December 2, 2022

Unusual Encounter 2022 (Day 2 Evening)

Unusual Encounter 2022 (Day 2 Evening)





SERMON THEME: God of All Possibilities

SERMON TEXT: Acts 14: 8 – 10

PREACHER: Reverend Ebenezer Olawuyi



Hallelujah! Amen! Songs of worship. Lord Jesus, we declare you as king/ We declare as the Lord. The one who has been attested by God for miracles, wonders and signs in the midst of his people. Lord Jesus, to you belong all authority in heaven and one earth. Demons tremble at your presence and the earth quakes at your presence. Sickness and diseases flee at your presence. Poverty flees at your presence.  Jesus you are Lord. Thank you, Jesus. Song of Worship. Hallelujah, Christ arose! Father Lord, as we bear witness to the truth of your word; let there be confirmation. Because this Jesus; even the death could not hold him captive. It was not possible for him to be held by it. This Jesus arose from the dead and God placed Him at his right hand on the throne and place all things under his feet. Jesus, we make you king over every situation. God has given him a name that is above other names. Thank you, Jesus.

Let somebody shout the biggest Hallelujah! Meanwhile, you can be seated. We will be praying this evening. But before we do that; we will be looking at the word of God. This is a destiny-changing meeting. Just as Baba Adio have said; when God wants to visit a man with mercy, he will bring him to a place where he will receive his mercy. We have in our midst today; that’s why you must not miss any meeting. I feel like dropping the Microphone for him this evening to minister to us, but wait till tomorrow morning. He decided not to wait in the hotel room but come to this ground. Help me welcome to our midst this evening: Bishop Ademola Oluronbi. Tonight, God will not pass you by. I have never felt at rest in the last 23 unusual encounter program we have had in the church like that of this year.

Therefore, get set and don’t miss any meeting. Song of praise. Some of you after this meeting; you will just discover that that thing is no longer there again. Some of you after this meeting; without even struggling, the thing you’ve been looking for years; people will be the one bringing them for you. Whether you are online or anywhere across the world; listen to the word I speak as He has told me. If a prophet speaks and it doesn’t come to pass; then they will say he is lying.

Number one: Someone lost his job, but the lord said I should tell you that they will recall you back from the office.

Number two: Something precious was stolen from you. It may not be money; It could even be spouse; It could even be a child. The heart of the person has been stolen from you. The Lord said I should tell you that I will show you mercy and you will get it back.

Number three: This one is not even for one person: The Lord said an embargo has been placed on your marital life, academics, spiritual life. The thing has prevented you from moving forward and has held you down for long. But the Lord said “By the reason of the anointing; the yoke shall be destroyed”.

When it’s time for you pray, you should also be ready to pray. Acts 14: 8 – 10. Friends, I say again, according to the scripture, nothing is impossible if you believe. The scripture says this man has never walked in his life. He was crippled from his mother’s womb. Remember, it is related to that of the man I shared in the morning: The man who was born blind.

You see any time a man says your case no longer has solution; that’s the exact case that God is interested in it.

Stick to God. You see anytime the bible lay emphasis on a word in the scripture; there is something that God wants to bring out. You know there are some things that people like to rationalize that it only happens by chance. But this exact case God wants you to know that you cannot rationalize it. This man was crippled. This man has never walked in his life. It’s just like the man born blind.

That’s why he said “We have never heard….” The miracle that anyone has never had before in your family; God will give you in Jesus name. The breakthrough that no one has never had in your family; God will give you. The glory of God will be manifest in your life. The bible says …and the glory of God was made manifest in his life. The glory of God will be made manifest in your life in Jesus name.

He was four days late in the life of Lazarus, but was still on time. Even though he loved Lazarus; the bible says he delayed it two more days. By the time he got there; he has been buried for four days. That’s why when he said Open it; Martha said “Aha, He would have been stinking by now”.

History tells us that the Jews believe that when someone is dead; the spirit of the man will still be around for about two days, and when nothing happens; the spirit will disappear forever and the man will be dead forever. But Jesus wants to show them that He is the one that can raise and no one can kill.

The one who shuts and no one can open. So, Jesus delayed, so that even the doubting Thomas, all the Jews, all the skeptical Pharisees will know that “This is God”.  Only God could have done this. God is about to do something in your life that even your families, unbelievers etc. will know that this is God that did this. Say this prayer: Jesus, demonstrate your power in my life. We will pick the prophecy one by one and pray now.

Say Father! Take me to the place I ought to be. Say it again after me: Father, restore my lost glory, restore my lost position, restore my lost honor. Don’t forget. Shake up yourself from the dust you daughters of Zion.

You will pray this prayer: Everything that has been stolen from my life, whether in the dream or in the physical, let every thing that has been stolen from my life be restored seven-fold in Jesus name.

Now this is the third one and I want you to be violent. Remember it is “with God”, not “by God”. It is with God. In other words, you and God have a part to play. Every embargo placed upon your life – the limitations placed upon your life shall be declared broken in Jesus name. Say after me, embargo must go! Say it three more times.

Say it louder. Say after me: Every embargo placed upon my destiny; I break you in Jesus name. We are going to take that prayer again. In a family, the three daughters who got married got issues with their husbands and went back to their mother. Embargo! Limitations Call the mane of Jesus Christ three times, and then call Holy Ghost fire three times, then say: Fire of the Living God devour every embargo placed upon my destiny in Jesus name. Prayers!

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