October 16, 2022








SERMON TEXT: Mark 10: 46-52

PREACHER: Reverend Ebenezer Olawuyi



Content:  Almighty God – that is your name. You will never share your glory with any man; You will never share your glory with anybody. Almighty God – that is your name. We are going to continue with what you need to do to make your prayer answered very fast by God.  John 14:13; John 16:24. That is why he said he said in one of our scriptures that: Who is the one that condemns? To get speedily answers. That is why we says Father. Jesus said declare! That “no one gets to the father, except by me.” You can’t love the father and hates the son; it can’t work. Jesus said from now on; when you pray; say My father at heaven, but now that I have finished the task on the cross; pray to God in my name. He said hitherto you have not received; because you have not asked. He said “Now ask in my name. Number 6: You need to be desperate for answers. Look at where we read in our passage. Bartimaeus cried to the name of Jesus. People are warning him, but the more they warned him; the more he cried out. Until you are desperate for answers; answers will continue to elude you. Remember that the prayer that does not move you cannot move heaven. Leonard Ravenhall, the great man says and quote: God doesn’t just answer prayers; He answers desperate prayers. Jesus commanded him to come, because he heard his desperate prayers. He answers desperate prayers. That is how you will see some people – as they are praying; they are calling on their phone. Gen. 32: 25-26. And he said, “Let Me go, for the day breaks.” But he said, “I will not let You go unless You bless me!” Have you reach that point in your prayers? If yes, then the answers to your prayers are near, whether in your finances, health, etc. You must never accept “No” for answer. The next point is: Be patient. Hebrews 10: 36: “For you have need of endurance… In the Old King James version: “For you have need of patience…” Patience is an important factor if you want enjoy answered prayers. You can’t say you have faith and s=not be patient. Because God will want ti test and proof that faith. Prayer is not overcoming God’s reluctance; is taking hold of God’s willingness. He wants to know whether: Do you really mean what you are saying? That there is no one like me? Remember that woman; Jesus tried to chase her away, but the woman insists to Jesus to help her. If you don’t help me; I am finished. Jesus kept on insisting that He wasn’t sent to her; He was sent to the Jews. But the woman insist Jesus must help her. I will wait until my change comes. I’m not considering of going back. I’m not considering any other thing. I will wait for you. You must wait on Him like the waiter or the waitress in a standard restaurant. So many people in the body of Christ have lost their patience. No more patience at all. The factor of faith is patience. And you know he who laugh last laugh best. After you have been committed to God, serve God, so obedient, so submissive, paid your tithe. After you have done all this: what else do you need? Patience! In the midst of waiting; there will be some reproach; people will laugh at you. But be patience.

Napoleon Bonaparte once said: the first virtue of a soldier is endurance, not courage. The ability to hold on. I received Grace to be patient, after I have done the will of God. Pray this prayer: Father, don’t let me lose my patience after I have waited on you. I know you have my answers in store. I will laugh last. Galatians 4: 2. You know what the scripture says: Even though the heir of the owner of every property of the house didn’t grow up – didn’t become mature – He will still unable to claim his right. If after 10 years of being born again; you are still struggling with fornications; then you are still a baby – you won’t be able to enjoy answered prayers. If you want to enjoy answered prayers; Be mature in Christ. If you buy a limousine for a 13-year-old; then you have killed him. He is not matured. If he doesn’t waste it; it will kill him. I John 3:22. Psalm 37:1-4. Feed on the fact that God will never lack. Delight yourself in the Lord. Take pleasure in those things that are pleasing in His sight. We know he hears us. There is something we called “Holy Confidence”. That is what the three Hebrews showed in the book of Daniel. You can’t have holy confidence when you are not delight in the Lord. Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you your heart desires. Say after me: I delight myself in the Lord; and He will give me what I desires. Who is that father who will not be happy to do anything for his son or daughter who always delight Him at all times? Trust and obey! For there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey! There’s something that gives you holy confidence. You can’t be messing around and you will have holy confidence. Delight in the Lord. Do His will. If you are messing around and God, in his mercy still helps you; the devil will still torment you. Do His will and You will have that holy confidence in all situations! Ezekiel 14:3. Another thing that hinders prayers is pleasing idols. In the NLT version: “…Why shoul I listen to their requests? Anything you raised above God in your life is an idol. “…many are the sorrows in the path of them that departs from the way of God.” If there is anyone who is bitter against God here; please change your ways. The Hebrews says “…even if He does not deliver us; we will serve Him. We will never depart from His path.” Until you get to a point where you say: Lord, I know you will do it. But even if he decides that He is not going to do it; He is sovereign. He is the unquestionable God. So, when you place a request to God; don’t place the request as an idol. Tell your neighbour that “Calm down!”. Get to the level where you tell God that: God! Whether you do it or bot; I will still serve you. Another point is: Live in family unity. I Peter 3:7. The reason why some husbands struggle and struggle is simply because they and their wives are not in unity. You can’t be a friend with the person opposing your business. God is simply saying that marriage is the first institution I created, and you are opposing it – How can I answer your prayers? You need to look at the cause of the trouble in your life. One of the causes is disunity in the family. Colossians 3: 19. “Husbands, love your wives…”. The last point is: Know your rights and privileges. Luke 15: 28 – 29. There are privileges of being the citizen of a country – there are rights. Know your rights and privileges. There are times you don’t need to ask you Dad for some things. You simply claim it. It is my right, as a child of God to be in abundance, to enjoy soundness, to be in a joyful family, to have long life. It is better for a whole city than for the king’s palace not to have food, nor for the children of the king not to have something to eat.



Prayer: My father, let no man take the place of your glory in my life. Take all the Glory over that situation in my life.

Pray to God to help you in any areas of your life for your answered prayers.

Tell God to let you be more patient- to wait on Him until He answers your prayers.

Tell God to let you not place any of your requests as an idol against Him – let Him knows you know He is going to do it – But, even if he doesn’t; you will still serve Him.


If you have not yet given your life to Christ; confess Jesus Christ as your Lord and saviour today and surrender all to Him.


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