December 4, 2022

Unusual Encounter 2022 (Day 3 Evening)

Unusual Encounter 2022 (Day 3 Evening)








TOPIC:                      God of all Possibilities

TEXT:                        2 Kings 8:1 – 6

PREACHER:             Bishop Ademola Oluronbi



I always tell people to write things down so that when they begin to happen, it won’t be strange to them. One thing is very sure that after this meeting, these are the things that will begin to happen to you:

  1. Things that you have been struggling to do, you will start to discover that they are becoming easy to achieve. Before, you struggle to do them, but after this year’s Unusual Encounter, they will become easy for you.
  2. You will also discover that your level is changing. It won’t happen instantaneously, no, not suddenly. You won’t just get yourself over there, but you will just discover that your level is changing, that is what is called ‘accelerated lifting’. That will be your testimony in Jesus Name.
  3. You will also discover that the things you have lost in the past are coming back to you in Jesus Name.

Tonight is going to be a night of restoration. Can you please lift up your hands to the Almighty God and pray: Heavenly Father, I am here for you tonight, let me encounter you afresh in the name of Jesus.


Tonight is a night of restoration. To restore means to bring back and to find out what is missing. It also means to revive, that is, God wants to revive our businesses, careers, visions, etc. That thing you are doing that appears dead or that is dying, new life is going to come into it in the name of Jesus. I pray for you tonight, anything that is dead in your life will be revived tonight in Jesus Name.

I want to quickly present a woman to us – a woman who experienced various restoration in her life. God restored her on every side. One of the possibilities of God is restoration. There are several things that the Lord can do. In fact, the Bible makes us to know that there is nothing too difficult for God to do, for a man it might be impossible but when it involves God, people of God, there is nothing impossible for him. There is nothing God cannot do.

I am praying for someone that will say amen, miracles that look like a lie, God will do it for you. Amen. There are some miracles that look like lies and people will begin to wonder if it is possible something like that could happen. Great things are happening, things that are beyond human understanding and things that you can’t reason out. Until that begins to happen in our lives, we have not truly encountered God. A woman in our church had a dream; it is a testimony that looked like a lie. In her dream, she saw herself praying for a man that was sick. She was praying for the man and about seven days later, the dream came back again in another version. The man she prayed for was telling her in her dream that he was healed. He had been sick for about 40 years and now he was healed. The miracle now is that in the dream, the man gave the woman his phone number.

As she woke up the following day, she came to my office and told me that she had another dream. In fact, I turned her name to Josephine – the woman dreamer. She was an old woman of about 70 years old who sold groundnut in front of her house; she was among those cleaning the church. I asked her what her dream was and she said the man she prayed for was healed. I said, “Praise God,” and asked if that was all but she said, “No,” and that the man also gave her his number. I begun to have a doubt in my heart. She showed me the number and told me to call the man. I picked my phone and dialed the number. Over there, the call was picked. I said, “Hello. How are you? A woman prayed for you in the dream and you were healed.” On the other side, the man said the same thing also, that a woman prayed for him and he was healed and also that he gave her his number in the dream. She asked for the woman and wanted to talk with her. They talked on the phone and the next question he asked was, “Mama, do you have any account that can carry big money?” The woman said she only sells groundnut, what would she find to the bank? The man then asked to speak with me. He told me he wanted to appreciate the woman and asked if he could transact through me to her. He said, “Sir, you will promise me that you will be faithful to this woman.” I gave him my word and also promised to get back to him. People of God, the next day, I received an ‘alarm’, not an ‘alert’. When I saw the amount, I was afraid to tell the woman. I said, “Mama, come. We will go to the bank together. We need to confirm something before the police comes to arrest us.” If I mention the amount, you won’t believe it; the man sent 100 million naira.

The man said he had been sick for 14 years and had traveled abroad. He had seen several doctors and even mentioned big men of God whom he had gone to. He had sown seeds and they had prayed for him without healing, however, in his dream, he saw the woman pray for him and he got healed. Does it not look like a lie? Lift up your hands and pray, “My father, there is no impossibility with you. Miracles that will happen like a lie, do it in my life in Jesus Name.” I pray for you, the Lord God of heaven who did it for this woman will do your own also, Amen. One of the names I call God is, “Jehovah, the ‘Surpriser’”, He will surprise you. This God will surprise you in the name of Jesus.

I helped the woman to put things together. She was living inside one room, we arranged to buy a house for her and also established her. About 3 months later, the man called me and said, “Pastor, can you give an account of how you spent the money?” I did everything for her and he said something. He said, “Pastor, thank you, but I will not say thank you with the word of mouth,” soon, he sent something. If a man could send 100 million naira to the woman, you know how big the something small would be. I am praying for someone: “Wherever your miracle is hiding, in the name of Jesus, it shall come out. Wherever your blessings are hidden, as you shout Amen, it shall come out to you,” Amen. There is a miracle that can settle a long time vision; there were many things we have been praying for in our church but when this small thing entered, 50 acres of land became a reality. I pray for you from the depth of my heart, “That miracle that will move your life forward, receive it now, Amen.” Miracle that will give birth to your vision, a miracle that will bring your vision to realization, by the power that created the heaven and earth, receive them now.

