December 3, 2021

Unusual Encounter 2021 (Day 3 Morning)

Unusual Encounter 2021 (Day 3 Morning)


Theme:       Signs and Wonders


DAY 3 (Morning Session)


Sermon Topic:      Blessings without Sorrow

Text:                    Gen. 27

Ministering:         Bishop Michael Oyeniran



God sends me to somebody here to release a special blessing. Today is a day of blessing. Know that blessing is superior to money. The Bible says it is the blessings of the Lord that maketh rich and not the efforts or the wages of a man. I want you to know that if there is anything you need to seek for, it is the Blessing. In Genesis 27:34, after Esau lost his blessings, he came to his father and said, “…bless me, even me also, O my father.” It doesn’t matter who have been blessed before you, your father still has enough blessings to go round. Even though it took a while for Isaac to bless Esau, after some time, it became obvious that he has been blessed. What you need for signs and wonders to be activated in your life is the blessing; that is why you must be ready to sacrifice for anything that will make you have the blessing. At creation, God blessed them and told them to be fruitful. When a man is blessed, he will be fruitful, replenish the earth and have dominion. Listen! When a man is blessed, what will come to his hands will be more than his salary. Everyone will envy him, because the blessings of God cannot be hidden in a person’s life.


This is the day God has instructed me to bless somebody. When you are blessed, no enemy can stand before you. Balaam said of the Israelites that the shout of the King is in their midst; I want you to know that when you are blessed, the enemy will look at you as corn inside bottle that the chicken cannot do anything with. Somebody shout, “I am blessed!”


In Genesis 27, Isaac called his first born and told him that he can die anytime, however he received something from his own father that he wants to pass across to his first born – it is called the Blessing. He told him to go and get him something to eat – what he likes. He will eat it and under that atmosphere of joy and gladness, he will release the blessing. Rebecca heard and told herself this is contrary to what God told her; God said, the elder will serve the younger. She told herself that Jacob is the one who deserved the blessing and thus she has to do something to overturn Isaac’s plan. She succeeded, Jacob got the blessings and ran away with it. I am speaking to you this morning as we pray together on the message titled, “Blessing without sorrow”, which can only come from the Almighty. The Bible says, the blessings of the Lord maketh rich and it added no sorrow.


If God provides for you, He will also protect you. The provision of God comes with the protection of God. The reason why some people don’t want to be blessed so much is that they are afraid that the enemy will take them out. If it is God that blesses you, He will be there for you. Jacob in Gen. 27 took the blessing wrongly; he took the blessing with deception and in a wrong way, thus, the blessing attracted sorrow into his life. Let me tell you something this morning, whatsoever you desire from God, you must get it in a clean way! If you get it in a wrong way, sorrow will be included and you don’t need that. Are there not people that are desperate for husband and they don’t mind to destroy another marriage in order to get married to the man? That is blessing with sorrow.


Listen, with my little experience in life, I have seen so many people that are in so called ‘blessings’, but the foundation is wrong and before you know what is happening, you see the sorrow aspect. How can you get a child from the devil and carry the child to Church/God for dedication? It is an insult on the personality of God. You are insulting His intelligence. How can you steal and you pay tithe of the money that you stole? It is an insult on the personality of God. If you are going to get it, get it the right way. We are in the season of signs and wonders, let me warn you, before you say praise the Lord with me; I have seen people give glory to God for what God knows nothing about. We have seen churches with crowd, cars, cathedral, choirs in their thousands and a lot of beautiful things, but the foundation is falsehood.


There is this so-called ‘Man of God’ who must not enter the church facing the door; he must enter with his back. So, anytime he wants to come in, he feigns greeting people and enters backwards. Are there not women who sleep with another man in order to have a child for their husband without the husband knowing? It is a matter of time. I read a book sometimes ago; after 25 years, this woman felt she does not need to continue to renew the charm? No need. She already married the man and have children, but someday, the man woke up and saw the woman. He asked, “Who are you?” She replied that she is his wife and these are his children. The man refused, brought out cutlass and threatened to cut off her head. For 25 years, the man was in darkness, but what the woman called blessings turned to darkness.


Are there not governors sitting in offices after doing a lot of evil? It is a matter of time, the sorrow aspect will come out. Don’t envy anybody whose foundation is falsehood. Wait for your time; your time will come. Somebody is beginning to look at sinners, saying, “If not that I am a Christian, I would have followed this way”; remember, “…there is a way that seemeth right for a man, but the end thereof is death.” David said, “I almost lost my ground when I see the prosperity of the wicked, I became envious, until God showed me their end”. Let me warn you, in the course of looking for healing, deliverance, solution, intervention, etc. don’t turn your back against God. Whatsoever God cannot do does not exist.



Jacob took the blessing and ran away. Here are ten sorrows that follow him:

  1. His brother hated him and declared war against him. He fled for his life.
  2. He never saw his mother again.
  3. He was deceived by Laban for the woman he loved. What a sorrow! He was excited for seven years, serving Laban only to be tricked with the woman he does not love with the claim that the younger must not marry before the elder.
  4. He was forced to serve for the younger sister that he loved.
  5. Ten times, his wages was reduced downward.
  6. The woman he loved, Rachael, died untimely.
  7. His children deceived him.
  8. He wept bitterly for Joseph that never died.
  9. The problem he left behind, Esau, was still standing strong after many years.
  10. His son slept with his wife.


