II Corinthians 5: 7. God’s call for your life is for you to walk by faith. Now, all that we have prayed about; Now there are times they see the results immediately. There are times in which God will also want to prove your faith. Not because God has not answered your prayers.

God wants to prove your faith. Faith helps bring the answered prayers to the realm of reality. Faith is in between the realm of the spirit and the realm at which you can hold it. Sometimes you would have received your healing but you won’t see it physically, but you need faith to bring it physically. Mark 11: 24. What is he saying there? God has sent His servant to pray for us. He said he prayed that, Father, as I come to Ilorin; let me not leave Ilorin without making impact on your people’s life. Say: I believe it; I receive my healing.

Every day, just say: Father thank you for you have healed me. Keep on thanking God. Now your healing is in the realm of the spirit; Now Faith is what we bring it from the realm of the spirit to reality. Don’t be moved by what you see, by what people say. Be moved by the word of God. This is the reason why many have prayer failures: Not that people don’t pray – Not that the servant of God does not pray – but faith. Hebrews 11:6 says: …but without faith, it is impossible to please the Lord. Without faith; no one can receive anything from God.

All that you have prayed for; you will handle them. They will come to pass. You will come back to testify. Can I hear you say Amen?! God said it, I believe it, it is mine! I don’t care about the current situation. I don’t care about the state of the nation. I have received my own miracle.

Faith is the opposite of doubt. Believe in God. Believe in what God has said. Believe the Lord your God; you will be established. Believe your prophet and you will prosper.

Let me tell you this: After this program; there will be some shaking – but don’t doubt God. Anytime a prayer has been answered; Satan will want to come to cast doubt in you on what you have prayed for.

Nature will be suspended for you when you have faith. Friends, if I tell you that, after this program, the devil will not bring shaking for you; I will be lying. But you will say: God has done it, I believe it, It is mine. Hebrews 11: 35. Do not cast away your confidence. Live by faith. This is the victory that made the devil to submit and bow. That is what make poverty and affliction to bow.

Number two: Don’t live in fear or anxiety or worry. When you begin to get worried; Hey, what will I eat? What will happen to my son? What will happen to my daughter? What will happen to my job? The scripture says: Be careful for nothing…. Our father takes care of us. Don’t get worried.

Once you have passed the file from your hand to the table of your boss. Don’t go there again. There are those who come to church and pray but after you have prayed and cast your burden to God; you will still go there to tale the burden again. Stop worrying about tomorrow; Let tomorrow take care of itself. By the precious love of God; all will be well.

Tell your neighbor: Fear not. God will take care of you. Job 3: 25. One of the weapons of the devil is that when he wants to cause trouble in the man’s life; He will first of al create fear in him.

The third and the last one is: Develop a vision. See. Have good dreams. Enough is enough for bad dreams. See. Begin to dream good dreams. Begin to see yourself having congratulatory dance in the dream. Songs. Hallelujah! That will be your dream! I think it was on Wednesday service – The power of God came down on her from evening till 12 am midnight and she started saw visions. She saw vision about professorial promotion for my wife.

My wife was a senior lecturer for 13 years. But she saw promotion to professorship for my wife and we have to record it. When God wants to deal with Abraham to bless him; the first He did was to cause him to sleep and see vision. Genesis 15: 5. If you cannot see it; you cannot seize it. Jeremiah 1: 12. “Then the Lord say to me; you have seen well…”.

Before I perform my words; you must see… See yourself that you have received your healing. You will not die in that situation. I repeat it: That affliction will not see your end. You will see the end of that affliction. See yourself graduating from that school with first class. Say the prayer: Lord, cause me to see what you’ve done for me. I refuse to see the negative.

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