April 7, 2024

Seek First The Kingdom Of God

Seek First The Kingdom Of God


7th of April, 2024


SERMON TITLE:    Seek First The Kingdom Of God

SERMON TEXT:     Matthew 6: 33

PREACHER:          Minister Raphael Bankole



Content:  I want to believe that something is dropping in someone’s destiny this morning in Jesus name. Something is happening in you this morning that even the devil will know in Jesus name. God created you on purpose. You are unique in the agenda of God. You are not a mistake. Proverbs 21: 16. What is the implication? If you don’t have a proper understanding of who you are; then you can be likened to a dead man. This morning, we want to quickly consider a topic: see first the kingdom of God. I don’t know who God is speaking to this morning. But this morning – say this prayer – Lord, let your mercy swallow up every mess around my destiny in the mighty name of Jesus. Whatever inadequacies in my life; Lord let your mercy swallow it up this morning in Jesus name. Matthew 6: 33. It’s a common passage – it talks about so many power points we need to iron out this morning. But seek first the kingdom of God… How many things? All these things shall be added unto you. Brethren, we struggle for what we are not supposed to struggle for ion our life because we are following the word of God in our life. If you seek the kingdom of God; it will be as of life is unfolding as if you have one superpower somewhere in your life that is making it happen; because Christ in you the hope of glory. A story of a young engineer graduate who went for a job interview after service that is however limited by time, but the instruction says “Write only your name”. The company said the position where we want to fill only requires following instructions. Brethren, its not about how pious you are or you look. It’s not about being able to do it. Look at – The story of the captain of that Syrian army that is however a leper who was instructed to just bath in a small river to heal himself. It’s just about following the instructions. God is saying I made you – I created you – I know how to make your destiny fulfilled. Say to yourself – You are custom-made. Isaiah 43: 21 (Message translation). Now, let’s look at the word – Custom-made. Hello, people of God. If a car has a unique specification – then it is made specifically to satisfy the buyer. In fact, if the same car specification is found somewhere else, the manufacturer can be sued. You are custom-made; that is the word of God. Do you know that, in spite of billions of people on earth, nobody is y9u – there is no another you. Nobody can serve as your replacement on earth. Tell yourself – I will not be replaced in the agenda of God. Hello, people of God – your function to God is custom-made. It is not given to another person. God has sent you forth to achieve just that. And they must praise me… I said 43: 21-25. Everything you see is a copy of what is divine. Every car has a chasis number – in fact, if you go further, that chasis number is the fingerprint of the car. God made you specifically to praise him, therefore the expectation of heaven over your life is to praise him. Many of us don’t understand who we are. You see children in the exam hall cheating. If you know your worth; there is a way you carry yourself that even those who wants to molest you won’t be able to move near you. God wants your life to give praise to Him. If you have this understanding; you won’t need anybody to push you to serve the Lord at all times. One of the Great men of God in this Nigeria once said if you want to know my secret; then first understand how much I love God first. You need to understand that I love God than any other person on earth. You need to understand the doings of God and His praise. Seek the kingdom of God, ad all things shall be added unto you. Get this right bret6here; we are not saying you won’t face challenges; but we are saying all things shall be added to you. If you check the way you attend to things of God; you will see whether you have been putting God in the second place in your life. If you rush out of your house in the morning without your devotion or quiet time – it means you are putting the most important as second – everything you have – your career, your job – should be subjected under God as first. Some of us – where you work – they can’t even say that you are a Christian. You ate supposed to be Christian first, before all other things will follow. He said he made you for Himself – you are custom-made for Himself – to praise Him. He said in a passage in the book of Psalms – ye are gods… It is a paramount requirement to seek God first. And if it is required; it is not negotiable. Ephesians 3: 1-10. Paul said he has no purpose of his own. He is a prisoner of Christ – He does not live for himself – for the gentiles. The church he is referring to is we Christians. He wants your life to be an expression of His glory and praise. Isaiah 43: 21. Let’s look at the word ‘Seek’. Matthew 6: 33. What does it mean to ‘seek’? It means to engage in diligent search. Sometimes, we always say diligence is hard work – but that us not the exact synonym. Diligence is hard work with consistency – Or, in other words, Diligence is consistent hard work. We must be diligent in seeking God first. We must be consistent in making the kingdom of God our priority. It is not secondary to you or anything. How do we seek first the kingdom of God? Number 1 – Matters of the kingdom must be of interest to you. You are going to give account to God; not anybody. How many times has our father in the Lord called you to his office to give account of your Christian life? No. He won’t do that. But do you know that there is somebody that is keeping record of your life – and you will be accountable to Him in the last day. Because He is your creator in the first instance – He creates you. Those who go after God – the world used to go after them. Spiritual things must be of interest to you. Colossians 6: 1-4. Matthew 6: 21. A day should not go without you meeting with the makers of your destiny before going out. So, what is your interest? You need to be a full time Christian. None of the properties you have on earth will go with you to heaven, but your Christian walk on earth Matthews 22: 24-40. Psalms 37: 4. Number two – You must make God your priority. Luke 4: 26; Psalm 37: 4. Number three – Serve your God with your time. You need to show to God that you love him. God loves you – that is why he gave you His only begotten son. You can’t serve God and say you love God and not give Him your time. I Tomothy 6: 17-19. Proverbs 6: 29-30. Seeking first the kingdom of God is your life security. Proverbs 12 28. So, seeking God first is your life security. My prayer for you is that you will not serve God in vain in Jesus name.

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