It was a great sorrow for him. He probably asked in his heart, “but my father blessed me so how come all these sorrows?” Listen! This is usually the end of all those who go the wrong way. If the foundation of your blessing is sin, sorrow will be included. If you have to sleep with your boss to retain your job, and after promotion you came to church to give testimony, the sorrow aspect will soon show forth. Are there no students that write exams in a miracle centre? It is true that they will have good results, but they will soon face the examination of life which nobody can write for them. Are there no people that lie about their age so that they can stay longer in their place of work? Are there no people that lie to get Visa? I tell people, America and UK are not heaven, if you don’t go there, you miss nothing. The most important is where the Lord has gone to prepare for us. For here on earth, we have no city; we are pilgrims, strangers here on earth. There is a place prepared for us, that is the place you cannot miss.


There are people in the Bible who got what is called Blessing, but the sorrow aspect appeared, just like Absalom. He succeeded in sacking his father from the throne, became king for a short time, only to die untimely. The Bible says his hair was hung on an oak tree, he was suspended under heaven. Why? He got so much blessings but the sorrow aspect showed forth. Achan thought what he did was very successful; he took the accursed thing and placed it under his house. Nobody saw him, but the God who dwelleth in light saw him and judged him a dead man. Because of him, God dealt with his people, however, when he was found, Joshua told him he was a dead man and he was stoned to death. What he stole, he couldn’t use.


What about Gehazi who ran after Naaman. Gehazi was supposed to carry the heaviest anointing, but he lost it because of money which is the root of all evil. The bible says, the river that carries the leprosy of Naaman should return it upon Gehazi and his generation. What he stole, he never enjoy. What about ‘yahoo’ boys in our generation? They are many everywhere and they don’t even care. Tell them, sorrow awaits them. What about Judas Iscariot, he was probably the richest disciple. He has stolen money so much and probably had lands, estates that other disciples might have envied him. How does it end? It ended in shame and pain. His office was given to another. Don’t let the foundation of your blessing be in pain! Don’t rob any man, don’t cheat any man, don’t defraud any man! Don’t do what will make God’s heart grieved!


God told me to go warn his people because signs and wonders will happen but they must go through it the right way. I have seen believers who lost patience and can’t wait. God asked me to tell you that if He comes late, He is coming big. Jesus was invited to come and pray for Lazarus, He came late and after he came, Martha said he was so late that Lazarus has died and has been buried, but Jesus said he will rise again. Yes, the set time has come, please, let the foundation of that car you are using be God, if you don’t want that car to bring you sorrow. Be careful of how you buy things. You should know that not everything that looks like favour are favours. Ask questions. Should I go for this offer, is it a trap or a blessing?


Listen! We need to tell ourselves the truth. I have seen so many things in church, how people go about thinking nobody sees them, but there is an eye that is never closed, even when other eyes close. I see in my spirit, somebody needs to repent before judgment catches up. The Lord told me, there is somebody in this house who has done something without anybody knowing about it and once in a while something will tell you to go and confess. You know why? The sorrow aspect that you can’t cope about. What is the essence of weeping over a thing that you rejoiced over in the past? What is the essence of it? The Lord is speaking to somebody here, in case you are here and about to compromise, you need to tell God that you will not go that way. Only believers can be tempted, unbelievers cannot be tempted, they are temptation in themselves. Listen! If you are being tempted, it is because of the Glory ahead of you.


I like you to bow down your heads where you are. Tell God, “O Lord! Search my life.” If there is anything you have done wrong, tell God you are sorry. “Have mercy on me.” Confess that sin to your God, your maker; to the God who dwelleth in light, to the God nobody can hide from. Mercy! Mercy! Mercy! In Jesus mighty name we pray. Amen.


God does not want anybody to perish. The problem of Adam at the beginning was that he couldn’t say sorry. God said, “Adam where are you?” He said I heard your voice and I was afraid. What happened? He said the woman you gave me…. At that point, he could have said he was sorry; his wife gave him the fruit he was told not to eat and he was carried away and ate it. God would probably have said, it is okay, I understand, don’t go there again, but Adam never said sorry.


What about Saul when he was confronted with his sins? He couldn’t say sorry. Some people are here, it is always difficult for them to bend, and if you don’t bend, God will break you. Before God breaks you, bend before him, tell him you are sorry. Have mercy and let that repentance be a genuine repentance.


After all the gimmicks, this time, Jacob was face-to-face with God and He asked him the same question Isaac asked him, “Who are you? What is your name?” He said he is Jacob. God told him that now that he is ready to make up, he will no longer be called Jacob, but Israel. God told him that he was called Jacob by the circumstances of his birth, but from today, he is Israel – that was when he started enjoying his life. All that he lost, he began to have them back. This morning, if you are going to say, “Lord I am sorry,” He is waiting for you. Unlike the prodigal son who went with his father’s money and came back with nothing, Jacob went with nothing but his father’s blessings… he came back with a lot of things. Hear me! Blessings are here this morning, but only for people whose foundation is clean.


Bow down your head! Anywhere you are this morning and you want to say, “Lord, I am sorry for something wrong I have done”; wherever you are, whosoever you may be, raise up your right hand, I want to pray for you. I pray for these people Lord, let there be total cleansing, because if you mark sin, nobody can stand. Have mercy, Father. Let your blessings be real in their lives.


Rise to your feet!




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