May 5, 2024

Songs of Deliverance

Songs of Deliverance


5th of May, 2024
Topic: Songs of Deliverance
Preacher: Minister Iyebiye Olawuyi
Text: Psalm 32:7 – 8; Zephaniah 3:17

In Psalm 32:7 – 8, the psalmist talks about God being our hiding place, which points to protection. So, I ask myself, ‘What do songs have to do with protection?’ Then, he goes ahead to talk about how God will instruct and counsel with His loving eye. Now, what does deliverance, song and counsel have to do together? The next scripture – Zephaniah 3:17 goes on to say, ‘He will rejoice over you with gladness… He will rejoice over you with singing.’ This means God actually loves singing.
The topic today is ‘Songs of Deliverance.’ The other day, I was on social media when I saw a story – Pastor Nathaniel Bassey said he was on a trip with a fellow singer, Victoria Orenze, when she began singing, and he knew by the Spirit of God that what she was singing was a song of deliverance. Now, while they were on the journey, for some reason, they met a very terrible situation but God miraculously delivered them. Years ago, I began to experience that in some situations, I would just start hearing songs which may be ones I have heard before or ones I haven’t heard of, and most times, I realise that those songs have to do with things around my life. Listen, songs are life, they are tools of worship, praise and prayer but there is something else that we probably have never known and that is, songs could be tools of divine direction and deliverance. When I began to experience this, I started checking but couldn’t find much people talk about it. What is most prominent out there is always about how songs are tools of worship but never that songs are tools of divine direction.
There are situations you will be in, praying and fasting about them and the spirit of God would bring a song to you that encapsulates the whole situation. Sometimes, these songs drops in your mind and speak to your current reality. These must not be ignored, and I want to open our eyes to this truth this morning because in this kingdom, expectation is the precursor of manifestation. What you don’t expect, you probably won’t experience it. So, I want to build your expectation to begin to experience it. Some of us probably experience this divine leading but ignore it because we never take it seriously, yet it is the Holy Spirit bringing us into that direction. Also, in this kingdom, we rise by knowledge. When we acknowledge the Spirit of God, we grow. I believe why we don’t see this truth being manifested greatly in the body of Christ is because we don’t talk much about it in the body of Christ.

I want to talk about how to receive these songs of deliverance:
1. Tune your heart to God: As a musician, you know that when you play a guitar or a keyboard, if it is not well-tuned, the sounds you will produce will always be trash, but when you tune it, it sounds well. Sometimes, our hearts are not well tuned to the Holy Spirit so, when the Holy Spirit moves, we dismiss it. The protocol in the Bible is that God never moves without a sound first. Now, many of the songs we listen to also contribute to our heart not being attuned to the Spirit, because as there are songs of deliverance, there are also sounds of bondage and catastrophe. Sometimes, when you surround yourself with sounds of bondage, you begin to see that manifest in your life. Check your playlist, if most of the songs you listen to are secular music, those are sounds of bondage and you can’t surround yourself with these and expect to hear sounds of deliverance. Now, you have to be intentional about tuning your hearts to the Holy Spirit, because if the sounds you listen to are sounds of bondage, you begin to experience it and not hear the sounds of deliverance the Holy Spirit sends to you.
2. Don’t ignore the sound when it comes: Sometimes, you wake up in the morning and you start hearing a song in your spirit; most times, it is the Holy Spirit singing over you because God wants to work on that thing in your life and it would be a sad thing to miss it. I discover that the more you walk in this reality, the more you gain from it. Sometimes, I hear some songs and I know these are songs of deliverance, that there is spiritual warfare in the atmosphere, that there are warring angels in my atmosphere and I need to tap into it by singing out the song. Sometimes, I hear some songs and I know resurrection power is about to flow; it could be that there are dead things and impossibilities that need to be turned around, but you will never discover this until you start keying into it. We say to ourselves that God does not eat food – pounded yam, etc. but what He eats is praise, so I want to ask you: If you have two daughters and when they cook for you, the first cook whatever she likes, while the second cooks that which you ask for, which of them would you prefer to cook for you? The second, right? That’s how it also works with God. The Bible says He surrounds us with songs of deliverance. When He gives you a song and you sing it back to Him, it facilitates His greater move in your life. Sometimes, you can ask what God wants you to sing and trust Him to respond to you supernaturally. As a spiritual singer and worship minister, this does wonders, because you are not singing from your own wisdom, instead, you are singing what God wants you to sing.
How then can we utilise this technology? I have said it earlier, the only way to make efficient use of this knowledge is to ‘sing it when you receive it.’ By doing so, you are provoking angelic reactions in your atmosphere. The key is not to forget the song; sometimes, when it comes to you, the cares of life might happen but you can write it down and when you do this, it shows to God that you take His ministration seriously and so, it comes more and more. Sometimes, you don’t see the reaction immediately but the Holy Spirit has moved in your atmosphere. And many times when you actually sing it, you see the reactions immediately. Sometimes, you later see some things that surprise you and then you realise that that was why the Holy Spirit wanted you to sing the song. Sometimes, the songs may not totally relate to the situation you are going through at that time, but just sing it, trust the Holy Spirit. The Bible says the Holy Spirit prays through us with groanings that cannot be uttered; just like when we pray in the spirit, we don’t understand what we say but that’s not the destination, the Holy Spirit searches through God and knows what we don’t, so He goes ahead of us to settle thing. This is the same for the songs He gives us too.
Years ago, I was dealing with a certain situation: I was in a state of depression for about two weeks. I prayed against it, but most times, when I pray about it, the whole thing stops for 30 minutes or 1 hour, then it comes back. But, I was sleeping at night one day, when I just woke up and started singing a song: You are working all things together for my good; it’s coming together for my good. I just began singing this over myself and that was how the spirit left forever. But know that I needed to sing that song into my atmosphere to get the deliverance, and that was the first time I heard the song also. Hallelujah!
I release the grace for songs of deliverance into this house. Begin to receive songs even in the night seasons. Songs of deliverance. Songs of the spirit; receive them right now. Even for the Worship team, I declare grace for prophetic psalmistry. You know what the spirit of God is saying at each time and you begin to sing it.
Call to Salvation
Are you here and you have not given your life to Jesus, you cannot experience the supernatural. You need to be born of God to walk in the supernatural, either as a young or old person you need this second birth. So, you want to give Jesus your heart and mind and want to walk in the supernatural? Say, ‘My Father, I know I am a sinner and I ask you to forgive me. I believe that Jesus died for my sins and that God raised Him from the dead for my justification. I believe it and I know I am saved today. Thank you for saving me, in Jesus Name.’