March 26, 2023

Strategies for the Next Level

Strategies for the Next Level


26th of March, 2023



SERMON TITLE:       Strategy for Next Level

SERMON TEXT:     Joshua 14: 6-12

PREACHER:             Pastor (Dr.) Kolapo



Content:  Prayers. You are welcome to church once again. I am not going to be preaching per se. I will be dwelling more on what we treated in the last Thursday Teaching and Communion Hour service. We will pick our lessons from the story of the journey of the Israelites. Some of them were successful while some failed because of certain reasons. I will be skipping some parts while audio-Visual, you will have to be fast. Hallelujah! Our memory verse is from Isaiah 40: 1. And we started out by trying to pick certain things that cause failure in people’s lives. The first reason we found is what we call slackness. Joshua 18: 3. The second reason why people remain on the same spot is contentment with the status quo. The third reason is fear. Fear is the reason most lives cannot move to next level because they felt they are entering into uncharted territories. The fourth one is underestimation of your identity. Joshua 17: 18. Moses sent twelve spies to surveil the land but they felt they cannot measure up to the giant they saw in the land. God said that I have given you the land, but they didn’t believe in God nor themselves. Canaanites are bread for us. It doesn’t matter how big the enemies look like; how giant they look like; they are bread for us; you are meant to drive them out and possess their land. Another one is that they underestimated themselves and overestimated the enemies. We have no reason to couch before the enemies because they are not match for us, due to the one living in us. Another reason why so many people remain on the same spot is unbelief. Another reason is laziness. Proverb 6:6. Another reason is ignorant of the word of God. Joshua says after these years, the word of promise of God to give me the land is still fresh in my mind and I still have enough strength to possess the land.  The first strategy for moving to the next level is: To want more; increase your ability for more. Matthew 25:15. Isaiah 54:2-3. Psalm 81:10. He said open your mouth wide and I will feed them. God is unlimited. His provisions are unlimited. Jesus says if you believe; all things are possible to him that believes. The bible says enlarge the place of your tents. The second strategy is to prayerfully demand for deliverance. II Kings 13:18-19.  He said the arrow is the arrow of deliverance from the Syrians. If anyone told you that there are no battles to fight; then you are probably misled. There are several different types of battles for diverse individuals. For some; it is the battle of household wickedness while for some; it is the battle against the flesh. I Timothy 1:18. To war means to fight. War is a series of battles. To some who are battling against the flesh; you need to win the battle in order to let your life of holiness come forth. The number three strategy is that you need to renew your strength. You can’t go up to your next level when you are weak. The bible says if you faint in the days of adversity; your strength is small. Proverbs 24:10; II Timothy 2:1. Develop your muscles in the Lord. Develop your strength in the Lord. Growing up in the Lord to next level requires such kind of strength. And we read the story of Elijah in I Kings 19:6. Verse 4 says “But he himself went a day’s journey into the wilderness…”. God has to send an angel to him to let him know that the journey ahead of you is great, but your current level of strength is small to carry you through. Therefore, the angel has to prepare a supernatural meal for him to eat so as to gain strength. Let us stop all these Indomie Christianity that does not give you strength. The fourth strategy we learnt is to envision your next level. The bible says write down the vision. Make it plain in a tablet… Habakkuk 2:2-3. An action without vision is just a mere dream. If wishes were horses; beggars will ride. You can’t just build a city when you have no plan on how the roads, sewages etc. will be constructed. Not everything is just by faith; the bible says Faith enables us to work. The fifth strategy is that we should soar on the Wings of Grace. The bible says “We shall mount up our wings as eagles…”. We must know, as Christians, that our success is not dependent solely on our own efforts. Psalms 44:3; I Samuel 2:9; Ecclesiastes 9:11. “Time and chance happened to them all…” That is where the place of Grace comes in. The sixth strategy is to wait. If it tarries; it shall surely come. I pray that in your journey to next level; you will get there supernaturally in Jesus name. We shall not be just day dreamers who does not take responsibility for their lives in Jesus name. Let us enlarge our capacity. Enlarge our tents. Spread our wings and soar with the Grace of God. Let us bow down our head to pray.



How big is your vison? Tell it to God. Tell God: Father, I will not disobey your words. I am going to my next level whether the devil likes it or not. Round up prayers. In Jesus might name we pray. Amen!

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