October 1, 2023

Turn around Season

Turn around Season


1st of October, 2023



SERMON TITLE:       God is a Turner of Situation Around – Grace Devotional for 1st of October, 2023)

SERMON TEXT:     Jeremiah 30: 18 – 20

PREACHER:             Reverend Ebenezer Olawuyi



Content:  Songs. There is none like youAmazing grace…  Praise God… Praise God… Amen… Amen…  The Lord will punish who hurts you. Can I hear someone say Amen! Say this after me: Nigeria! We welcome you to your season of turnaround! Now, begin to turn it to prayer. Say again after me: Nigeria it is time for you to flourish! Nigeria! It is time for you to thrive! In the name of Jesus we pray! Thank you. Be seated.  I welcome you as an individual to your season of turnaround. Songs: I can see everything turning around for my good! Everybody let’s take this scripture together. Psalm 30 verse 11. Let’s go. God is a turner. Let’s read the devotional together. There are some health challenges some years ago that people died of, but today science has been able to find cure to them. So many things are still beyond the ingenuity of man. Man is still limited to what science can do. Nothing is too difficult that He cannot turn around. Believe it- you will not only see it but you will partake in it – God is turning around the situation of Nigeria! There was a country that was as bad as this country some decades ago – Singapore – but today, that country is turned around for good. I speak prophetically into Nigeria – God of turning around will turn around the situation of Nigeria. There was a time that if you have #5000 in your hand, you will build a Bungalow or buy a brand-new car in Nigeria. God will bring back the fortune of Nigeria. Genesis 18: 13. Jacob was afraid of seeing Esau. God has blessed me but how can I meet my brother.  God is saying to someone this morning. God says: there is a relationship that has been fragmented; God is saying this month – He will visit that fellow! There’s what we called a waterless-pit hopeless situation. There is a family listening to me somewhere – Thus says the Lord – This will be the beginning of my visit to your family this month. We serve the God of turn around. So, whatever that challenge, this month – God will turn the situation around in Jesus name!  I am speaking as the Lord has put it in my mouth; Someone that is here – right now; not tomorrow – God is healing you right now in Jesus name. Ruth was happy. Through Ruth, came the lineage of the saviour of the world. Over the night; there are things you cannot share with anybody; right now – weeping is coming to an end in your life in Jesus name! Look at Samaria; their situation was so hopeless but God says: Thus, saith the Lord! There is nothing God cannot do. How many of you know our missionaries from Ghana. They’ve been looking for the fruit of the womb for ten years and they do visit a consultant gynecologist whenever they are in Nigeria. Two years ago; the gynecologist concluded that the wife’s ovary cannot produce eggs.  That is what science says and the gynecologist was being sincere! The God of turnaround. I prophesy to somebody here under the voice of my ministration: Weeping is over! Prayers! He turned around the story of David. Look at what David have to go through. Look at the oppositions of Saul, the betrayal of close friends, the rejections he has to go through. Prayers Next please. Turn to your neighbour and say: God is giving you turn around. Things will get better and better. Depression days are over. Our economy bouncing back in Jesus name. A time is coming back; foreign companies will be begging to come back and set themselves up back in Nigeria in Jesus name. Our graduates will no longer look for jobs in Jesus name – even before they graduate; companies will be recruiting them in Jesus name. Your end will be better than your beginning! Amen! Let’s rise up to pray for Nigeria.



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