December 4, 2022

Unusual Encounter 2022 (Day 3 Morning)

Unusual Encounter 2022 (Day 3 Morning)








TOPIC:                      God of all Possibilities

TEXT:                        Luke 7:11 – 16

PREACHER:             Bishop Ademola Oluronbi



I love prayers; my life is a product of prayers. Take prayer out of my life and I become nothing. In these few minutes we are going to pray. When that Angel went to Mary, I want to believe it was early in the morning. The Angel spoke to Mary and said, “Hey! You who are highly favoured of God.” The Yoruba Bible puts it better, “Iwo eniti a koju si se loore,” that is, “You who God deliberately looked upon and favoured you,” not minding whether you are qualified, accepted, schooled, married, born in the village and irrespective of your father and mother, God just decides to favour you. Lift up your two hands to the Almighty God and say, “O Lord my father, in this meeting, look upon me and favour me. Let it be my turn to be favoured.” When we pray for you and you say, “Amen”, you are saying, “Let it be so unto me” but when you fail to say “Amen,” it means you don’t want the prayer. God will favour somebody this morning, Amen.

Pray: “Lord, every power that wants me to end my life like this, let that power catch fire in Jesus Name. Every power that says I won’t be more than this, let that power die in the name of Jesus.” You will go beyond this level, no power shall be strong enough to stop you. You will rise beyond that level you are now, Amen.

In Luke 7:11 – 16 is the story of a widow who lost her only son. Jesus saw the coffin being carried and he had compassion on her. He touched the coffin and told the young man who was dead to arise. The people afterwards praised God and said, “God has visited His people” (Luke 7:16). You know, there are things that happen in a man’s life that you are the one who tells people and say, “See what God has done for me,” however, there are things that happen to a man and people begin to carry the news around. They will begin to tell people about you and say, “Have you heard what God has done for him or her?” They have not seen you or heard from you but have heard your news. When the choir was singing, they sang about the mercies of God and when daddy came out to talk also, he spoke about Mercy. When I was praying in the midnight also, the Lord told me that this morning is a morning of compassion.

In the story, Jesus was coming with a great multitude from where He just performed a miracle. They trooped after him wanting to see another miracle and singing after Jesus as I perceive in my Spirit. A crowd followed Jesus and as they were about to get to the gate of a city called Nain, they met another crowd of people crying, weeping, lamenting and mourning. Jesus looked up and saw that there was a man carried in a coffin, about to be buried. They had left the city, were at the gate and about to go to the cemetery. The grave had been dug already and women surrounded the mother enjoining her to take heart. The Bible said that the woman was a widow and that was her only child. Lift up your hands to the heaven as I pray this prayer for you: “Every satanic agenda to do you evil and wickedness, let them be scattered in Jesus Name.” Amen.

The husband of the widow died but thank God she had a son whom she was taking care of, saying to herself, “This is my husband.” The boy probably looked like the husband and she was consoling herself that this he was now her husband. The family could have come to her to tell her to marry another person, but she said no, the child was her husband. The friends could have come to her to advise her to remarry but she said no. She trained the boy until he became a man, perhaps about to get married also. The woman would be saying, “Can’t you see my hope and joy and my old age? This is my comfort and my future,” but suddenly, the Devil came… Satan is very wicked, he saw people with a lot of children but didn’t enter their house, saw people with a lot of children even those who were unable to take care of them, but failed to go to their house, however, this woman with just one child, the Devil went there and took him. I pray for you, “The source of your joy, the Devil will not snatch it away.” The only thing that the community could do was to help this woman bury her joy. To everyone in the city, a boy died but to this widow, this was more than a boy – her joy died, her investment died, her hope died, her future died, her old age died. I lift up my hands to the God of heaven, “Your future will not die; your tomorrow will not die. Your expectations will not die. Your dreams will not die. Your old age will not die.” Amen.

I always tell people in my local church that a person who doesn’t have a child to take care of them in their old age should die quickly because old age without children to take care of one is punishment. Now, we are still strong and we can still jump up and travel up and down, however, permit me to remind you, people of God, that a time will come when you won’t be able to do them again. I learnt this lesson when my mother-in-law stayed with me for about 20 years. We brought her in when she was 80 and she stayed with us for 20 years. She died at the age of 100+. Two things I learnt from her: The Bible says, “Do the work of Him that sent you while it is day for the night cometh when no man shall work.” At the age of 70, my mother-in-law was still observing dry fast for 3 days. At 80, she was still going for evangelism. At 85, we have to stop her from fasting but she said, “If I don’t fast, what would I do? Pastor, you didn’t open a shop for me and told me not to work, so what should I do except to pray?” however, when mama got to 97 and 98, she couldn’t go to church, fast or even read the Bible again. Young man and woman, what are you doing with your life now? You are jumping up and down but permit to remind you that a time is coming when you won’t be able to jump again. All these designer clothes you are wearing, a time will come when your body won’t be able to carry them again. What are you doing now that you still have strength? Now that you can work, travel, learn something, preach, go back to school, serve Jesus, what are you doing?

