January 27, 2024

Understanding the Bible Prophecies and the Blessing of Understanding It (2)

Understanding the Bible Prophecies and the Blessing of Understanding It (2)


28th of January, 2024



SERMON TITLE:      Understanding the Bible Prophecies and the Blessing of Understanding It (2)

SERMON TEXT:     Matthew 24: 32-51; Daniel 9: 23-27

PREACHER:            Reverend Ebenezer Olawuyi



Content:  In heaven and the earth; there is no one like our God. We declare you holy this morning. Please accept our praise this morning. In Jesus name we pray. And the God’s people will say Amen! The message today is for those who are mature and wanted to continue to grow in the house of God. There are those who are only coming to church to play religion. You know what There’s a time that disciples told Jesus that the people are going. And Jesus Christ asked them: Do you also want to leave? And the disciples said they no longer have anywhere to go again. There is that the when you give your life to Christ and you realized that you have reached your bus stop. Songs: As for me and my house; we will serve the Lord. As for me and my house; we will serve the Lord! I don’t want to get to heaven and get disappointed! Abd God will say: Look at this crowd; you had the opportunity to speak to them about Christ but you didn’t. So, Listen to God’s word. Don’t come to church with the mindset of what you want, and when what you want isn’t what you get; you check out. Instruction is good for correction- That is the word of God. Now, this morning, I don’t have much tome – that is why I told yus to read the bible – and I will enjoin you to read that Matthew 24 again. He said many will come in my name and say: I am Christ – so that you won’t be deceived by Jesu Oyingbo or Jesu Calabar. Many have already been caught in the doctrines of Satan. I remember one of our friends who was doing greatly well – and all of a sudden – he said that God told him that he wrongly married. God is not an author of confusion. That is why we always advise our young ones to think deeply well before you got married to that person. And then one of the characteristics of the last day is deception. I am going to talk about that this morning if we have time. Purify yourself – You don’t want to be caught unaware. If you listen to Al Jazeera television; you will know that the middle east is seriously developing hatred against Israel. Although, you will see that in the International Court of Justice; South Africa partnered with Palestine – and Al Jazeera kept on reporting that the ICJ have ordered Israel to ceasefire, even when that wasn’t so. I want to stir your heart again – every one of us needs to be alert.  The core – the purpose – of this message is to stir alertness in us – concerning the times and seasons we are currently are. I Thessalonians 5: 1-5. We must not be in darkness – and that is why this message must put you into the light. Number three point we mentioned last week is – the purifying power of prophecy. Let me mention two things quickly before I round up that aspect. Preaching is either inspiration or prophecy. II Corinthians 5: 11. He is no longer coming as a son of God – he is coming back as a Judge. So, because we know it that after death; no repentance. And when you miss the rapture – the first seven years – it will be the time of tribulation. It’s going to be what you called the wickedness of the wicked. Nobody should miss the first appearance – because the second chance will be like passing through the eye of the needle, because the suffering will be so enormous. We don’t want anyone to miss it. Your children must not miss heaven. Parents, be careful. Your children must not miss heaven – and you yourself must not miss heaven. That’s why if you miss this first flight; it is dangerous; it is risky. I Thessalonians 4: 16. Someone said that how will it happen? Well, I don’t know; but how will you plant a corn in the ground – that it will decay and come back alive with new multiple seeds. Friends, it is important – don’t miss this first flight. You know the scripture says that people will be marrying and gong from here to there – then Christ wil come like a thief. All these things are good – but you need to be alert – You need to be watchful. The fifth point – is the blessedness of prophecy – Revelation 1:3 – For even just reading it; the bible says you are blessed already. Blessed is he who read, keeps, and hears it. You are blessed already – because you are interested in what He is interested in. In the Book of Daniel – Daniel was a prophet and God gave him a revelation of what is going to happen in the end times. If you follow Israel chronologically; you will understand the times very well. According to Daniel’s prophecy; From Daniel 9 verse 23-24 – the timeline shows that: From the time of the fall to rebuilt of Jerusalem; it’s going to be seven weeks. According to calculation – it is seven times seven – which is 49 weeks. One week represents 1 year – which makes it 49 years. From that time to the time of Messiah – it is going to be 62 weeks – which is 434 years. The Israel and the Jews is actually God’s time piece. After that time is the church age. That was not in the timeline – it is the church age – so we still have 7 years remaining. We have 1 week multiplied by 7. It’s not part of the Jewish calendar. After all these; Jesus will come – and then there will be sound of the trumpet. It is only those who are not living in sin that will be rapturable.  At that point; if you are already able to be raptured – you have already made it. It is under General Titus that the temple in Jerusalem was brought down. When you see that that temple in Jerusalem begins to be rebuilt – you need to be watchful. If there’s any thing that Israel hates; it is uncleanliness. After the rapture; the time of tribulation – which is the time of affliction of Jacob – will involve period of serious suffering for those who wasn’t raptured. Events of recent times showed that the time of rapture it is nearer than ever before. Watch out. The end is near. Rapture is going to end the church age. After rapture has taken place; it will be the time of tribulation – you don’t desire to be here – and you will not be here in Jesus name. We are in the last day. A clock is ticking. The next thing you will hear after is rapture. Who will not be raptured? It is that someone who hasn’t given his or her life to Christ; you can’t be raptured. Fornicators have no place in heaven. Thieves and covetousness have no place in heaven. I conclude with Revelations 21: 8. Colossians 3: 4-6.  Don’t think you are smart. Don’t think you have deceived everybody.  Colossians 3: 7-10. Friends, get set. Sooner very soon; we are going to see the Lord.




Father, whatever will make me to miss the first flight; please father remove them from me – Do not let me miss it.

Father, let me not be guilty of the blood of the family members around me that has not yet known to Christ.

Father, do not let me be in the dark – cause me to be sensitive to the events going on around me – cause me to be sensitive to what you are doing.


Altar call

The rich man cried out but mercy was no longer there for him; can I pray for you who wanted to say: Jesus save me – show me mercy now that I have the opportunity, Lord Jesus Christ.

Saty after me: My father – I have heard your word – show me mercy today – write my name in the book of life – save my soul – in Jesus name.