I want to present to us a woman who had all-round restoration. Every story you see in the Bible are miracle stories, they are not just there for fun, they are not tales, they are what really happened – truth of life, the experience of somebody and what someone encountered. I am praying for you this evening, you too will have a testimony and an encounter in the name of Jesus. In 2 Kings 8:1 – 3 and verse 6, there was the story of the Shunammite woman, the woman who housed Elisha and his servant. In 2 Kings 4, when Elisha was passing by everyday, it was the woman who called her husband and said she perceived that he was a man of God and they should make a room for him upstairs in their house so that anytime Elisha returned, he would have a place to stay. This is a lesson for us, you don’t get your miracles by prayers alone. Many of us only depend on prayers but let me tell you another secret, caring for a servant of God is another way to receive miracles.

After some days that the woman had been caring for Elisha, feeding him and taking care of him, Elisha asked, “This woman has helped us, what can we do in return?” They called her to ask and said that they wanted to pay her back, what does she need? The woman said she needed nothing. They asked if they should talk to the King on her behalf and I perceive the woman smiled and said, “King? He is my friend. We were even together yesterday. If I want to see the King, prophet, I don’t need you.” The woman had money and connections. She was a good woman and the Bible called her a great woman but something was missing. Elisha called Gehaz and asked what he could do for her. Gehaz said, “Sir, there is something missing in this house. Since we have been in this house, I have never seen any child call ‘Dad’ or ‘Mum’ or see the woman call anybody ‘son’.” He said he perceived they have no child and that was a problem. Gehaz said that the woman’s husband was old and that even if they were to ask God to give them a child, the husband was old already. Elisha called the woman and told her that by that time next year, she was going to have a child and it came to pass according to the word of the Prophet. I pray for you, “Any prophecy given to you by a man of God, by this time next year, you will come back with testimony.”

What was missing in her life was supplied. She didn’t need money, she was rich, she could even afford to give one bedroom self-contain to Elisha. Politically, she was great and a friend of the King. She was a good person in the community but the King could not help her. Her family could not help her, even money could not help her. People of God, there are some things that political power, connections, money and business partners cannot give you. It is only God through his servant who can give you. I always counsel people to care for and respect their Pastors. What the King could not do for this woman, the man of God, through God, did it for her. Look here, child of God and hear this truth: there is a limit to which anybody can follow you in the battles of life; there is a level that people can follow you to in the battles of life. There are some levels in which money will disgrace you and become useless. I just told you a story of a man who was rich and who could afford to dash out 100 million naira without feeling it, yet the money could not help him. Wherever you are hearing me, there is a time in your life when money will fail but the only thing that cannot fail is Jesus. There are times in your life that friends and business partners will fail and they won’t be able to go with you in the battle of life, however, there is one person that will stand with you in rain, sickness and affliction. He is a friend that will stand with you and that person is Jesus. The missing joy of the Shunammite woman was restored to her. I point this prophetic finger to you wherever you are hearing me, “that thing that is missing in your life, receive it now in Jesus Name.” Amen.

Remember this man too, the leper who the Bible called a great man. He was a soldier, not just a soldier, a general and Chief of Army Staff of his own town who was sick. His military power could not help him. He had money but his money could not help him. He knew the president of the nation but they could not help him. He had military friends, bodyguards and soldiers who couldn’t help him but when he came to Jesus, the Ancient of Days healed him, that ‘but’ in his life was removed. Every ‘but’ in your life, this ground will open up and swallow them. You are beautiful, educated and have money but you don’t have a husband, that ‘but’ is removed. Everything and anything that wants to discredit you, let the ground swallow them now in the name of Jesus.

The Shunammite woman got a boy but after a while, the Devil came and that’s why I always tell people and let me tell you here again, “Do not in the days of your comfort forget your prophet.” In your days of comfort, when God has answered your prayers and lifted you, when you can now eat and drive big car, when you have money and your business now flourishes, people of God, don’t forget your prophet. Why? You will always need your prophet. A day will come when your prophet will be the one to save you because the Devil will always come. If anybody tells you that the Devil won’t come to you again, that person is lying. The Devil came to Jesus the second time and the third time and the Bible says the Devil left him for a while, looking for a suitable time to return. I pray for someone that will shout amen, “Each time the Devil comes to you, he will always fail.”

