August 28, 2022







SERMON TITLE: Leadership in the church

SERMON TEXT: Acts 6: 1-8

PREACHER: Rev. Ebenezer Olawuyi


Content: I welcome you to church in Jesus name. I pray that this morning will be indeed a great morning for you in Jesus name. I pray indeed this morning that you will not go the way you came in Jesus name.  One of the secrets of victory in life is to be thankful. Those who compare himself with people in life, the bible says, is unwise. Count your blessings; name them one by one. It is either you are counting your blessings one by one, or you think that your blessings don’t count. It is either you think that what is the big thing? It’s a big thing that you woke up this morning. Every blesings counts before the lord, and the more you are grateful; the more you will be able to walk confidently and raise your shoulder before God. God is good all the time! Declare this: Satan you cannot take away my joy; Satan you cannot take away my peace. I declare that God is good!

The Lord created man and command that C’mon dominate the earth. That is the leadership of the church. Leadership in the church is not the same thing as the leadership in the world. Jesus Christ gave us the leadership model in the Church. He said; I Wash your feet; therefore, you also need to wash the feet of others. I am therefore going to speak on the appointment of the leadership in the church, and this is going to be a new beginning of a new series. In the New Testament era; there was a leadership crisis in the church and this crisis is what gave back to the post of deacon and deaconesses, which brough about the wisdom of chosen delegate among them to take up new role. It is not appointing people to recognize, but recognizing people who God has appointed. Jesus said in the Book of John chapter 15, verse 16 you did not choose me: I Choose you and appointed you to be fruitful. Therefore, Jesus Christ gave us model for the Church leadership which is:

It is not choosing people or ordaining people with the hope that they will now serve, but choosing people who have served well and faithfully, so that they can now serve further. It is not a call to rulership or titleship but to greater service in the church of Jesus Christ – It is a call to service. I Timothy Chapter 3, verse 8 says Likewise deacons must be reverent, not double-tongued, not given to much wine, not greedy for money… The bible says the appointed church leaders must be full of the holy spirit… and not just to share foods. The consequence of Acts Chapter 6, verse 1-8 is that the word of God spreads….

We are going to be having these lesson from this time on; It is a season of new beginning in THF.

The General Qualities of Church Leaders in the Body of Christ

  • They must be good example, worthy to be followed. I Timothy 4:12. Young ones; don’t let anyone look down on you. The first word in I Timothy chapter 3 is that he must be reverent, which is from the Greek word: “revere”, which means he must be honourable – You must motivate others, influence others, your life must inspire others. People must be compelled voluntarily by your lifestyle; not by force; but by influence.
  • The leader must not be greedy for money – because it will cause a lot of people to fall. It is an example of temperance (self-control) and an example of commitment to the growth of the church. You must be faithful in financial matters. Let your life be an example to others. You must be kind in touching other people’s lives. Being a good example is the best form of service. Good example is like a bell that calls people, because our life calls than our talks. Setting a poor example is disastrous.
  • They must be committed to the church, not Sunday-by-Sunday menu. The best service any man can ever give is a good example. They show example of commitment to what the scriptures says. They show example of commitment to the ministry. I will rather let God owe me than for me to owe God.
  • The leader must be submissive to God and the leadership of the church. I Timothy chapter 3, verse 10 says they must first be tested, and then let them serve as deacons…. Joseph served for 13 years before he was appointed as the first prime minister in the whole of Egypt. Submission is opposite of rebellion. Submission is giving up your right to yourself and the insistence of having your way all the time. Hebrews 13:17 says Obey those who rule over you and be submissive…. Someone who cannot submit to authority, whether young or old, is not qualified to be an authority.
  • Another quality is loyalty to the commission; not double-tongued. He defends the mission anytime anywhere; he does not stand with detractors. You can’t sell something you don’t believe in. One of the requirements of a marketer is that you first of all use the product, before you sell it to others – you can’t sell what you don’t believe in. You can’t say you are part of a mission and you are standing where they are running it down. That is why Jesus Christ says “You can’t serve two masters – it’s either you serve one and disown the other”. He is an ambassador – He represents the church well anywhere he goes.
  • They are peacemakers and peace-lovers. A good leader works to make peace and build bridges. Sometimes, he gives up his right, to make things right. He does not join faction groups, nor sow discord among brethren. She walks like Abigael – the woman of Wisdom. He is a peace-mediator. He is compassionate for the wounded. He is an encourager. The church needs more peace makers in our time; not those who are aggravating the pains of others.
  • They have good testimonies from within and outside. People, including unbelievers, can tell that they are Christians. Their neighbours can tell of their lifestyle. Acts 22 verse 12 tell us about Ananias… having a good testimony with all the Jews who dwelt there. You are the bible that unbelievers will ever read, to make decisions. Christianity is not religion; it’s a lifestyle. Christianity is not an act; it’s a life. God bless you.

God is positioning THF for great explosion in his kingdom, from now and forever. Let us rise up to Pray.



Tell the Lord to help you to live a committed and pure life – a life of great influence in God’s vineyard.

Tell the Lord to melt you down, mold you, and refine you for the advancement of His works in His vineyard.


Peradventure, you have not received Jesus Christ into your life. The way to become an exemplary leader in His vineyard is to first of tell God to take over your life from today onward and receive Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and saviour. God bless you.


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