October 30, 2022




30TH OF AUGUST, 2022



SERMON TITLE:       How to Enjoy Answered Prayers

SERMON TEXT:     Hebrews 6: 9-20

PREACHER:            Rev. Ebenezer Olawuyi



Content:          The writer of the books has a goal. The goal was to encourage the Christians. The Jewish Christian who has been converted and was being challenged by the persecutors and temptations. So, goal of the writer is to encourage that don’t give up on God. He said remember son, God who made the land in the red sea. Who led his children in the wilderness. The walk into disobedience and because of that couldn’t enter into the Canaan land. He has gone there and he sis now giving you hope. He is saying don’t give up on God. Rather be imitators of those who through faith waits on God. He says that I tell I introduce to you the High priest who do not die who stands forever He isa mediator with covenant with better promise. God never fails. I know God never fails. He says this your high priest who fails is not like the High priest who never dies nor fails. He is the high priest is in the order of Melchizedek. He says Your case is before me. He says Can a mother forget the child of her womb – her suckling baby. He said Yes; she may forget, but I can never forget you. He says do not give up on God. Friends, People who don’t give up on God don’t stop praying. They keep on praying. Don’t give up on God; Your miracle is nearer than you can imagine. Keep on hoping and trusting me and keep on praying. Can you say to three persons around you that: God won’t fail you. Very soon. They will gather together to celebrate you.

How To Enjoy Answered Prayers

In the name of Jesus; You will not be ashamed. Your enemies will be disappointed. They will be disgraced. Says after me; I believe that God stills answers prayers. I have never been troubled in my heart about God is going to do his work. I always believe Him and He always do it. Just calm down. Don’t fret about who to marry. Don’t fret that will I survive? Will you be healed? He will heal you. You may be hearing all sort of cases all around, but say “My case is different”.

Another point is that: God deals with Children. God wants you to have relationship with him. You need to be born again.

Next slide: Pray according to God’s will, not according to what you feel. Find out about God’s will. Is it His will that I should be healed? God always answers the prayers of his will. Pray is taking hold of God’s will. This is your will – Father fulfill your will in my life.

Next: Be fruitful.  Be interested in what makes God happy. What can I do to make God happy? Let me do something that will cause rejoicing in Heaven. Let me do something that will make God happy in heaven. All this money that God have given me; Let me use it for the work of God. What are you doing for the advancement of the kingdom?

Next slide: Ask in faith. You do what? Ask in faith. The prayer of faith heals the sick. For he who doubts can never received anything from God… So, you come and ask in Faith. He will do what he has said. What he has sad; he will do. Say: If he says it; it is settled. So, ask in faith. Once you have asked; Don’t say O Lord, I know you will answer us. Conclude your prayers with: O Lord, thank you for you for have answered us.

Next: Forgive your offenders. The bible story revealed that of man who was forgiven of His debt but refuses to forgive his brother. When the Lord heard about it; he was put in prison for ever. I don’t know who that person is but God will surprise you. There is a debt hanging upon your head but God will roll away that debt. Some people are too forgetful that God is the one that lifts you. Always remember that it is God that forgives you of your sin; Therefore, if you want God to answer your prayers; Forgive your brothers. He said If you know that someone have anything against you; Leave your gift on the altar and go and resole it with him first.

Next: Be thankful. Always show gratitude to God always.

Next slide: Don’t come to God in self-righteousness. I cannot over-emphasize this enough. Don’t be like the pharisees who believe they are the holy people. They look down on the tax collectors, believing they are the only holy ones. The Bible says the tax collector who prayed with his contrite heart became justified than the pharisees. Say to the one next to you. It is God’s grace.

Next slide: Live the life of righteousness. He says can we continue in the sin of God and says the grace of God should abound? He says God forbid. An engineer practices engineering. A teacher teaches. A doctor practices medicine. Therefore, if you are righteous; then practice righteousness. Say: The Grace that saves me gives me power to live righteousness.

Next slide: Always do what? Always consider the poor. The Bible says he who turns his ear away from the poor; the Lord will also turn his ears away from him.

Next slide: Keep your what? Keep your vows. Vows speeds up answered prayers. The bible says: Make vow to the Lord…. Make sure you be a person who keeps vows. If you break even your marriage vows; God won’t answer your prayers.

Next: Do what? Ask. He says Ask and you will receive. Don’t be jealous of others. Ask from God and He will do your own. His resources cannot be exhausted. It is infinite.

Next: Confess your sins. He says tell the Lord specifically what you have done. Don’t generalize. He says: He who covereth his sins will not prosper…

Next please: Ask in the name of Jesus. Those who follows the daily devotional. It was there that the name of Jesus is the key.  Jesus is qualified to get everything from God for you.

Next please: Oh my God! I cannot over-emphasize this. The prayer that does not move you cannot move God. If you are not praying; you are playing. Go and find out from Bartimaeus; He even threw away his garment. The prayer that does not move you cannot move heaven.

Next one is: Be patient. Tell someone beside you: Be patient. Don’t cast out that confidence you once have; Don’t cast out that confidence in the Lord.  Be patient. After you have prayed; calm down. The water you will drink will not pass you by. Be patient. If God wants you to go You will go. All okf you looking for visa; Don’t do fraudulent thing. America is not heaven. Canada is not heaven. The Lord will make a way for you. The Lord will surprise you. Don’t do fraudulent thing. Because you ant to marry; don’t compromise your faith. After you have done the ill of God; you need patience.

Nex slide: Grow up! Grow up spiritually. An heir, as a child, is still a servant until he has become mature enough.

Next: Be a word practitioner. When you preach it; go and act it. Be a practitioner of the word.

Next: Don’t place idols in your heart. Don’t say God – if you don’t do this for me; I will not serve me. Don’t threaten God. God will still be God in spite of all. He is not God because of you; He is God because He is God. If God take that thing away from you; will you still serve God? What is bigger than God in your life? Anything that is bigger than God in your life is an idol. If God takes that man away from; will you still serve God?

Next slide: Live in family unity. God told me this that the reason why some people’s prayers are not being answered is that they don’t live in unity. Man, if you want have progress; go and live in unity with your wife.

Next slide: Know your rights and privilege. Find out your rights in the Lord. I think you should use this fasting period to go and study what the bible says concerning your rights in the Lord. All those passages where it says: “In Him, we have….”

We have 23 points altogether. Go back and check them over and over and study them




Peradventure you are here – You are not yet member of God’s family; Put your left hand on your chest wherever you are. You want to say Pastor, please pray with me. You want to receive Jesus. Say it wherever you are: Father in the name of Jesus. I believe that Jesus died for me and I received Him as my Lord and saviour. I Jesus name we pray.


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