December 3, 2021

Unusual Encounter 2021 (Day 3 Evening)

Unusual Encounter 2021 (Day 3 Evening)


Theme:       Signs and Wonders


DAY 3 (Evening Session)


Sermon Topic:      The Miraculous Visitation of God!

Text:                    2 Kings 2:19 – 22

Ministering:         Prophet M. O. Adio



Prayer Points

  1. Lord, in my coming here today, visit me with miracles.
  2. Lord, let my being here this evening be meaningful in Jesus Name. Let me not come here this evening as a spectator.
  3. Father, do not allow all the challenges I have this year follow me into next year.


We need God’s visitation. All the problems we have as a nation, as individuals in our various homes and as cities is because there is no divine visitation. God has kept quiet and His silence is dangerous. When there was no divine visitation, everyone keeps looking for a way where there is no way. People replace God with strange things and thus, prayers now seem like empty noise. Despite how all mountains and assemblies are praying, we are yet to see God’s miraculous hands. When miracle comes, we all will see what will happen – a change. The suffering of Jericho for 400 years when Joshua cursed the city in Joshua 6:26 lived on – their city was troubled, their water was destroyed, and there was lots of death in their land. Their crops began to die and their land was no longer fertile. However, in 2 Kings 2:19, Elisha was coming from where he just received double portions of his master’s power when the understanding of the people of Jericho opened. They told him that the beginning of their city was good, but now, their water is sour and the land is dry. Immediately, God took a step of restoration and used a sweet thing to overcome a bitter thing – his voice came with authority. Salt entered the source of the river and a word came that from then on, the water and land are healed; from then onwards, there won’t be death or barren land and so it is even till now. Let us ask for God’s miraculous visitation.


The great battle that faced Samaria from Syria was fiery. Those outside could not go in and those inside could not go out. There was hunger and the battle was tough. In 2 Kings 6, from verse 25, we are told that there was a great famine in Samaria. The Bible stated the cost of a donkey’s head and how the excreta of pigeons was expensive because it became their food. The matter was so terrible that they began to kill their own children. Two neighbours told each other to kill and eat their children on separate days, however on the second day, one hid her own children; this made the matter get to the hearing of the King and the King was thrown into sadness. Hear people, just as it was in Samaria here is the position of this country now, unless God visits us.

The visitation of mercy is what gives way for miracle. When the King sent for Elisha to pray for a change, a voice came – a prophecy that nothing can change. When God speaks, who can thwart it? God spoke that by this time tomorrow, what is scarce will be more than enough; a measure shall be sold for a shekel. The Deputy King was doubtful, thinking that the matter is more than God’s touch. Listen! Whenever we doubt the power of God, it makes one be in problem for a long time. God told them what he was going to do by this time tomorrow, however, the deputy King said, even if God should open the windows of heaven, can it be like that? Well, it is God who closes and no one can open; He is the one who opens and no one can close. God, with whom there is all power spoke and said about the Deputy King that he won’t taste out of it. In verse 20, the Deputy King died a terrible death.


People of God, we are grateful that you have this meeting to cry unto the Lord. What is a miracle? A miracle is what is thought impossible but God does it easily. When Isaiah prophesied about the birth of Jesus, He said, unto us a child is given and His name shall be called Emmanuel, Prince of Peace, Wonderful… However, it took a while before the prophecy came to pass. Jesus is the only one given birth to but was not created, He is God in man. His birth, death, resurrection and second coming are wonderful. Due to this, all ye people of God, have a hope for the miraculous workings of God. Pray that God will visit you with miracles this evening.


In Genesis 15, Abraham complained to God in verse 3 if he would go on without a child and if it is his relations that will be his heir, however, God said no, not his relations but his own child. When in verse 16, Abraham and his wife unfortunately manipulated the process and from then, the bastard joined with the real child and it is that problem we are still facing up till now. In Chapter 18, we see the divine visitation; the angels were sent to Sodom to destroy it, however, Abraham saw them coming and decided to entertain them; he was hospitable to them and also fed them. When they finished eating, a question came to Abraham asking of his wife. The angels then spoke, confirming what God has been telling Abraham since and it was that day that God spoke saying in a year’s time, Sarah will conceive and have a son. This made Sarah laugh because she was old. You should ask about the divine visitation of God, whatever it is that the devil has said against you can be thwarted by God!


