October 15, 2023

Running The Race Without Failing & Falling

Running The Race Without Failing & Falling


(15th of October, 2023)



SERMON TITLE:      Running The Race Without Failing & Falling

SERMON TEXT:     Hebrews 12: 1-2

PREACHER:             Reverend Ebenezer Olawuyi



Lift your hands and worship Him. Worship the king of kings. His name is higher above every other name… Songs. Let us be quiet. Quiet please. In Jesus name we have given worship. God bless you. You may be seated. Prayers. I want you to just pray to the Lord. Say, O Lord, make my heart a fertile ground for your word. You are welcome to church again this morning. Today is loaded with blessings and none of this blessing will elude you today. None of these blessings that is yours will be given to another person in Jesus name.

You know that when the earthly government decided to distribute aids to the grassroots; some of the packages may have been tampered with before it gets there, but if God sent His blessings to you; it will always be intact. That is why one of the most powerful prayers is that: O Lord, let your mercy come to me early, and satisfy me with your mercy. I am praying for someone here that the eleventh-hour miracle will show us for you these last few months to the end of the year. People will celebrate with you. Before the end of this year; people will say congratulations to you Hallelujah! Amen! We want to show and testify to God’s faithfulness to us this year.

Song: God is good all the time…

I am just happy this morning. Hallelujah. Tell your neighbor once again that God is wonderful! Testimonies to God’s faithfulness and wonders. Thank you for that song: Choir. God is our help! It’s just like that king in the scripture: If God doesn’t help us; we are finished! Sometimes, you get to the end of our humanity; you feel so overwhelmed; you are helpless, but at that time; God always show up for us! For someone here: God is still faithful. God never disappoints. Don’t give up on God. Sometimes, doctors will tell you that there is no more hope medically, but God says where your wisdom ends is where I am starting my own work from. Can someone just say: Thank you Jesus!

Now, can I just invite Mr. Ayo. Introduction of Mr. Ayo.

Hallelujah! Do you want to hear a sermon? I want to those of you who have been attending and listening to teaching hours. I want to treat one of the scriptures that we have been following this morning. Hebrews 12: 1. Every one of us – sometimes you just get excited and zealous in ourselves toward God – but after some days; the zeal is no longer there again. There are things that are drawing you back, which you should be conscious of. There are things that can easily pull you down – easily discourage you. I want you to pay attention to these things:

Number 1: The bible calls them stumbling block. Isaiah 57: 14. Things that can make you to fall between your starting point and your finishing line are called the stumbling block. It could be somebody’s behavior, bitterness, or character. The scripture says if you want to make it – clear the stumbling block.

Number 2: Things close to you, but can cause you to fall. Matthew 5: 29. What does the scripture mean in that verse? It means somethings or somebody vert close to you – that can make you to fall. It could be your friend. It could be your phone. It could be your job that you love so much. That thing that is very close to you and yet is endangering your life. Close, but dangerous! For example, you know the scripture says in Matthew chapter 5 verse 19 and 20. The bible says He who lust after a woman has already committed that adultery in his heart. If that man is becoming the right eye that you need to pluck out; pluck it out. If that friend is becoming someone that you cannot sleep in the night again because of; the scripture says cut him off. The scripture is talking about something very important to you. If it will prevent you from entering the kingdom; pull it out! Weights are different from sins. Weights are things that are legitimate and good, but are dragging you down on the way to the kingdom of God. What are the things that dries you up – that slows you down – on the way to the kingdom?

Number 3: The cares of this world. Matthew 13: 22. The load of everybody in the village is on your head. Every party you want to attend. Every Aso Ebi; you want to buy. But your spiritual life is drying up. Cares of this world can choke your spiritual life. There are so many believers in the church of Jesus Christ – as Paul said; set your minds on the things above; not on the things here below. We are pilgrims – we are sojourners on earth – one day your journey on earth will come to an end – and your creator will ask you about what you have done on earth. There are associations – friendship – you need to break up from. Any friendship that is affecting your spiritual life; separate from them – You need to reorganize your life. The easily besetting sins – that can easily wrangle you – stop it!

Number 4: I Timothy chapter 6 verse 9 to 10. There is a level you get to in Life in God that money runs after you. You don’t run after money. Every covenant child knows that there is covenant obligation for your prosperity. If you don’t carry out your covenant obligation; you will beg. But if you do, when some people are saying that there is casting down; you will say there is lifting up! Recant of real scenarios evidently exemplifying this. Covenant blessings require covenant obligation! Don’t let the chase for money choke you up!

Number 5: A good conscience. I Timothy 1: 19. Beloved, if you don’t want to fall; don’t throw away a good conscience. Don’t say: I don’t care! You got angry and talked to your wife as if it’s not someone that gave birth to him. Later you felt sorry about it, but instead of you to apologize and say I’m sorry; you remain adamant. The scripture says: some have rejected conscience.

Lastly, your testimony among unbelievers. I Timothy 3: 7. Your colleagues. Your boss – what will they say about you? Is your reputation right before all men? Can the unbelievers say you are a Christian? Some people are street fighters. Can your neighbor say very good things about you? Look, unbelievers must have good testimony about you – even while you are not compromising your faith to please them.

Let’s go through the points we need to be careful of in our journey of the Christendom once again.



Let’s bow down our head to pray. Say: O Lord help me to maintain the steady and healthy Christian line to the end of this world irrespective of whatever comes my way.

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