December 1, 2022

Unusual Encounter 2022 (Day 1 Morning)

Unusual Encounter 2022 (Day 1 Morning)




TEXT: John 2

PREACHER: Reverend Ebenezer Olawuyi



Prophecy: For someone here this morning, because you have come, that shame is turned to glory.

I am full of the Spirit by the power of the Lord here this morning to declare God’s counsel to someone who is here and believing God for His visitation. I will mention three things that the Lord told me. I will start with what He told me while I was sitting there:

    1. Don’t wait for the wind or shaking. The Lord says, “There might not be shaking, still I will touch you.” He said to me, “This Unusual Encounter is an Unusual Encounter with grace. There will not be struggling. It’s going to be easy. You will see God at work and wonder what is happening, yet, you will see result.”
    2. The second thing God told me before now: My text this morning is in John 2 – the story of the marriage in Cana in Galilee. The Bible says water was changed to wine, that is, nature changed. It takes only God to change nature. Remember, in the book of Exodus 15, there was bitter water but the Lord told Moses when the children of Israel cried out to Him, “Take that branch and throw it into water.” The water changed and the bitter water became sweet. Remember, in Jericho also, it was a very pleasant land, well-suited, the location was wonderful but the water was bad. The Prophet said, “Take me to the source of the water….” The water was changed, death was removed.

You remember now, the Scripture says in John 2 that it was ordinary water, “Put water into those six pots”, ordinary water, but the chemistry of the water changed. Everything about the water changed, ordinary water became wine. The Lord said I should tell somebody here that there is a nature about you which is not helpful and which you are not happy about. People, maybe doctors, have said that is your nature and there is nothing you can do about it; you just look at your life and wonder what is happening? The Lord said to me, “I will change that nature.”

I have seen genotype change. In fact, there was a particular case, when it changed, I almost couldn’t believe it because the physical structure and look of the person did not change. I became a little doubtful; I expected the features which you see with such to have changed but the feature did not change, yet, the genotype changed.

I don’t know what is in your life that you say, like people normally say, that was the way God created you. The Bible tells me that everything God did, He made them good. Watch out! Get set! That nature will be changed, Amen. As I am speaking now, the power of God is going out. Don’t wait until the end of the meeting, God is doing something now.

  1. The third thing that the Lord told me. When they brought the wine to the Master of the Ceremony, the M.C. asked what happened? Why did they keep the good wine till the last? The usual custom is for people who come early to take the best while those who come late take the inferior, however, they have kept the best for the last. The Scripture says, the M.C. did not know what happened, but the disciples knew – the Master has touched it.

To some here, I don’t know what had happened from the beginning of the year, but the Lord said I should tell you, “These last days of the year, I will compensate you. Your latter will be better than the beginning.” God said, “I have reserved the best for the last.” You will end this year with jubilation. Your long expected promises shall be fulfilled this year. Amen. God said to me and I wrote it down very clearly; He said, “This is the 12th month, I want to crown this year with goodness for you. People will celebrate with you.” Amen.

So, I am going to lead you to some prayer points, today also being the first day of last month of the year, glory to God. It is good to begin this day also with prayer. Don’t miss any aspect of this meeting. Are you ready to pray?

Prayer Points

  1. In that story in the Book of John, the mother of Jesus was in the wedding but the organisers of the wedding deliberately invited Jesus. They didn’t assume that Jesus would be there. They intentionally invited Him. Say it after me: “Father, go with me into this month of December. Go ahead of me. Jesus, I invite you, go with me.”
  2. Exodus 33:14 says “My presence will go with you and I will give you rest.” Say it after me: “My Father, go with me into December and give me rest all around.”
  3. When people begin to plan without praying, the Devil will be laughing at them. When a person becomes too busy to pray, the Devil will laugh at him but when the people begin to pray, the Devil will tremble. Remember what happened in that marriage, shame was about to come upon them… can you imagine gathering people together and they start leaving without food? Bad news! Say it after me: “Father, I refuse to end this year with tears and sorrow”.
  4. Yoruba people normally pray that, “Your music will not suddenly stop at middle of your dance”. Can you imagine that if at the middle of a reception there was no food and wine? Say it after me: “Father, my joy will not suddenly end at the peak of my celebrations. My music will not suddenly stop at the middle of my dance.”
  5. There are things called spoilers of joy and wasters of testimony, they turn joy to sadness. Say it after me: “Spoilers of joy, wasters of testimony, I am not your candidate this year in the name of Jesus.”

