October 9, 2022







SERMON TITLE: I Chronicles 4: 10

SERMON TOPIC: How to enjoy answered prayer 3

PREACHER: Reverend Ebenezer Olawuyi



Content:  You want a new song. You want a new story. Say this prayer after me: O God, my father who hears prayers. Change my story like you change the story of Jabez today! If you are tried of your position; pray that prayer. If you are tired of your financial situation; pray that prayer. Enlarge my coast. Enlarge my territory. David was pronounced a king but could not become a king for so many years. He became king of only of a part, Hebron, and that was not God’s plan. There are Amalekites – they just hate you because you are progressing – because the hand of God is upon your life. Friends, don’t joke with the Amalekites. Hand them over to God. Saul pursued David even to the warfront. David was not the one that eventually killed him. He pursued David until he eventually hanged himself at the warfront. Don’t put a knife onto the neck of your enemy; Hand them over to God. Say this prayer – and you can expand it on our own: My father, handle my haters and pursue my pursuers in Jesus name. Sing this song: We are serving the God of miracles. We know. Yes, we know.

Few weeks ago, we started a lesson on prayers. Desire not only to pray, but desire to have results. If it is not working; check why it is not working and find out what to do. If I missed any sequence out of the obe I touched in this past; signify. Proverbs. 21: 13.

Next point: Consider the poor. Considering the poor always brings about answered prayer. Rich people always apportioned certain part of their money, from when they are young, to the poor.  When preparation meets with opportunity; it becomes favour. Don’t let anyone limit you. Upgrade yourself. Favour is preparation plus opportunity. That’s what Esther did. Esther prepared.  The lady was already preparing. She prepared herself. Not messing herself like other young girls in town. Prepare yourself. Seeth thou a man who is diligent in his work; he will stand before kings and not before mere men. Be committed in what you are doing. I’m labouring and working, and I know that, one day, you will become great at great places. This church will become the church of billionaires.

Psalm 41: 2; Isaiah 58:9-10. Always consider the poor. Even if your salary is ten thousand naira; pick five hundred naira and bless the poor with it. There are always the poor around us. You can see them all around.

Keep your vows. Always keep your vow. It is better not to make a vow than to make a vow and not keep it. That is the power of vows. Psalm 76: 11.

Some people have become great today because they made vow to the Lord and keep it. It is very easy to make vow. Many people have made vow to the Lord but didn’t keep it. That’s why God have not been answering their prayers.

Many people made for-better-for-worse vows to their spouse on their wedding day; but didn’t keep it. Malachi 2: 13-15.

I was reading something recently on the social media. A young woman got married and said I have found my friend. Few months later; the story changed. They got divorced, but the man went after her and eventually killed her. We are not talking about marriage today. The point is that once you break your vows – your vows- it hinders your prayers; God won’t answer your prayer.

James 4:2. Why are you jealous about what somebody has.? You too should ask. His name is El-Shaddai – “meaning more than enough”. John 16:24. Instead of grumbling; ask. Pray. Tell Him I need your intervention in this area of my life.

Next point: Don’t ask with the wrong motive. Some people ask not because they are really in need, but because they want to make a point. They want to impress people. James 4: 3. Say after me: Thank you Father that you don’t answer all my prayers. Because there are some jobs that if God has given; it would have killed you or deformed you. Sometimes God doesn’t answer some prayers because He has seen things ahead. So, you must ask according to God’s will.

Next point is unconfessed sins. Friends don’t hide sins from Him. Confess your sins to Him. Not like routine religious confession, but feeling remorseful and totally heartbroken while confessing your sins.

A boy who was always having anger went to meet his father on how to control his anger. Then his father tells him to always take hammer and nail the wall whenever his angry. After a long period of time; he realized that holes are being made on the wall. Then the father told him that whenever you get angry with your words toward others; that’s how your anger and bitter words always make holes in the heart of your victim and that only the God of heaven can refill back those holes.

If you are a sinner; make sure you genuinely repent. Just like the prodigal son; be sure you genuinely repent of your sins.


Prayer: Father Lord, help me to remove every stumbling block that hindering my prayer.

Father Lord, help me to confront issues that hinders our prayers in Jesus name.

Father Lord, help me to redeem my vows – those vows I made during my period of distress; help me to fulfill them

Father Lord, help me not to be stingy – but to be open-handed.

Father Lord, help me never to cover up my sins.



If you have not yet given your life to Christ; confess Jesus Christ as your Lord and saviour today and surrender all to Him.


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