September 17, 2023

Stewards of God’s gift

Stewards of God’s gift


17th of September, 2023


SERMON TITLE:       Stewards of God’s gift

SERMON TEXT:     Acts 1: 20

PREACHER:            Reverend Ebenezer Olawuyi



Content:  This is a good morning. Tell someone “Good morning”. Can you say it to three persons around you and say “Good morning”. Can we move around and prophesy to people by saying “Good morning. It’s a good morning for you.” God bless you. Be seated. Before I go ahead and share the word of God for this morning. Just a brief word. For sometimes, the Lord has been sharing some things with me during the daily devotional hour. God speaks to us in diverse ways. When I was writing the daily devotional; the Lord reminded me of our anthem “Ise Oluwa, Kole Baje o!”. You know this commission is a living proof of that song. No power, no man can stop what God does. What you are seeing today is a work of God; not that of any man. God ‘s plan cannot be frustrated. When God plan to do something; God will rather step aside whatever obstacle on His way to achieving it. The counsel of the Lord and His plan are established. If God wanted to do something; I tell you: no one can stop Him. I am telling you that Hill City school is a vision given to me directly by God. The meaning of “Hill City” is a city set on a hill. I am acting by God’s direction; if I fail; God will remove me because He can never fail. I placed a curse on anyone who decided to help any of the students of Hill City school to cheat, because that means I have failed. Therefore, you need to be very careful. You cannot frustrate God’s work. I cannot frustrate God’s work. I will like to take us through yesterday’s devotional before we prayed. Give me yesterday’s devotional. Who is from Ogbomoso here? I stumbled on the information yesterday that a new King has been installed in Ogbomoso. The Light of God has risen in Ogbomoso. Hallelujah! We are happy this happened in our own time. And guessed who preached there? Bro. Gbile Akanni. Prayers for the new king. God bless you; you may be seated. Can we just go through the devotional together. I want us to read Acts 1 verse 15 to 26. Don’t mind even if it is all what we are going to do and pray. Let us go through the devotional. Let us take the memory verse together. Okay. Can you try to memorize it?  Now let us recite it together. Amen. Alright let us have the ladies and women recite it. All brothers in the house; let us go. Amen. Okay. Let us read the devotional together. Let’s go. Now, someone can have the wrong mindsets about life. For example; a young man can have the mind set about marriage. That a wife should be seen and not heard. Some people may love to be called ‘honourable’ but are not honourable nor responsible. Mentality is everything in life. Some people believe that once they failed; that is all. The fact however is that you are not a failure until you are not a failure. Also, for example, your children are not yours; you are a custodian. They are given to you to guide and to fulfill the purpose of the One that gave you the child. That man that was giving God 90 % and keeping 10 % for himself was asked why and he said: the money is not mine; it was only entrusted to me to keep and use for the purpose of who gave me. Song. In the book of I Corinthians; you are bought with a price. Your body is not yours. Don’t say “it is my body!” You must take time to rest. You must take care of yourself. If you let the body to shut down; God will also judge you. If you say you trained yourself; know that it is God that gave you the wisdom to learn. Don’t say your child cannot marry someone; God only gave you to guide, not to manipulate. There are so many people who are like Judas Iscariot who had the wrong mentality about money. John 12:6 – Judas Iscariot is only interested in what he will eat. He was only interested in the money he will make. Money is good but it should be your servant; it should not be your master. There are a lot of people who made money their master. My People perish because of lack of knowledge. That is why you will see some people selling holy water for #5000. They’ve merchandised the gospel and some of you is being deceived to buying it. You will see them that they have sweet mouth, enticing the gullible. Why did Jesus…. He knew… Jesus knew that Judas Iscariot is a thief. Jesus made Judas – a thief his treasurer, because He knew if he didn’t do that; may be Judas would have said that well… you didn’t give me opportunity. Jesus knew that Judas was a thief. The second thing is that God wants people who He will use as a lesson for us. You can either be a blessing or a lesson. So, God used Judas as a lesson for us today. Benny Hinn said: After I have left this world; let people step into my footprint and contract anointing; not regrets and pain. Remember you are a steward and God is looking at you. Go ahead. Are you in charge of facilities? Technical, are you with me? …so that you wouldn’t be judged… Now whether one becomes a lesson like Judas or a blessing like Mary, it is up to you. Tell the people around you. Go to three other persons and say the same. Move around and say it to three other persons. Let’s go and conclude the devotional. And they selected Matthias and Thaddeus, and they prayed and prayed. After the prayers and the Lord chose Matthias.  Beloved, let your life be a blessing for the generations to come. Whether you become a blessing or a lesson; it is up to you. Let us bow down our head and pray.


Everybody can you stand up on your feet and pray. Father, help me. Let me be a blessing like Mary for my generation and not a lesson like Judas Iscariot. Remove every hardiness from my heart. O Lord confront every wrong mentality I have within me about stewardship! Prayers by ReverendThe investment of God will not be a waste in your life!

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