I am going to pray with you right now but before I make this prayer, are there people here who want God to change their unpleasant nature, whether their blood, bone or whatever? People say this is the way you were born, who you are and there is nothing you can do about it, I want to pray with you now. Wherever you are, just put your hands on your head and believe God for a miracle. Say it after me: “Oh God of miracles, God of all Possibilities, you created me well and made me good, so change this unpleasant nature now in the name of Jesus.”

I am praying with you now wherever you are and the power of God will touch you: “My Father, I am praying for these people, let your power touch them and their nature be changed now in the name of Jesus. Let there be a creative miracle now. Recreate it now in the name of Jesus.”



Now, I am praying for everybody.

I release upon you these seven days, uncommon grace. What you did not labour for will look for you. I release upon you amazing grace. What God is going to do within these seven days will amaze you in the name of Jesus. From now, I speak to every door that has been closed against you, let that door be open now. Let that door of favour be open in the name of Jesus.

To someone here, within these seven days, you will receive the letter you have been expecting in the name of Jesus. Within these seven days, for someone here, someone who is supposed to call you and invite you; someone whom you have been expecting for so long will call you. We command that person to arise and respond to this Word in the name of Jesus.

I declare concerning you, for whatever the enemy has planned for you this year, you will escape them. You will escape that pit of the enemy. You will not end this year with sorrow or with pain.

I pray for parents here… the Lord told me to tell you that none of you will mourn over your children. Wherever they are, the Lord has taken that death away from them. That death has escaped them in the name of Jesus. No sorrow nor bad news in your family.

Hear the Word of the Lord, the God who dethrones says I should tell you: For someone here, the power behind your stagnancy, retrogression and challenges will be dethroned within these seven days. Amen. The Lord said, “Watch out! These seven days, you will see it.”

I am declaring the Word of the Lord to you, the speed that you have never experienced, within these seven days, it will begin in your life. Speed in your career, spiritual walk, health, business, in the name of Jesus.


Call to Salvation

The Lord said I should pray for this set of people. He said, “I want to do a great thing in your life but you are not giving me the chance and you are not allowing me to work with you. I am a gentle person, I will not force myself on you, that’s why I am at the door knocking. You are a star in your family and they are waiting for you. You are supposed to have gone further than this. Open the door for me, I want to take you further.”

If you are in that situation and want to say, “Jesus, I am ready. I have discovered that I cannot help myself. Jesus, help me.” Put your left hand on your chest and say it to the Lord, “Jesus, I surrender today, completely. Have your way, Lord and make me what you have made me to be. I refuse to die ordinary. You have made me great but I have not lived that great life, Lord, help me.”

If you have prayed that prayer, lift your right hand to the Lord, lift it higher than your head. Say, “Jesus, I surrender from today, take over in Jesus name. I declare you are the Lord and that you died for me. Save me today in Jesus Name.”


Stretch your two hands forward. I pray for all of you this morning: “My father, from this morning, you who turned ordinary water to wine, these hands cease to become ordinary hands. Miracles will be performed through these hands. There shall be prosperity through these hands. You will never labour in vain. As you go this morning, miracles will come forth, wonders will begin to show forth. Whatever you touch will be blessed.” Thank you, Father. Blessed be the name of the Lord. In Jesus Name we prayed.

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