September 11, 2022







SERMON THEME: The Fruitful Vine

SERMON TEXT: Matt. 27: 50-51

PREACHER: Rev. Sam Tukura


This was when Jesus died on the cross. Jesus just died. And what happen immediately in the next verse? So, what do you see in verse 51; “… And, behold…” The first thing recorded about the holy ghost by Matthew for the benefit of mankind is the rending of the veil. Lev. 16: 2. Before now, it is only the high priest that can enter the holy of holies. A major location in the holiest of all is the mercy seat. Blood was being sprinkled in the past as the high priest entered the holiest of all.  He said “I will appear upon the mercy seat…” This veil that separated man from the mercy seat, when Jesus died, was rend. God did not shift the curtain; he torn it. Many preachers, many prophets keep tailoring back what God has torn, so that they can keep going back to God on our behalf. No tailoring back whatever Gid has torn. I want you to see then continuity of the usage of that word “rend” as shown in verse 51. What happen here is that when Jesus died on the cross for the sake of mankind; rending power was released. Your problems are rendable. As hard as your case is; it is tearable for God. Solomon will say “The heavens of the heavens cannot contain Him”. There is a level you will reach; a realm you get to, that you will start perceiving the realm of the Highest God. After the heavens of heavens where God is; there is no other higher level. Col. 1:16. When you have become a professor of visible; know that you are a PhD holder in the ignorance of the invisible. And even the visible, you can’t know it all. Isaiah 66: 1. He didn’t say my throne is in heaven; He says “Heaven is my throne.” Wherever you are on earth, whether America, India etc. know that you are under His feet. Isaiah 64: 1. The Bible calls Satan the power of the realm of hell. No spirit can stand in the way of the holy spirit. He is the master spirit. It is by the Holy spirit that Satan and demonic powers are being casted away. I tell you this morning that as God come down upon your mountain of problems; it will be converted to liquid and flow away. Matt. 27: 51-52. The veil was rent; followed by rock that were rent, and then the graves were opened. As those saints rose; God allowed them to appear to many in Jerusalem – the holy spirit. Wonderful God! Wonderful Jesus! I will come back to Moses at the end of this message. Hebrews 4: 1. Jesus Christ didn’t die alone, but with the two robbers on the cross; but God allow them to die with him on the cross, so that they can have final chance. Luke 23: 39-40. The thief on the left-hand side has a bad mouth – railed against his saviour. But his partner in crime, his fellow murderer, fellow thief, answered him and rebuked him saying; Dost not thou fear God…? And he said unto Jesus… What is the first thing he called him? Lord! And the bible says whosoever that called him Lord shall be saved. And Jesus said unto him: Today! You will be with me in paradise! What a chain of eternal destiny! And it was already well midday. At the ninth hour; he gave up the ghost. He said I have the power to take and power to lay down. He gave it up himself. Heaven delayed the passing away of Jesus out of his body to give the chance for the first thief to repent but he blew it. His greatest regret in Hell right now is that Oh! I had an eternal chance but I blew it. Deut. 3: 23-27. Many we never arrive at the fullness of what God planned to do in their life! Many died at the beginning of God’s work in their life. May God not stop with you when you just began. For your sake; be careful of people. God was angry with him not for what he did, but for what people made him to do. Look at how holy spirit captured his end in Jude 1: 9. You see three important characters inn that verse: Angel Michael – the leader of the warring angel of God, Satan – the leader of the kingdom of darkness, and Moses – who to be buried. Satan contended that Oh Michael! If Moses couldn’t enter the Canaan land; How is he qualified for heaven?  Hebrews 4: 16. Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of Grace…what for? Number one: that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need. Grace is a matter after mercy. No body ever finds grace who has obtained mercy. Mercy is the precursor for grace. Grace is a spirit; it’s not a woman. Zechariah 12: 10. Grace is a spirit.  Before I show you the need; I want to deal with the issue of mercy first. Exo. 25: 22. Every thing God will give man is upon the seat of mercy. Exo. 25: 10. God meant if I decided to appear on the holy seat; no man will survive. That is why I decided to appear on the mercy seat. Exo. 25: 17. And thou shalt make a mercy seat of pure gold… The measurement missing is the height. Only two measurement is allowed: The length and breadth. It is deliberately so. No heights matter before God; it is mercy that matters. If you are too alive in what you think you are; you can’t obtain mercy. We must obtain that mercy. You can’t buy it. You must obtain it. Isaiah 55: 3. Hear me; David was a mighty warrior; a great king. He killed a lion with his bare hands, but no one ever talked about mercy like David. He didn’t boast in his strength or sword. No book in the bible was “mercy” ever mentioned like Psalms. Psalm 23: 6. Nothing is sure if God’s mercy is not sure in your life. Hebrews 4: 16. “…that we may obtain mercy,” The word “may” mean that you fact that you asked for it doesn’t mean it will be so. May we obtain mercy. May mercy be sure for you! Many never obtained the mercy because God knows that if He give the mercy; they will boast. Heb. 4: 14-15. “Let us now come boldly therefore…” Anytime the devil shows up in a man’s life; he is looking for a point to stop. He will be arranging a temptation to stop a point in your life. It is a time of need. A time of weakness. He will be aiming for a point to stop in your destiny. Infirmity comes from the first word “Firm” which means strong, unmovable, unshakeable… Therefore, our infirmity means we are not firm. Everybody here needs grace to be firm in the exact time that devil wants to shows up to stop a point in your life with temptation. At that critical time; that major entry point of destiny of Joseph; the Potiphar’s wife showed up in his life to stop him but God gave him grace to overcome his infirmity. Don’t beat your chest and think you are holy and enough to overcome the temptation of devil. If the devil can tempt Jesus himself; If he can tempt his fellow angels to follow him to rebel against God in heaven (who we are now called demons); is it you he will be afraid of? May God let us obtain mercy to be firm in the time of infirmity in Jesus name. Gen. 34: 1. This young lady has twelve brother which we called the twelve tribes of Israel that has the promises of God. What was a daughter of Zion going to see in the midst of the daughters of the uncircumcised? She stepped out of security. Dinah was born into security but she went out to see the daughters of the land. Verse 2: somebody saw her and the equation was balanced. Two of her brothers managed to destroy a city – Simeon and Levi. If two can destroy a city; how many cities do you think the twelve brothers would have destroyed on her behalf. So, she was born into and was living inside a wall of security, until she stepped out. Whenever you went out to see; somebody will see you. She wasn’t raped until she stepped out of her father’s house. If something is telling you to step out of God’s security, to step out of the church, to step out of the boundaries of God’s righteousness; you may end up being torn on a stranger’s bed.

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