September 10, 2022







TEACHING THEME: The Fruitful Vine

TEACHING TEXT: Isaiah 60: 1; Matt. 11: 11

PREACHER: Rev. Sam Tukura


There are things you are born for that you have to keep on crying to God to be enabled and be allowed to rise. You heard him say of all men born of women; none is greater than John. The bible says John came to prepared the way. It was the anointing of John that the bible says every mountain shall be brought low, every crooked way shall be made straight. For road construction workers to make the crooked way straight; to prepared and smoothen the way; they have to remove everything out of their way. When John baptized Jesus Christ; John was 31 and half years old while Jesus was 31 years old. I Cor. 12: 7. Not everyone that have the holy spirit has the manifestation. If the Holy Spirit does not manifest through you; no profit for God. The word manifestation is “key” Manifestation is to show; to display. Many of you have the holy spirit but not a coworker with God. I Cor. 12: 11. There is something in verse 11 which says all these gifts worketh…. The Holy Spirit is in your life to work through you. You will never enjoy the Holy Ghost if you don’t cooperate with him for what he wants to do in your life. No man should be settled with one works of the holy ghost. There are several activities of the holy ghost that should be your testimonies. Allow nothing to rob you of your inheritance as a new man in Christ which are the inheritance of the operations of the holy ghost that should be working severally in your life. John 7: 37. Our meaning of Passover is sowing. John 12: 24. The mystery of His death and resurrection is that He is not rising alone but rose with multiple fruits with Him. John 12: 17. He raised the Lazarus from the grave by calling Him. If he can call a man from the grave; He can call a man from the beer parlour. I Peter 2: 9. Jesus is too powerful to struggle with the power of darkness. When you are raising the dead; it’s not a simple task. Elisha, with his double portion, has to stretch himself on the Shunamite woman’s dead child, but Jesus only called out the dead to come alive. Luke 7: 11-14. This is a funeral procession involving dead young, unmarried man, who hasn’t touch life with visions and dreams unfulfilled. Compassion of Jesus makes him break protocol. If he is a prophet he would have said “thus says the Lord”, because he is God; he says “I Say”. If Moses should say “I Say”; heaven will query it. But no one can query Jesus. Hebrews 1: 8. God the father look at His son and exclaim “O”. When God says “O”; heaven must have shaken and the angels must have been running around. Matt. 16: 13-17. Who do men says I am? Lack of revelation can make you reduce God to man. Your blessing starts from your knowing who he is. You are disconnected from blessings if you don’t know who He is. Your place of knowing Him is your place of blessings. Jesus told peter that this your knowledge of knowing who I am – and upon this rock of who I am; I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Psalm 24: 7. Psalm 24: 1. There are gates in the spirit that are meant to not let glory and God of glory comes to earth, to the church, to your life. Psalm 24: 8. It means for this gate to open; it has to be with battle. If you are not ready for battle; there are glory that will not come forth in your life. O Glory of God; come into me! Ephesians 6: 10. You cannot be strong and mighty in battle without being strong in the Lord. The enemies of your glory will only mess you up. There are those that died without having their glory.  Stop wishing for glory to come in; it’s a battle. Matt. 11: 12. Anything kingdom of heaven and the power and the glory o f the heaven; Satan will not fold his hand and just watch it to get fulfilled. Stop being civil when there is a war against your destiny. Matt. 16: 18. Rock is not sand. Sand dissolves but rock does not dissolve. It remains irrespective of the weather. There are anointings reserved for hostile places. There is a power in the gospel that disarms and destroy the devil. Matt. 16: 19. Let’s understand this verse. What’s available to them that knows Jesus? Number 1: Blessed are thou… Number 2: I have given you the key… Not every one that lives in a house has the key. Keys are for the mature. You don’t give the key to those who are not yet matured. Many of us are part of the kingdom but because you have no key; you are always locked out of the rooms of the kingdom because you don’t have the key. You have to wait until there is a crusade where a man of God come around to open the kingdom for your life to come in. The hey are not just given to anyone but only to those who have the revelation. Rev. 20: 1-2. You don’t bind the devil with a necklace chain. May God give you great chains. But it comes from knowing the greatness of the Lord. Matt. 16: 19-20. Nobody will know God for you. He said they that shall know God… Nobody can know for you. It’s a personal experience. When the knowledge is not personal; it can’t become power. Exo. 6: 3. Each one has his own personal revelation and encounter with God. Isaac was not built up based on God’s encounter with Abraham; He has his own personal encounter. Many people cannot contribute to the works of the kingdom spiritually because they only depend on whatever comes from the altar.

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