September 9, 2022







TEACHING TITLE: The Fruitful Vine

TEACHING TEXT: Isaiah 11: 1-

PREACHER: Rev. Sam Tukura


Let’s see how God will work in our midst this weekend. God is not a waster of time; He is not a waster of time. I pray that His revelation will come to pass in our Life in Jesus name. We pray that the spirit of understanding will be established in our heart in Jesus name. There are people who are not here but who you are representing. Some of the people you are representing right now are in beer parlour, some are in the street, some are mad men. Somebody somewhere is waiting for you. It may be here; It may be in another land. I pray that they will not wait in vain in Jesus name. That beggar at the beautiful gate have been there when Jesus was alive but Jesus didn’t heal him. Not because Jesus couldn’t heal him, but because he is a reserved care for Peter and John. When you read the book of Acts; then you must have remembered that peter was healing the sick even through his shadow. John chapter 5 verse 1. While the feast was going on; Jerusalem was overpopulated with useless people. There are many people with high title in church but can’t handle any case for God. There are high priests in the temple but couldn’t heal the sicks. Do you know noticed none of the sicks were carried to the temple? They felt why carrying our sicks to the temple when they can’t be healed there. They knew that the priests in the temple cannot heal them. It is just normal festivities without the presence of God. Your body is a temple. You can make your life a mere festivity, so that people will not approach you to help them solve their case. All these sick people; blind, lame etc. couldn’t go to the temple. You don’t go to the temple to speak English. You don’t go to the temple to listen to motivational speech. Isaiah 11: 1. When you go to the book of Genesis and look at the hand of Moses; what do you see? The rod. Rev. 12: 5. If wooden rod couldn’t discipline Egypt and do so much; then the Iron rod will do much more.

In simple natural life; every fruitful tree depends on the branch of the tree; meaning God has given branches the honour to bear fruit. Jesus Christ is the Branch. Can anyone being sent by Jesus to you and say go to my branch and they will find fruit there? John 15: 1-2. Every branch in me that beareth not fruit…. How can a branch be in him and beareth not fruit? There are people that are not unbeliever – they are part of Jesus, but are not bearing fruit. Then God will say to Jesus – Son, this woman is not bearing fruit; therefore, take her away. Purging means “removing” – “to take away”. More. More. More fruits. God is expecting more fruits from you. God can transfer your anointing, if you are not fruitful, to the person that is fruitful. In verse one; he is called a Branch, but in verse 2; he is called a living being (Him). What made the branch alive and fruitful is the spirit of God. The reason why you are not yet a very fruitful branch in the vine is because the spirit of God, who will make it happen, has not yet rest upon you. When a bird comes to the branch of a tree; its original intention is to set on the branch, but if it senses danger; it flies away. When the Holy Ghost rest upon you; watch out for the spirit of wisdom, and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the LORD in your life. In His presence; there is fulness of joy. What will make him effective as a rod in verse 1 and fruitful as a vine in verse 2 is the spirit of the LORD. Wisdom and understanding goes together. You cannot find a man of wisdom without understanding. Where there is understanding; there is no ignorance. The two key pairs of the manifestation of the spirit of the Lord is Wisdom and Understanding. The next two pair is Counsel and Might. If you disregard God’s counsel; forget about His might in your life. Rev. 3: 16-18. God is not against riches and wealth, because he is the one that gave the power to make the wealth in the first instance, but God does not give you anything to replace Him. When the spirit of God rests upon your life; you can’t fail as a rod. You can’t be fruitless as a branch. Luke 5: 36-37. When God succeed in lighting your life; He will never put you under the table. No man can put a lighted a candle under the table; if no man – then, God is wiser than any man. In this verse; in spiritual chronology: the garment comes first before the wine. He said putteth a piece of new garment upon the old. If no man will do that; then God is wiser. Luke 5: 33. John is the first discipler in this passage, followed by the Pharisees. The root of John is Elijah while the root of the Pharisees is Moses. They are what constitute the old. Jesus is the everlasting new. Rom. 13: 14. One thing about garment is that once they are old; they tear. Many were wearing Moses, wearing Elijah and are now old and tearing and no longer sustainable. Luke 5: 36. Many people are still wearing their culture are still taking a piece of Jesus to patch their old garment. Jesus is the everlasting new garment. Tear up totally your old garment and put it away; and put on totally the new garment which is Jesus. If you are still wearing the old garment; Tell Jesus that you are ready to tear it up and put on Him- the everlasting new garment.

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