So, Satan came and attacked the only son. He killed the boy but thank God, the man of God was still alive. Anytime you have challenges and problems in your lives and businesses, whether financial problem, etc. your pastor may not be able to give you money but there is authority in his mouth. One of our big men had a big challenge in his life, it was like every door was shut. He came and said, “Bishop, see what is happening.” I said, “Don’t worry, give me your hand,” and I prayed for him that the shut door be open and that between that day and the next morning, testimony will come forth. People of God, before he drove from my office to his house, he received a call that tomorrow morning, he should come get what we just prayed for. Don’t be far away from your pastor. Don’t say, “I don’t want to trouble Pastor.” Trouble him, that is why he is there. God called them for your purpose. If you don’t see Daddy G.O., there are men pastors and women pastors there, trouble them. That is why God called them – for your good and blessing. Don’t go to any other place, there are prophets in the house. Another reason why you need your Pastor is for direction. When the famine was coming, people of God, the woman could not see the famine but the man of God saw that a famine was coming which will last for seven years and because the woman was good to the man of God… are you good to your pastors and the men of God? Are you not backbiting them and carrying tales about them or laughing at them? The woman could not see the famine but the man of God did and called the woman. He told the woman that she had done them good and so, should not partake in the famine. Wherever she could see food, she should go with her family and sojourn there. One of the keys to receiving lasting miracles from God is to take instructions from the men of God. The woman left truly, and after seven years, according to the passage we read, she returned. I pray for you this month, wherever you travel to this season, you will return. Wherever you go, either to the east, west, north or south, hear the voice of the Lord, you will return, Amen. Are you traveling this December? I speak this word of authority to you, you will go in peace and return with testimony in Jesus Name. Amen.

Now, the miracle we are looking at. This God is a good God. When the woman returned, God orchestrated a miracle for her. Gehaz appeared in front of the King and was telling the King about the miracles Elisha did. He said, Elisha raised the son of a widow, this made the King was amazed that there was such prophet in the land. As he was talking, suddenly, the woman appeared with her son, with an intention to cry to the king to restore her land back to her. God arranged the miracle. I pray for you this night, “There is a miraculous arrangement for you. You will walk into your breakthrough and success. Where miracles are waiting for you, you will appear there. You will walk rightly and think rightly. You will appear at the right place at the right time in the name of Jesus,” Amen.

The King said, “Are you the woman? Is this your son?” She said, “Yes.” The Bible says she came to cry to the King. When you see the word ‘King’ in the Bible, that is a symbol of the Almighty God. We don’t have a king to cry to today, but we have the King of Kings, the Almighty God who can do all things and who has all powers, who had gathered us together and whom we have called to cry unto. When the woman cried unto the King, in verse 6, the King appointed an officer, he didn’t go himself but appointed an officer. In these seven days of Unusual Encounter, God has appointed men to restore to you all that the enemy has taken. God has sent me here to you to restore back to you, as a servant of God, all that you have lost; tonight, you will have them back. One of my prayers right from Lagos is, “Oh God, don’t let me go to Ilorin without having an impact.” So many prophets have spoken here, I am speaking now and another person is also coming to speak. Hear me child of God, I proclaim to you total restoration in the name of Jesus. I declare over you tonight, “All that are yours, wherever you are, receive them now,” Amen.

The King commanded concerning the Shunammite woman that all that were hers and all that proceeded from the field from the day she left the land until that present moment be restored to her. This is a miracle –  7 years restoration. The Bible says here, that the King gave a command and I have told you that Jesus Christ is the King of Kings and the Almighty; He is the One giving commands now. “All that proceeds from the field,” you would remember that the woman left seven years ago, she was not even the one who planted. I pray for you, “After this meeting, go and reap where you have not sown.” Amen. Jesus told His disciples that he was sending them to other people’s harvests. I pray for you, “Go and reap where you have not sown in the name of Jesus.” All that were hers were restored. All her profits and gains for seven years were all restored. All of them.

Mark 11:24 says, “Therefore I say unto you, whatsoever you desire, when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you shall have them.” W#e have a promise from God that when we pray, God will answer us. There is a popular saying that if there is a man who can pray, there is a God who can answer. What God cannot do does not exist. Say, “My God is the God of all-round possibilities.


Someone is here, there is a land that belongs to your family but somebody sat on it. After this prayer, you will come to share your testimony. There is a position that belongs to you but the powers that be are denying you, after this prayer, you will have them back. Every power sitting on your glory is unseated now in Jesus Name. Every power that is saying no to your fruitfulness, tonight as we pray together, that power shall be destroyed. The power that says you won’t give birth, build house, succeed, let the power be burned now in Jesus Name.

That man of darkness that is after your family. That man of darkness that is after your mother’s children, as we pray together tonight, that man will die in the name of Jesus. Every enemy of your life will be judged tonight in Jesus Name. The enemy of your business and career, God will judge them, Amen. Those who are fighting you and fighting your progress, judgment comes upon them in Jesus Name.

In the name of Jesus, the hand over your life is cut off. Every power that says your son won’t be successful; every power that says your child won’t be successful, sudden death takes them away now in Jesus Name, Amen. Every woman sending arrows to you, let the arrow backfire now in Jesus Name.

There is a baby here who is always crying from the dream. Anywhere the baby is now, let the baby be surrounded by the angel of God now in Jesus Name. Those who are threatening the destiny of the child, let the angel of the Lord smite them now.

For all of you who have been using car but don’t have any now, I pray for you, in the next six months, your car will come back in Jesus Name.

Prayer Points

  1. O Lord my father, let there be total restoration –all-round restoration – for me in Jesus Name.
  2. Make a list of all the things you have lost. Lift it to God and pray, “Lord, these are the things I have lost, restore them back to me in Jesus Name.”


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