January 7, 2024

Thankfulness to God

Thankfulness to God


7th of January, 2024



SERMON TITLE:       Thankfulness to God

SERMON TEXT:     Luke 17: 15-19

PREACHER:            Reverend Ebenezer Olawuyi



Content:  Jesus, we praise you. Thank you, Lord. Worship songs. There is no other name like yours. Your name is healer, provider, helper, lifter. Your name is everything. Jesus, we praise you. A big Amen! I welcome you to this thanksgiving service. This is the first Sunday of the year, right? If you are happy; can you shout hallelujah! Can you tell the person right beside you that Congratulations! This is the first Sunday of the year; it’s a miracle. Don’t take the mercy of the Lord for granted. Open your bible. Stand on your feet, open your bible and lift it up. Honour the Lord.  Say after me: I believe in the word of God. I receive the bible as the word of God. I believe everything written in the word of God and I receive them, my life will be guided by the word of God. I believe in what God says I am. Amen! You may be seated. Halleujah! Holy spirit, we welcome you to this place. You know when you see teenagers, children, mothers, fathers, dancing forward in this way to praise the Lord; it’s not ordinary. This is something supernatural. The joy of the Lord will be your strength throughout 2024. AMEN! You will not be weak or feeble. When others are weary; you will be strong. You will be vibrant. Let your Amen be louder! Okay. Song of worship. Halleujah! The devil is a big liar. I am going to summarize my message for this morning. I am still gong to take my lessons from the place we earlier read – The book of Luke chapter seventeen. I want to thank Sister Olajide this morning – she is always a blessing. May the Lord continue to increase you. We also thank God for our sister Mayowa Samuel. We also thank God for our sister CSO – as she was introduced. We also thank God for our choir. Please join me to thank the choir. So, the story of the ten lepers. Luke 17: 18-19. Okay, let’s read verse 15 and 16. And with a loud voice. Everybody says with a loud voice. What Jesus said to him – I want us to pau attention to it. Give me the KJV version of verse 19.  There is a whole world of difference between the nine that didn’t come back and the one that came back. A lot of people are healed, but few people are made whole. Being made whole means being made complete. God already has a plan to make you whole. Why were they not 8? Why were they not 6? Why were they 10? But unfortunately, only one of them came back to be made whole. The leprosy affected some parts of their body – the disease ceased immediately, but the part that was lost didn’t come back. Only the only one that came back was made whole. Look at the scripture in the Matthew 9 verse 22. Can you imagine? She would have lost her social status She would have lost her self-image. She would have lost her self-worth. Everything that has left her life came back. A man can be healed, but not restored – and not be whole. But for those 9 that was not made whole – the disease can still come back – becuae they have not been connected to the source of permanent healing. The bible says that: Go and sin no more. When a man is only healed; he’s not yet made whole. God wants you to have a permanent relationship with him – to have permanent connection with the healer. Until you are thankful; you cannot be made whole. Thankfulness engenders wholeness. Thankfulness will move you to the next level. There is a level of not enough; there is a level of more than enough. There is a level of being blessed. There is a level of being a blessing. Thankfulness is not about having much. Thankfulness is about having a little. Can you imagine what usually happen in heaven when one sinner got converted. God begin to rejoice in heaven. Listen, as long as you keep complaining; you are not yet qualified for the next level. Be thankful for the little that you have. You want addition. You want increase; be thankful for the little you have. Thankfulness is about attitude. Some have much and still complained. You know what? As much as you are fervent in prayer; you also need to be thankful. If you want to move forward. You need to be thankful in prayer. Your testimony is not complete until you are thankful. A number of us take for granted God’s mercy. As long as you take the grace of God for granted; it will never qualify you. It is by attitude. Not only by words; it is by action. It’s by your way of life. Familiarity is an enemy of gratitude. Some people are too familiar with grace. Remember, the grace you got too familiar with can never qualify you. You remember the centurion man; he wasn’t a Jew. You remember the Syrophoenician woman in Matthew 15: 28. Friends, this year; don’t be too familiar with grace. I’m alive today because of his grace. You see that this people who experienced great grace were not Jews. Matthew chapter 8 says that many will come from the east and the west and sit with God, nut the sons of the kingdom shall be casted away. Nothing guarantees stagnation as much as ingratitude. As long as you don’t always see what the Lord has done, you always see the emptiness of bottle; stagnation is guaranteed. Complaining will continue to make your case ton be complex. Murmuring will nail you. Results must not determine your gratefulness. If you are not grateful for the little you have; don’t expect more. A second thing that will make you to be while is Faith. Genuine faith that does not relent. People of faith are the people that are thankful. Faith will make you complete. The bible talks about the man at the beautiful gate in the book of Acts chapter three. The Bible says… the faith that comes through his name made him whole. His name, through faith in his name, has made this man whole. I pray for you again; I command soundness – I decree soundness to your life. If you have arthritis in your body; I decree right now – wherever you are hearing – I command you to receive your healing! Receiving strength in your bone in the name of Jesus! This year – I declare from his name – your wholeness! Prayers and Decree. Say after me: His name, through faith in his name, is making me whole. And the faith that comes through his name is giving me perfect soundness in the presence of everyone in the name of Jesus! Prayers and Decree. Worship songs. I like you to tell the Lord that I am sorry for complaining. What you took for granted has become somebody else’s prayer points.



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