January 15, 2023

Next Level 2

Next Level 2




15th January, 2023

Topic:                         Next Level (II)

Preacher:                   Reverend Ebenezer Olawuyi

Text:                           2 Kings 6:8 – 12



We have been blessed in different ways this morning, so I don’t intend to go too far. From the praise session, the devotional, the Choir’s special presentation and the Worship, I believe that God has ministered to you, so even if I don’t go ahead this morning to speak, I believe that we have enough dose for the week. But, let me quickly remind you or just emphasize one or two points from the Devotional. We are going to have time during the weekdays to look at some of these things but the first one, what was taken yesterday by Pastor Sam, talks about the importance of the communion (This is not the message for today but I just want to touch on it). You know, we have looked at ways to discern the Lord’s body. Particularly, the scripture says, “For he who eats and drinks in an unworthy manner eats and drinks judgment to himself, not discerning the Lord’s body. For this reason, many are weak and sick among you, and many sleep” (1 Cor. 11:29 – 30). Another translation puts it that, “Many die untimely death”, there are many reasons for untimely death, sicknesses and weaknesses.

We have taken time to look at, “not discerning the Lord’s body”, that is, coming to take the communion without knowing why it was established which could bring these terrible consequences. In the days of old… I came from the background church where we used the chalice. The chalice was a big cup and that is where the wine is served. There may be about three chalices in the congregation, the priest would come and would give everybody; everybody would sip from the same cup and not from different cups like we do now. I think the whole thing changed during the COVID-19, I think it was then that most orthodox churches decided to change it. I ministered like that for about 10 years, giving people the same cup and it was from what Jesus did – the example of Jesus. The Bible says He took the cup, one cup, and from there he gave the disciples.

The Scripture helps us to understand in 1 Corinthians 10 why Jesus did it and why He took only one loaf, not many loaves and not wafers (small pieces) as we do today. He took one loaf of bread, broke it and started giving it to each person to show to us that although we are many, we are one bread, one body, one in the Lord. That, when we partake together from the same loaf of bread, we are saying, “We belong to Christ, you belong to Christ and I belong to Christ,” there is unity in the midst of us. We are united together in Christ. So, one of the reasons why Jesus established the communion was to remind you that even though you are from Igbonna, Ijebu, Ekiti or Igboland, yet we are one body as long as we have been saved by the same Lord, have the same baptism and going to the same place. We are one in Christ. So, when we partake of the communion, what we are saying is that we are one, you are my brother and you are my sister. Therefore, Jesus frowns at anything that divides the body. When we live in factions and sow seeds of discord and divisions in the body, when we work against unity and delegated authorities in the church to break the ranks, when we live in bitterness and unforgiveness, you know what? We are fragmenting the body which Jesus purchased; one body which he formed, we are dividing it and anyone who does that is not discerning the Lord’s body and when one does not discern the Lord’s body, it comes with consequences. That is why you’ve got to understand the meaning of the Lord’s body.

So, when you partake of the communion, you are saying, “I am strengthening the unity which Jesus has established.” One body! May we continue with this spirit of unity. May nothing divide us, amen. As you do that, you will discover that your health will spring forth, no longer weakness, nothing can stop nor cut short your life. If you discern the Lord’s body, you get the positive consequence, one of which is that you will live long, no sickness. It is my prayer this year that everyone in this church will live in good health, there shall be no weakness in our midst, no one shall die untimely. I curse every untimely death in the midst of us in the name of Jesus. Amen.

The second point is the devotional for today? Kingdom Valued Believer. When Nehemiah heard about the returnees, their condition and all the pains they were passing through in Jerusalem and that the walls have been broken down, and his people were in disarray, he got so sad and was broken to the extent that he began to weep and cry. Tears came out from his eyes because of the condition of the people at Jerusalem and Judah. Now, I ask a question, what are the things that move you as a child of God? Are you moved when you hear about your brother being killed all around in the north? Do you feel that it’s not your business because it’s not your own blood brother or sister? You hear about churches being burned and you don’t feel it as long as it’s not from your own village or family? No!

If you are kingdom-valued, anything that touches the heart of God, you would be moved and therefore it would affect everything about your life. Your passion would be towards the advancement of God’s kingdom, “What can I do? What part can I play?” In your relationship, think about it; in what you pray about; even the votes you cast. Election is coming, don’t think about what you are going to gain but about what the Kingdom of God is going to gain. Don’t think about what to gain, the appointment that may come to you because someone is in the party and you know if he comes in, you are likely to be appointed and so, you are not thinking about the kingdom and heaven – you are not thinking about Jesus. Even the votes you cast now will determine the value you have towards the Kingdom of God. Be kingdom-valued in everything you do. Let it reflect. Let the things of God move you. Let the cause of your brethren, all over the north, all around move you. Sometimes I can’t sleep, I get so broken when I hear about these things. I say, “God, we are still in this country? God where are you, please God, act!” What if it is my brother, my blood brother, what if it is my sister? God to Adamawa, go to Borno, look at them. We talk about Leah Sharibu, maybe they have forced her into marriage or that she is dead, who knows? I am passionate about this kingdom and its advancement. Anything I do, I forget about what comes to me and the gain I am going to have. What is His gain? Are you kingdom-valued? Tell your neighbor and ask, Are you kingdom-valued? Please, go through the devotional again. I am sure you will be blessed.

