January 21, 2024

Understanding the Bible Prophecies and the Blessing of Understanding It

Understanding the Bible Prophecies and the Blessing of Understanding It


21st of January, 2024



SERMON TITLE:       Understanding the Bible Prophecies and the Blessing of Understanding It

SERMON TEXT:     Luke 12: 54-56

PREACHER:            Reverend Ebenezer Olawuyi



Content: Songs of worship. You may be seated. God bless you. I am going to be speaking tis morning on Understanding bible prophecies and the blessing of understanding it. Okay. Let’s start this way. Two students in the foreign world. You know over there you can walk up to your faculty and tell them today: I’m not going to school. So, there are these two students who went to meet the dean that they need to do make-up exam for themselves. And three days later: They were separated into two different two rooms and gave them the same questions – Question 1: What car broke down? Question 2: What tyre was punctured? Many Christians cannot discern the times – they are not understanding the times and seasons. We ought to be like the men of Issachar who understand the times and seasons. We all know what is currently happening in Israel when some enemy terrorists raided Israel both land and on-air last year October. If you understand the times; you will know that this is prophetic in nature. The scripture says when you begin to see these things: the end he has not yet come; but you should watch out. It is like a woman who is about to give birth. In the nutshell; it is the Bible prophecy that is being fulfilled. The Bible talks about Book of Prophecies. If you remove prophecies from the Bible; the Bible is not complete. Out of the number of books in the Old Testament; 23 of them is prophetic. Why do you need to understand prophecy? Number 1: There will be protection from deception. Matthew 24: 4-5, 11. God has commissioned to recruit 144, 000 to proclaim the gospel that Jesus Christ is coming soon. I am born again. I am going to heaven. The rapture will occur. Jesus Christ will come with his arch angels and blow their trumpets to reap the children of God on earth to heaven. There are a lot of prophets who are trying to deceive people these days with You need to pray for the peace of Israel so that it may be well with you. Number 2: Prophecy has the power to make you to be prepared. I Thessalonians 5: 4-5. Be like the 5 wise virgins who were prepared. You are not in darkness; you are the children of light. John 16: 4. The fact remains that the United Nations cannot give the world peace. In fact, the Bible makes us understand that as the woman pangs when she is about to give birth; so, it will be towards the end of times. So, that when this happens; you don’t live a careless life. Number 3: Purifying power of prophecy. I John 3: 1-3. Oh my God; I won’t want all the days of my service on earth to be a waste. Your years of labour must not be in waste. He says: “Purify yourself …so that you can be pure”. So, when you understand Bible prophecy; you will get yourself prepared. There are signs that the Lord has shown to us to let us know that the end is getting near. I John 2: 28. Prepare yourself when you see this thing happening! Eeh! The journey to eternity is not something you want to joke with, when you even think of what the disciples went through till death. If a man misses eternity; he has missed it all. I dare not miss it. Now, your salvation is nearer than when you started. II Peter 3: 10-11, 14.  So, when you begin to see all these signs; you have no excuse; get yourself prepared. Don’t be caught unaware. Prophecy helps you to stand prepared! You see the interesting thing again that all of us must not forget is that: the day you end your own journey is the day your own Christ has come. To you who are still living in bitterness and malice – I speak as a prophet to you today – Don’t endanger your eternity. Rev. 21: 8. Now, let me round up quickly. Go back to the scripture I Thessalonians 4: 15-17. The early Christians were so conscious of the second coming of Christ that they called it themselves “Maranatha”.  The most miserable death is the death without Christ. This year has started. Don’t postpone your eternity. Don’t joke with your eternity. It is not about how you die; it is about whether you died in the Lord. If Christ comes or your own Christ comes today; will you be with him in Eternity.



Ask God that whatever it is that will not let me achieve eternity with you; O Lord remove it from my life.

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