A woman was brought to me from Kogi, she has been childless and is an Alhaji’s wife. God told me she fights a lot, then I ask her if she would stop being angry and stop fighting; she said yes. The water they brought that day was 24 bottles, I prayed to them and she hasn’t finished the 24 bottles when she got pregnant. The husband however said that it has always been like that, pregnancy, then miscarriage, however, I said “No, it won’t”. Hear you people of God, the pregnancy was sustained and she gave birth to three sons. Pray that God will visit you with miracles before this year runs to an end and what the world has thought you won’t be able to do, you begin to do them in Jesus Name.


In John 2:3 onward – at the ceremony in Cana, Galilee, Jesus had not begun his ministry, but Mary knew who her child was. She asked Jesus to interven, but Jesus does not want to work miracles there. His mother then told the organizers of the ceremony that whatsoever Jesus tells them, they should do. It is as far as you walk with God that you know how mighty he is! The belief of some is that what God has done for the past generation cannot be done again, but the book of Hebrews says, “Jesus is the same today, yesterday and forever.” If not for what Mary had told them, the couples and their families would have failed that day. Wine finished, but Jesus told them to fetch water. Greater miracle! The Bible never said Jesus prayed to the water. What followed Jesus’ instructions was that they should go and taste it and the result was a question, “Where have they kept this very good wine?” A life that experiences the miracles of God will be better than the one you lived before. When the miracle of God visits you, then your reproach will turn to glory. Do you know that if you walk with God as Abraham, Isaac and Jacob did, God will be called your own God also, just as we pray “God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob today also”? Today, the Lord gives you a new testimony. As God lives and his spirit lives, your reproach will turn to glory. The main thing is that as you obey the word of God, there would be miracles.


In 2 Kings 5 from verse 9, a well-known story. We all know the kind of person Naaman was. He was a wealthy man, a general who conquered every of his battle, but he was unable to conquer the problem in his own life. His wife’s complaints got to hearing of a young girl captured from Israel and she advised them to visit Prophet Elisha in Samaria. This was what took Naaman to Samaria. He went with a lot of goods, probably to bribe or appreciate Elisha, but God had warned Elisha that miracles are not for sale. Elisha told Naaman to go take his bath in Jordan seven times. Naaman complained about this but he forgot that the word is out with authority and that the power of God is already upon Jordan. Hear, people! If you are expecting miracles, obey God and flee from sin!


He was later advised to do as instructed, and reluctantly, he bathed in Jordan seven times, but because God is merciful, he took off his leprosy into the river. If you are to receive miracles, you must obey. In verse 15, he came back to tell Elisha that now he knew there is no other God except in Samaria. What God did yesterday, he can do it today. Psalms 66:18 says “If I allow iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me.” Isaiah 59 also says the hand of the Lord is not shortened, neither is his ear heavy, but it is your sin that makes him close his eyes against you. Obedience opens the door for miracles and your life needs miracles. There is no condition that God cannot change. People can think that hunger will kill you, well, that is their own opinion. God is a merciful God. We need a divine visitation.


Let me tell you a short story from Christ Apostolic Church where I came from. The person God raised as the founder of that Church was just coming up and they were having a meeting at Ilesha. God told him to go out because the devil has tormented a person; somebody had died. They were bringing a dead person from the farm when he told them to enter the church. They dropped the person in the church, prayed to water in his bell, poured it on the corpse and the corpse rose up and from there, the church bloomed.


When miracle visits you, the business dying will resurrect. All your debt will be paid in a miraculous way. I prayed for one man who was seeking a job without success. God asked him and his father to fast for three days and to ask for miracles. When he finally received his letter of appointment, he received 5 in a day and we had to start looking for the one with the biggest salary. Last week, the child of that person had finished NYSC and we prayed for him that God should make a way for him just like he did for his father. He also received three letters of appointment.


Your life needs a miracle, don’t lose hope, your sun has not set. You are a child of God, a property of God, an image of God, a bride of the Lamb. I want you to know that as Israel is the chosen nation, we are Israelites in spirits, we are children of Grace and it is through Grace that we become joint heirs with Christ. Rise up!


Prayer Points

  1. Lord, visit me with miracle. The glory my generation has never used before, let it begin with me.
  2. Father, all that you did not create with me, but that the enemy has put in me and which is having dominion over me, not allowing me to progress, Lord, please use miracles to take them away.
  3. God, all the good things the enemy has collected from me in this year that is going to an end, Father, please restore them back to me within the short time left for this year to end.


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