December 2, 2022

Unusual Encounter 2022 (Day 1 Evening)

Unusual Encounter 2022 (Day 1 Evening)

THF Unusual Encounter 2022 (Day 1; Evening Session)

1st December 2022

SERMON TITLE: God of All Possibilities

SERMON TEXT:  Luke 1: 37

PREACHER: Prophet M.O. Adio



Content: Glory be to God in the highest. We give thanks to God this evening., the one who has granted us the grace to be present here. I want us to pray three prayer points tonight. I want us not to forget that whenever we are praying to Good; God is talking to man. Tell God tonight that: I came last year, and I am here tonight. Do good in my life that is greater than that of last year. Do goodness in my life that is greater than that of last year. We are here for revival. We are here for revival. The way you prayed in the church; we can’t pray like that in revival. The Bible says you can’t light a lamp and put it under the table. The only person that prayed silently in the bible is Hannah. David says when I shout; my enemies will be turned back. O Lord, all my striving s of this year should not follow me to next year. The third prayer: O Lord, give me the greatest testimony by the end of this program – The testimony that is beyond that of any other.

Sit down. We thank the Lord. The one who has given us the grace to be here tonight. We thank the one who has been sponsoring this program. The sea does not run dry; their pocket will never run dry. When I saw the theme of this year and the text is taken from the book of Luke 1: 37. It says there is nothing impossible with God. What usually pains me most is that many people don’t have full faith in the word that “that there is nothing God cannot do”. If we fully believed in this word; then people will no other gods except God. They will not be adding herbs and roots to this. Jesus Christ is the only person that was born but not created.   What I’m saying is that Luke chapter 1 from verse 30 t0 33.

The book of Hebrews says this God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. God is still the same. Abraham was expecting; hoping every day in the Book of Genesis 17 and by Chapter 18; God says I have arrived. Don’t forget that the visitors that came to Abraham were going somewhere else when Abraham enjoined them ton relax, drink, wine and dine with him before they asked that where is his wife and Abraham said she was inside. The word then came out and authority followed it that by next year; she will have a child, but Sarah laughed. Why she laughed is that she believed she is old and can no longer do what woman do.

Your case is not enough to make God sweat. It was the power of God that brought money out of the mouth of a fish. What is that thing you want God to do that you think it’s impossible? In Jeremiah 32: 27, He said He is the God of all flesh. He then asked that: is there anything too hard for me to do? David says call upon God in the day of trouble and He will save you. Tonight, this prayer just started. The people of Jericho told God that their water is bitter, and the land is barren. Their land became a fertile land. I am only trying to mention them little by little – the power that is present in the one we call God.

They told Jesus that the one he loved is sick, but he said he is coming. After three days, he started going there but Lazarus was already dead. If it is only what man can do is what God can do; then we won’t call him “Miracle”. Before this meeting ends, your cries will become joys. Before this meeting ends, your troubles and trials will be conquered. They were telling Jesus that if he had been here earlier; Lazarus wouldn’t have died. But Jesus said Lazarus is only sleeping. Jesus said they should roll away this stone, but Martha said he has been dead for four days. But Jesus told her that if you have faith; you will see the glory of God. Faith is what makes someone sees the glory of God. Any prayer without faith is just a child’s play.

Jesus Christ called Lazarus forth out of the dead and he rose. He came out. Many people’s goodness is already dead, but you are in the presence of He who can kill and raise again. I am going to our prayer session. What happened in Mark 5: 25 where a certain woman with the flow of blood. When the problem of a person persists for too long; people will start calling the name of that person with the person’s problem. The woman didn’t read it anywhere that once she touched the edge of Jesus garment; she will be made whole, but she took her faith along from home and her problem of twelve years vanished away immediately she touched the garment of the Lord Jesus Christ. Faith is the magnet that brings down the goodness of God to man’s life.

Pray the first prayer like this: O Lord – every good thing that has become dead in my life; O Lord raise it up. I must not go empty-handed after these seven days program. O Lord, I am expecting your aliveness in my life – whatever has become dead in my life; O Lord raise them up in Jesus’ name.  Everyone shout: O Lord it’s been a while I have been watchful in your presence – O Lord intervene in my life – intervene in my issues. You will shout: In these seven days program; O Lord turn my shame and my reproach to glory.

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