November 28, 2021

The Season of the Unusual

Today, we begin the week of Unusual Encounter with all our praise and worship, recognizing Him. Let us read the Scripture, then I say a few things and we will leave this place this morning – Deuteronomy 4:29.


God has never failed any man. David said in Psalms 37:25, “I was young, I am now old; I have never seen the righteous suffer, or his seed begging bread.” God hasn’t failed, He won’t fail and He can never fail. The bible verse says, if you seek Him with the whole of your heart, with the whole of your soul, you will find Him. He is not far off, He is near you than you can even imagine. You have got to seek Him sincerely, genuinely, with everything in you. I tell you, God is faithful, that is, He is dependable, reliable and trustworthy. He is totally dependable, completely reliable and entirely trustworthy. Hebrews 11:11 says concerning Sarah, “…and Sarah judged Him faithful.” She was able to conclude that this God is faithful.


I had an incredible testimony yesterday night that gave me a confirmation of what God is about to do. For the past two to three days, my heart has been with a sister. My heart has always been with her, it has been a long time I spoke with her last. Two days ago, I was in my prayer room and her thought was so heavy in my heart; they were two, she and one of my friend who is a Bishop. I asked the Holy Spirit what He is saying about these people and I prayed a few words for them in my Spirit. Lo and behold, yesterday night, someone called me and sent a text message – an incredible testimony.


I am sure some of you remember Sister Priscilla who got married last year at Oro. She was a member of the sanctuary cleaner; you will see her cleaning up the messes in the toilet. When we wanted to dedicate this hall, we had to put this place right, but it was too difficult to clean. Sister Priscilla brought in the Cleaners of her office at GTBank because she couldn’t be here due to her job; she paid the Cleaners who did a good job in cleaning this place. Sister Priscilla committed herself; she was a sister who anyone would say was ‘of age’, but she was focused in the Lord – “If you seek me with the whole of your heart, with the whole of your soul, you will find me” – she was such a quiet sister and you may not know much about her, but underneath, she was busy serving the Lord.


God who is a rewarder brought to her a man after his own heart. When that man came in last year, I looked at him – solid, sound, balanced spiritually. I said, “Where have you been?” God is never late, He makes all things beautiful in His own time – never late. The delay is never a denial. There is something great ahead that he is planning. When this handsome, solid brother appeared, he was so convinced that in spite of the odds, he said, “I love her, I am convinced this is my wife”. They went through all they needed to go through and submitted themselves to the protocols in the church. The brother came up, they didn’t do it secretly. He subjected himself to the rules of the church; came up from Abuja and went through the Family Life Committee. They heard from him, prayed with him and certified them to go ahead. They also came in for the Intending Couples School and subjected themselves to two days intensive class. The wedding came and we all went to Oro, it was a great wedding. Lo! What a testimony, Sister Priscilla delivered two big boys. Somebody stand and shout a big Hallelujah! God gave her speed, acceleration – two boys.


Listen! She told me her prayer point every year was that when it is time to get married, even though she is delayed, “Father, compensate me, I need two boys.” She said she told God every Unusual Encounter that her prayer point is, “God, I need two boys.” She never missed any Unusual Encounter every year. She is coming to share her testimony here. You have seen another Shiloh, not only in the Bible, it is here! Every year, Priscilla would be here, she never missed Unusual Encounter. She is still strong now because she just delivered two days ago, but by the Grace of God, she will be here next year with a set of twins. She told God what she needed, every year – two boys, and the Lord granted her request. It appeared it was a delay, for a number of years, the man was not showing forth, but when it was time, God brought forth the man and also gave her speed.


Listen to the word of the Lord, God has not changed. He said, “I will do unusual and strange things”. Friends, don’t be too familiar with God. This is your Shiloh! Tell your friends and family members, call them from far and near. Let me share with you the Vision of this program: Isaiah 28:21, “For the Lord will rise up as at Mount Perazim, he will be angry as in the valley of Gibeon, that he may do his work, his awesome work; and bring to pass his act, his unusual act.”


What is Mount Perazim? Mount Perazim is the Mount of the breakthrough of water. When the Philistines came against David in 2 Sam. 5:20 after they heard that David has been anointed King over Israel, they gathered together to fight him and the bible says, the breakthrough that God gave him was like the breakthrough of water. When water breaks through its barrier, it is with a force. It was an overwhelming victory that God gave him. God is saying at Unusual Encounter, I am going to give you Overwhelming Victory, Speedy Victory.


What about the Valley of Gibeon? Joshua 10:10 talks about the victory of Joshua over the Gibeonites. It was so terrible to the extent that the Bible says, God rained hailstones upon them more than what Joshua’s army could do. He rained stones from heaven and destroyed all of them; the victory was unbelievable. This is what God says He is going to do, beyond what you can do, He will arise and show His mighty deeds. He will do His unusual act, uncommon things in our midst. He will arise and give you a speedy breakthrough. You are the next in line! The challenge I am giving you now is don’t be too familiar with Shiloh, don’t be too familiar with Unusual Encounter. Have you been coming here making requests, remember the story of Priscilla. God is faithful, He will never deny Himself. He wants to see your commitment and determination, if you seek Him with the whole of your heart, with the whole of your soul, you will find Him. What He did for one, He will do for the other. I am sure this is not the only testimony you have heard, you have similar testimonies in the past, this is just the newest one.


Oh! Can I add this to it? Priscilla had fibroid – terrible fibroid fighting with the babies inside the womb, but God said, “If I do anything, who can stop it?” When God blesses, no devil can remove the blessing. By the time the babies were brought out of her womb, the doctors could not find any fibroid there again. They checked it, but it is no longer there; this is how you won’t find all the challenges of your life anymore after Unusual Encounter.


Prayer Point: Say to the Lord, I believe, I will seek you with all my heart, with all my soul. I know you have never failed, you can never fail and you will not fail me. I will not draw back, I will not allow discouragement in the name of Jesus. I am next in line to give testimonies. My testimony shall not be delayed. I believe you Lord, in Jesus Name. Amen.


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