November 12, 2023

Praying with Fasting Works

Praying with Fasting Works


12th of November, 2023



SERMON TITLE:       Praying with Fasting Works

SERMON TEXT:     Matthew 17: 19-21

PREACHER:            Elder Ebenezer Makinwa



Content:  Praise the name of the Lord. People of God, we are in that season of unusual encounter and I want to believe that God is set to do new things in our life again. Another opportunity is presenting itself to you again. I want to challenge you that on Friday; another fasting and prayer session is starting again and I will be telling you a story to challenge you on this. People of God, it is not good to be a social member of the church. Are we connected to the spiritual DNA of the church today?  People are going from one church to another, but are not connected to the spiritual DNA of the church, but things are not working in their lives. Be rooted in the church of God. I pray none of us will miss out in the name of Jesus Christ. We could see that in the time of Jesus Christ: Jesus Christ said that they did not allow their faith to have potency through fasting and prayer. Jesus Christ said that, for the faith to have potency; you need to back up prayer with fasting. Thank God for the deliberation we had in the bible studies in recent times; hat we should look unto Jesus. Jesus Christ Himself fasted when on earth. It is necessary if we want to see result. As you fast; you will see result delivered you. I see Fasting as spiritual discipline. It is an exercise you intentionally put yourself into so as to reap its spiritual benefit – so that you can have the evidence in your hand that showed that you have really encountered the Lord. For the purpose of accessing spiritual benefit; that is fasting. No one is coercing you. Fasting is not to punish us. I pray for you that the benefit of fasting will elude anyone of us in Jesus name. As Daddy used to tell us; our best is always ahead. Fasting is a work – It is – therefore, you need to be deliberate about it. Luke 4: 14 told us that after the Lord Jesus Christ has fasted and tempted; he went in the power if the Holy Spirit. After you have fasted; you will be spiritually energized. Praying with fasting works. When you combine fasting with your prayer;

  • It provokes an outbreak of revelations – Isaiah 58: 8. We will receive the revelation of the Lord. We will hear the spiritual voice of the Word of the Lord. We will receive the voice of God Himself. When you engaged in fasting with prayer; you will provoke an outbreak of revelation. Fasting is a worldwide spiritual exercise. The more fasting you have; the more your flesh is subdued, and the more light is emitted out of and into you.
  • It enhances your spiritual capacity – Hebrews 5: 12-14 – It helps you to be spiritual stout. It increases your spiritual stamina and energy. You will become skillful in spiritual matters. The Lord will help us in the name of Jesus Christ. John the Baptist says that I may decrease and He may increase. We cannot depend on milk and milk all the time; solid food is what we should desire in this journey of life to become spiritually mature and attained it to the end.
  • Lastly, adding fasting to your prayer enforces the fulfillment of promises of God in our lives. There is a need to engage in this spiritual exercise to bring the fulfilment of God’s promises to reality. Christian race is a fight. We are not wrestling with flesh and blood – and the devil is always looking around for who to devour and destroy. Fasting is a tool that you need to engage it. And you know what? Once your mind is made up t engage the fasting; the grace will be made available to you by God. Fasting is a tool that you need to engage in order to bring down the promises of God over your life.

Be Connected to Your Spiritual Root! Another Opportunity is Here. Fasting and Prayer Has Been Announced. You have to position yourself so that Giod can reach out to you. I can se Him working in your favour. But you must properly positioned.


Prayer: Tell the Lord: God help me, I want to ve part of this fasting and prayer. Tell the Lord you are determined to be part of this fasting and prayer. Ask the Lord that His grace will be given to you! It’s a new dawn for us but you must be properly stationed to receive your miracle from God.


Before God can settle you; you need to surrender to the Lord, if you haven’t done so. If you have not yet given your life to Christ; confess Jesus Christ as your Lord and saviour today and surrender all to Him. Say: Lord, I surrender my life to you. Invite Jesus. Say: Jesus, I invite and receive you.

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