The second lesson I learnt from this old woman was, “If not for children, she would have suffered.” I pray for someone here: “A child that will take care of you in your old age will not die in the name of Jesus.” I pray for all parents here that Satan will not take away your children. It is not only when a child dies that the Devil snatches the child away from his mother. The Devil snatched me away from my mother for more than 5 years. Nobody could tell where I was, I got lost into the world. I became a conductor. I graduated from being a certified conductor and became a thug, an ‘agbero’. That time, my vision was to become the number one ‘agbero’ in the whole Oyo but God showed my mother mercy. Today, my mother stays with me. I am not the only child but I am the only one capable enough to take her to my side. My mother is over 80 now, but what would she be doing now if there was no child to take her to his side. For every parent here crying over their children, the Lord will show you mercy and save that boy or girl. Amen.

While the crowd was going, crying on the way, they met with Jesus and His crowd at a point. Jesus stopped them and said, “Woman, stop weeping.” Everybody perhaps who have not known Jesus, who have not heard about him would be looking at him and wondering who He was. Jesus told the widow, “Weep not” and that is the same thing I have come to tell you also. Weep not over that issue, over your marriage, etc. Help is coming for you. Say, “Help is coming for me.” The widow also was sobbing, perhaps also looking at what Jesus was going to do and thinking to herself, “He does not know what I am passing through; he does not know my predicament.” You may be telling me the same thing also this morning that I do not know your sorrow and predicament. I may not know them, but I know somebody who can terminate your sorrow and return your joy, that man is Jesus, He is your helper, God, Lord and the Almighty; with Him, all things are possible and there is nothing too difficult for Him to do. The Bible tells us that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever more. It does not matter what your case is, it is not beyond him. Your case is not beyond Jesus; He will settle you. Say, “He will settle me.”

Jesus touched the coffin. They brought the coffin down and Jesus spoke, “Young man, arise!” He didn’t speak twice and the Bible said as we have read, that, “He who was dead, (not another person) sat up and began to speak”. He looked round, saw his mother and said, “Mother, what happened?” The mother said, “My son, my hope, my investment, my future, O my old age, welcome!” The son said, “Mama, what happened?” The widow said, “Son, you were dead but this man brought you back”, the Bible says, “Jesus presented him to his mother.” I don’t know what has fallen off from your hand, this morning, Jesus will give it back to you. I don’t know what is missing in your life, that joy that is missing, probably the joy of marriage, business, etc. Many have never experienced joy in their life but this morning, Jesus will offer joy to you.

Prayer Points:

  1. O Lord, my God, all that the enemy has taken away from me, give them to me. All that the enemy has taken away from me, Lord, give them back to me.
  2. O Lord my Father, as you terminated the weeping of the widow, Father, I am here, terminate every sorrow and weeping in my life.


Just as we are praying, I saw five footballs, they were already deflated but as we were praying, I saw air coming into them and they were bouncing again. The Lord asks me to tell five people here: You were strong before financially, you were always at your peak but suddenly, you came down. The Lord asks me to tell you that before the end of this meeting, you will bounce back.

There is somebody here, the people born after and before you died, and once in a while, it always comes to your heart that you too will soon die, if you are that person, this time you will pray this third prayer more than any other person.

  1. Every power demanding my death, die in the name of Jesus.
  2. There is something in your hand that you are enjoying and the enemy wants to take it away. This is a warning: You too, be careful of bragging. Everywhere you go, you brag about your business, husband, your children who are doing well… hear what the Book of the Elders 15:18 say, “When you get successful, you don’t brag about it.”

Pray: My source of joy shall not be taken away.

  1. Lift up your right hand. Pray: Lord, where I am supposed to have gotten to but some people are denying me, by your power, take me there. Where I am supposed to have reached in life but the enemy does not allow me, by your power, take me there now.


While we were praying, there was something like a wind or storm in the realm of the Spirit and I saw that people were being carried up. The Holy Spirit told me that there are some people here, between now and six months, there will be a sudden lifting. There is someone here, you have been knocking at a door for more than 7 years now but the door has not been opened. Hear the voice of the Lord, after this meeting, the power of God will open the door in the name of Jesus. Amen.

I saw a fence broken down and the Lord said to me: there are about five people here, you have been contained and fenced round, the Lord said, that fence is broken down. You will expand and spread to the left, to the right, front and to the back. Shout, “I will spread all over the nations.” Your business and ministry will spread. This ministry will spread over the world. That thing stopping you and limiting you is broken down in the name of Jesus. Amen.

The Lord said there is someone here, at the centre of your head, you always feel hot and when it happens, you don’t understand anything around you anymore and will be looking for where to sit down. Once in a while, it will go away and come back later. Whatever power bringing heat into your head, let it disappear in the name of Jesus, Amen. Let the power of God come upon you, Amen. The problem is over, Amen. You will see it no more. It is settled in Jesus Name.

Lift up your right hand and pray: My hand will carry favour and blessings, Amen.

Call to Salvation

There are a set of people that God asks me to pray for. You want to give your life to Jesus? I want to pray for you. In August 27, 1984, I gave my life to Jesus as a young boy of about 20 years. I was a rugged ‘agbero’ guy, but Jesus helped me, Hallelujah. Are you here this morning and you want to give your life to Jesus Christ? God asked me to pray for you that the same grace He gave me, I should release it unto you. Say: Lord Jesus, I believe you are the Son of God, I believe that you died for my sins and I accept your salvation. I receive you as my Lord and Saviour, thank you for saving me, Amen.

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