May 21, 2023

The Power of Declarations 1

The Power of Declarations 1


21st of May, 2023



SERMON TITLE:       The Power of Declaration

SERMON TEXT:     Ezekiel 37: 1-7

PREACHER:             Reverend Ebenezer Olawuyi



Content:  I welcome to church once again this morning. I ill be speaking to you from the word of God to us from what God spoke to us in the first Tuesday of this month, I will be speaking this morning on the power of declarations. To those of us who were in the anointing and teaching hours; we spoke on Hebrews chapter 3 verse 1 where we consider Jesus stands in two positions: (1) He is the one who shows the way and He is also the way. H is the one who reconciles us and represents us. The one who makes the way known and he is also the way. His responsibility is to execute, implement, to carry out our confessions according to the word of God. The bible says He is sitting at then right hand of God where He is making intercessions. He is there to implement, execute, to administer whatever we say. If you want to imitate the Father; the bible says in the book of Ephesians 5:1. You know what it means to imitate someone; you want to talk and act like the person. The scripture says we must imitate God. For you to imitate God; you need to find out what God says and does. You can’t imitate someone you are not close to. You need to be close to God. You will see students imitating their teachers. You will see some teenagers imitating their peers. God wants us to be imitators of him, so you need to have close interaction with Him and not at distance. The major principle is that God does not speak based on what He sees. He doesn’t speak based on what He sees. In other words, God speaks based on what He believes. So, if you want to imitate Gid; you must speak based on what you believe and not based on what you see. Hebrews 11:3. The things which we see; God does not make them from what is visible, but what is invisible. Genesis 1:3. Whatever you want to happen in your life; you have to speak it out even before it comes to reality. You have to speak out the future you want; not until you get there. The Scriptures says in II Corinthians Chapter 4 verse 18. We also believe and therefore we speak… What I believe; I speak them out. The Scriptures says we have the same spirit of faith. We also believe and thus I speak. Friends, whatever you want to se about your spouse, children, job, business, rather than complain about them, speak them out. You remember the story of Albert Einstein. His teacher told him that he is not academic smart but his mother kept on telling him that “Albert, you are a genius”. He did not spend 3 years before he got his PhD. That was the person his teacher said he wasn’t academically smart.

I’m going to lay foundation for the first point first: (1) Jesus himself laid the foundation. Mark 11: 23. One of the Yoruba proverbs I love so much is that “You will never see a chicken using her mouth to scatter eggs in her nest”. I say unto you; whoever says to the mountain… You will have what you say, so, be careful.

  • You give life to dead situation when you speak right. How dead the situation may be; I tell you it doesn’t matter; it will come back to life when speak to it in line with God’s words. Romans 4: 17. That’s why the scripture says in the book of John 6:33. That dead situation is as dead as you use your tongue. Nothing is so dead that you can’t call it back with your words. If you want life; speak life to the situation. But if you want dead; okay go ahead. Because those words you speak are living. Mark 11:23. One translation says: “If you keep saying…”. It’s a continuous tense… Stop saying negative things. Keep saying God’s words. There must be continuity in what you say… Hebrews 10:23. Don’t lose your grips…don’t loose you hold on those words. What are you expecting concerning your spouse, business, children? Those words you are saying shall surely come to pass. For he who has promised is faithful. You may have a tough situation around you but don’t be moved by what you see. Don’t stagger. Don’t be moved by what you see. You can give life to the dead by what you say. The scriptures say in Lamentations 3:37; who has said a thing and it does not come to pass.
  • You shaped your destiny by your declaration. How do you want your future to look like? Shape it with your words. Shape your destiny by your words. Can I say this? Where you are now is a product of what you said yesterday. Begin to say the right thing. Shape your tomorrow by the words of your mouth. Proverbs 18:20. Your future shall be a product of your words. By the words of your mouth; you have become a potter.
  • You bring yourself under judgement or justification by your words. Anytime you speak a negative word; you give the devil a foothold over your life. The bible says don’t give an opportunity to the devil. Hallelujah! The scripture says in Matthew 12:37 that: By the words of your mouth; you shall be justified…. Anytime you speak negative words; you are giving the devil an opening to attack you. 12: 11. Proverbs 6:2 says: A man is snared by the words of his mouth… It may be look like it is a joke but some careless jokes can put you in trouble and pain.
  • You bring the invisible into reality by the words of your mouth. You know that Faith is the evidence of what you are expecting… Ephesians 1: 3. Faith goes to the realm of invisible…the realm of hope and bring them into the realm of reality. That’s why the scripture says that the realm of seen are temporal but the realm of the unseen is permanent. Numbers 14: 28. All those blessings of good health, prosperity etc. in the realm of invisible; you will bring them to the realm of visible, the difference between fact and truth is that fact is what we see but the truth is what God says. The scripture didn’t say “You shall know the fact and shall be set free…”, it says you shall know the truth… You need to go beyond the realm of the visible and download your blessings to reality
  • You released missile into the realm of darkness. Your words are dangerous bullets into the machine gun to destroy the realm of darkness, Jeremiah 51: 20. Your words is the AK-47 to release the missile. Isaiah 51: 16. I have put my words in your mouth…   God wants to plan the heavens into reality in your life. Matthew 6 :10. Your declarations should be: I declare the kingdom is established in my life, business, children etc. That should be your declaration. When you enter a hotel room; you need to pull down the kingdom of darkness with the word of God…the word of light…that you are the light of God… There are those who enter a hotel room and returned back home with the spirit of adultery. You need to bind the spirit of adultery in that hotel room before you use it. Psalm 68: 11-12. He said I have made the house of Jacob of flame…  If you know and speak the right words; I tell you no darkness can stay in your home. Let’s rise up and pray!


Ask the Lord will sanctify your tongues, so that you will say the right words at all times. Ask the Lord that you will no longer be moved by the things going on in Nigeria. Begin to speak life to those dead things in your life. Declare the words of the Lord. Declare: I am not poor; I’m rich. I’m favoured. I’m desired. I will bless the Lord all my days. I will begin to prosper, and continue to prosper, until I become prosperous. Nigeria belongs to the Lord. Declare: You are not stagnant. Where there seems to be no way; God is making a way for you. In Jesus’s mighty name we pray. Amen!

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