March 10, 2024

How to Break Away from Evil Programming

How to Break Away from Evil Programming


10th of March, 2024



SERMON TITLE:       How to Break Away from Evil Programming

SERMON TEXT:     Acts 16: 25-26

PREACHER:            Reverend Ebenezer Olawuyi



Content:  C’mon lift up your voices and just thank him. Lord, we are grateful. Lord, we thank you for your mercy. For your goodness. Lord, we are grateful. We give you the glory. Thank you, Jesus. Hallelujah! Songs. C’mon just lift your voice and worship him. Tell him you deserve the glory. I receive the word of God. <y life is guided by this word. I submit to the authority morning if this word, and I receive light this morning. Amen! It doesn’t matter where a man is. A man can decide to stay within the shore of Nigeria and A man can decide to Japa and it won’t stop it. A person can get married – You know you inherit both the assets and the liabilities of a man when you get married. You inherit both the good and bad luck of a man when you get married. And what is bad luck? It is simply the spiritual atmosphere of a man that has been hijacked by the enemy. Evil programming can manifest in different ways and patterns. And the interesting about it is that there is a way out. So, I didn’t come this morning to preach hopelessly but to show you that there is a way out. There is a path. Job 28: 7-8. There is a way- there is a path that nothing has tread. When you begin to see trends and patterns – one thing I have seen that has always touched my heart – when you see young men that ought to be taking care of their parents, but it is their parents that are still taking care of them. In some families; it is only the firstborn alone that rises – all other ones never rise. In some families; once they have begun to rise like this; they will suddenly be cut short.  Please let’s rise and pray a short prayer. Prayer. So, when we begin to see things – when strange things begin to happen. Patterns. Then we need to pray. Prayer of declarations. Seven things you should note this morning: Number 1 – The Key of Awareness: Until you get to a point where you discover that this is not normal. Acts 28: 26-27. So, many people are so talented but they are wasting away. Number 2 – The Key of Intelligence. Jeremiah 33: 3. Deuteronomy 29: 29. In every military; there is a department of intelligence – It helps to find out details about the enemy: what are they doing? What do they have up their sleeves? Until you get to a point that you begin to find out. II Samuel 21: 1. The programmer could have relocated, but the program continues to run. The scripture says “…because he killed the Gibeonites”. How many people have decided to make a solemn vow with their spouse and decided to throw that agreement away?  How many people have decided to make a vow to God but then decided to break it years later? You may have forgotten, but God did not forget. Out of zeal – years later – Saul killed the Gibeonites – Zeal without knowledge. You can easily recognize someone’s affiliations by their accent. So, Saul discovered that they were not part of Israel years later and started to kill them.  Until Giod needs to revenge that. Number three – The Key of Dissociation – Maybe you didn’t know about it, but you need to dissociate from it. Hebrews 10: 8-9. There are some covenants you need to renounce – There are some laws you need to renounce. Ecclesiastes 10: 8. There are some things you still do that you thought to be tradition – you need to dissociate yourself from it. Lockout hackers away from your life. Don’t allow the hackers to hack away from your life. You can’t continue to live that same way of life and expect reprogramming. You need to break away from every sinful life. Number Four – The Key of Prayer.  Matthew 11: 12. You need to wrestle to get your portion. This fight is a violent fight. You need to not only pray, but make prophetic declarations into your life, and I will boldly say: “…The Lord is my helper”. Declarations. Number Five – The Key of Communion. Look at covenant blessings in the scripture. Psalm 105: 37 – Are you weak and feeble? Psalm 105: 37.  The scripture says none among them was feeble. What happen? Exodus 12:8. That is why Jesus said “This is my flesh – This is my body which I have broken for you…”. That is why the scripture says – Think very well before eating the communion. That grip was broken from them after they took that Passover. Whatever the Egyptians had programmed into them was broken. The next one is the Key of Sacrifice. Friends, sacrifice is not only about money. Praise is sacrifice. The scripture says: suddenly, there was an earthquake.  Spend about three hours in the night to praise him. The sacrifice. The sacrifice can bring you healing. Giving is a sacrifice. Psalm 50: 5. Lo, and behold, there is a yoke that can’t be broken but by sacrifice. II Kings 8: 26. There is a spiritual law there – A law of sacrifice. Some sacrifices stop generational curses – something costs you something – something that touches you. There is a sacrifice of praise; there is a sacrifice of offering. And the last one – The Key of Declaration. Hosea 12: 13. The scripture says in II Chronicles 20: 20. II Kings 7: 1. II Kings 2: 21. There is always a prophetic ordained over the life of every man. I remember that brother that has no qualifications. No financial capacity. He came to me and says: Sir, I believe you – say a word to my life – and I said: Grace that qualifies – let it work for you – and his visa was granted! The scriptures say the children of Israel were brought out and were preserved! Don’t joke with the power of prophecy over your life – Have a prophet over your life! Let us rise on our feet as we pray!


Prayers and Decrees

Say to God: Lord, I refuse to allow my life to be controlled by chances or by men – From today I take responsibility! Thank you, Jesus!

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