I leave you with this word. From the scripture we read, we saw that even a King had a Prophet over his life. He was a King in charge of a whole city and probably a whole country and yet, there was a prophet over his life; a Prophet who gave him instructions and directions. The King of Israel recognized one prophet, Prophet Elijah who told him not to go through a certain way and the King of Israel became a wonder to the King of Syria. The King of Syria could not touch and get him, because there was a prophet over his life.

One of the secrets of moving to your Next Level is this: Do you have a prophetic covering? Prophetic covering is God’s protection, God’s shield, Divine immunity over you, brought about by your God-ordained Prophet or Pastor. Friends, can I leave it this way? Every man needs a prophetic covering. The scripture says in Hosea 12:13, “By a prophet, the Lord brought Israel out of Egypt and by a prophet they were preserved.” Two things: they were brought out and they were preserved. You cannot disconnect from your Prophet. Your deliverance and your preservation are tied to the Prophet or the Pastor whom you submit to. By a Prophet, they were brought out of Egypt. By a Prophet, they were preserved. Your prophet puts a covering over you. Your prophet gives you divine protection. It is not as a man chooses but as God chooses, the scripture says, “No man takes the honour to himself, even as Aaron was called.” God calls a prophet and gives them authority to exercise and to proclaim divine judgment over anything that works against God’s purpose, that’s why a prophet gives you what man cannot give you.

The scripture says in Matthew 10:31, “He who receives a prophet in the name of a prophet would receive a prophet’s reward.” There is a reward in the hands of a Prophet which you can’t get except through the prophet. No man can take that honour to himself but God who puts the honour. God calls a prophet and give him a reward. You want to move on to your Next Level like Israel moved out of Egypt, to the wilderness and to Canaan? You need to have a prophetic covering over your life.

Who covers you or what covers you depends on who is your father. Who covers you or what covers you is a factor of who is your father. Who is your father? What surrounds you is also a factor of who you submit to. The prophet has a reward, don’t miss the reward of a prophet. There are requirements also. It is not only by words that you have a prophet over your life, there are requirements to have a prophet over your life. One non-negotiable requirement is that you submit to your prophet. You can’t work against the prophet over your life and get the reward of the prophet. 1 Corinthians 10:1 downwards tells us that when the children of Israel refused to submit to Moses, they couldn’t be preserved. When they refused to listen to him, they were not preserved but as long as they listened to him, they were preserved. For your Next Level, you need a prophetic covering. Remember, no man takes the honour to himself, there is a reward in the hands of the Prophet, a word in the mouth of the prophet over your life. This year, don’t miss your prophetic covering. You need wisdom to discern what to do to the prophet over your life. No one must be a spiritual bastard. You know who is called a bastard? Someone who has no father or mother. You must have a father over your life whom you submit to. You must recognize it. One secret that brought the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt to their Next Level was the key of a prophet over their lives. By a prophet, they were brought out of Egypt, by a prophet they were preserved. May the Lord help you to recognise the prophet over your life. May you not work against the prophet over your life.



I stand by the authority over my life and by the mantle of His grace over me, this year, no untimely death. On the road, you will be preserved. In the house, you will be preserved. I stand by the word of the Lord, one more time, no one will die prematurely. This year, divine immunity. Angels are activated over your life. I release a covering over you and your household, over your children and the works of your hand and I speak by the Word of the Lord, this year, your level will change. In every area of your life: health, academics, finances, family life, I see you moving to the Next Level. Every stagnation is removed in the name of Jesus. No limitation for you this year. No stagnation for you. Career wise, you will move forward, Amen. You are blessed. Thank you, Father. Lift up your hands and just say, “Thank you, Jesus. I am not a spiritual bastard, I have a covering over my life and I don’t work against the prophet over my life.”


Have you submitted to the great Prophet of the Church, Jesus Christ himself? Have you submitted to His Lordship? How do you submit to His Lordship? Accepting Jesus and saying, “Jesus from today, you become the Lord and Saviour of my life.” You are here and want to submit to Jesus to be your Lord, put your left hand on your chest and say, “Lord Jesus, I submit to you, this heart of mine I give to you.”

Lord, I give you glory, I give you praise. You are in the midst of us, you are wonderful. Thank you, Lord.


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