September 10, 2022







TEACHING THEME: The Fruitful Vine

TEACHING TEXT: Isaiah 60: 1; Matt. 11: 11

PREACHER: Rev. Sam Tukura


Many are born again but have not risen again. They have not risen in any kingdom matters. Many of you that have been given birth have once experienced miscarriages. Many have birth certificate but does not have the risen certificate. This will not happen to you in Jesus name. The Lord Jesus was 30 years old while John was older than him by 6 months. Therefore, by the time he was beheaded; He as 31 years old and he has already achieved so much. However, even though he is already filled with the spirit of the Lord from the womb; He does not share things with the spirit.

Luke 1: 17. The word “Go” there is not for the weak. He shall go before him in the spirit and power of Elijah… John was filled with the spirt from his mother’s womb but he was not ready for God to show him yet. There was nothing enough for showing. There are many of us who God would have had reason for showing to the community but you have not yet grown for showing. You are not growing in the direction you are born for. Hear this: every great man of God was once a child before they grew. Many people are looking for anointing where they will say Receive! or grow! It is not possible. There is no alternative for growing than a process: It is a Process! You don’t give power t babies. The persecution power will attract; babies cannot handle it, because when the power begins to manifest; the hell will know it. What were you born for? What were you conceived for in the womb of the holy spirit; Do you even know it? No matter how much a mother loves; the mother doesn’t force th milk into the mouth of the baby. If the mother has a full breast but the baby doesn’t desire it; it will be the earnest desire of the mother for the baby to suck it. There are things that the God is full of, that he sires that you will aggressively yearn for. Psalm 8: 1-2. The Lord always raises his army from newborn babies. The babes being talked about here are not physical babies but those who are just born again in Christ. If there is no revival in a church; the babes that rare given birth to in that church will be weak. If the church is weak; don’t expect powerful children. People who got born again in the atmosphere of revival always started to preach the gospel straightaway. They will start to behave like adult straightaway. I Peter 1: 23. Many ministers are labouring for their name; not for the name of God. When the holy ghost brings forth a life and not just church activities or religious activities; the babe becomes powerful. We are talking about babies who have desired and sucked something out of God. Have you ever watched a baby that just finished sucking out of his mother’s breast and he started becoming excited, playing etc.?  Jared gave Sisera milk because she knew that milk will make him sleep instead of water that will make him come alive and killed him with nail and hammer. She killed the most important enemy of the war in her ow house. It is not the location that matters. Don’t struggle for the front. Be the warrior for God where you are. If you are an usher and you are spirit-filled; you are the first person that people meet at the church door; you should be able to politely shake their hands and perceived whether the people are coming to do evil or not. I Sam. 16: 23. A young boy was playing his hard and demons were flying away, but you minister your own song and demons are dancing; then something is wrong. If what you do does not attract God’s presence; then you are just entertaining. John 6: 63. Any speaker of the word who des nto confer the light of the spirit is a waster of time. John 12: 49. If Jesus is God who has the right to send themselves says he is not; then no man should have the right to send themselves. Many men are speaking as if they send themselves. When God send a man; He does not give the man a room for his opinion. Even Jesus does not speak of his opinion; so, who are you to speak of your opinion when God send you? God never make suggestions; He commands. God is too God to make suggestions. John 12: 50. The life of God does not spring from his commandments. Only it Is when the command of God has been established that the spirit life comes to life. Acts 1: 1-2. Jesus said in John 12: 49 that “I don’t speak of myself…”. Joshua 1: 9-10. Watch the chain of command. God commanded Joshua. Joshua now commanded the officers and the officers commanded the people. Command is different from suggestion. You can have a ministry that doesn’t command anything, because you are not under the spirit of any command. Luke 7: 5. Acts 10: 11-14. Peter knows who is talking to me. He said “Not so, Lord…” not “Who are you, Lord?” When God spoke to Saul in Tarsus; Paul responded that “Who are you, Lord?”, then the Lord said “I am Jesus”. Romans 1: 14. Paul said I am a debtor. The word debtor means “The one who owes.” What Peter refused; Paul said he owes.  Roman 1:15. Stop preaching to people as if they owe you. The first thought in the mind of many when they want to preach to people is “what can this person give me?” When Jesus was baptized with the Holy spirit; God first of all send him to the wilderness to prepare him for the mission. God will not send you to the land of snakes and you are not prepared for the journey. God told Moses to hold the rod-turned-snake by the tail. God was removing the fear of serpent out of his servant. Jesus Christ was speaking to those who sent o mission in Luke 10:17 while in verse 18 said I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven. Satan didn’t come from heaven. He said he fell. When Isaiah was speaking in this light in Isaiah 14: 12 that “How hath thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer…” He didn’t say from hell. He said he fell from heaven. Luke 10: 18-19. By implication, a snake is at rest until you stepped on it. But he said “I give you power to tread on serpents…” If you have met a living God; you can’t dismantle an idol. Mark 6: 39. 5000 men, not counting women and children, ate the bread. No body sat because they heard Jesus; they sat down because the disciples commanded them. You must be convincing enough to make a hungry man sitting down. Can God depend on you to make a hungry man sit down? May your relationship with God get to the level where you will be able to make men to sit down for God to feed! All the people walking up and down for the devil; may your life make their life to sit down for God. Let us pray.

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