December 5, 2022

Unusual Encounter 2022 (Day 4 Evening)

Unusual Encounter 2022 (Day 4 Evening)





SERMON THEME: God of All Possibilities (Praises)

SERMON TEXT:  Psalms 47: 7

PREACHER: Reverend Ebenezer Olawuyi (Introduction) & Bishop Ademola Oluronbi (Message)



Introduction: We need to sing with knowledge. David says in Psalms 47:7 that sing praises with understanding. We should not only sing skillfully. We need to sing those songs with understanding. There are two things we need to sing as I say, and that is what? Sing skillfully. Then, sing with what? Sing with understanding. So, on this note; before we can sing with understanding; we need to look into the word of God. What is the mind of God for us What can he do? What can he not do? After this; we can sing with understanding to praise the Lord our God. Right from the beginning of this program; we have been encountering God in diverse ways. This morning; it was terrific. Yesterday night; it was explosive. Do I have a witness here in the house? Therefore, this night; we are going to be hearing the word of God. Therefore, we are having the minister of God in our midst. A man with awesome testimony. I call him a man with explosive anointing. He is going to be bringing the word of God to us this evening in just a very short time. In this place; I believe God can do the work of healing as we praise the Lord. Remember the grace you don’t receive; you cannot attract. With the joy in our heart, I want us to welcome Bishop Ademola into our means.

Message: Come on, put your hands together for Jesus. He is the almighty God. The one who gather us here together tonight. The one who has been blessing us. The one who will still bless us tonight. In two minutes; I want you to take a song in your own dialect, whatever the dialect it is. In two minutes; you will sing to him for what he has done in your life and what he will still do. Let your voice overshadow that of your neighbor. Sing and make sure you are not hearing that of your neighbour. Give him all the glory. Give him all the honour. Give him all the praises. Give him all the honour. Great God, we thank you. We bless you. In Jesus mighty name, we praise, Amen. One thing I Know for sure is that once you praise God; then he will raise you. God has everything to himself, but there is something he cannot do for himself. He cannot praise himself. So, once you give God what he cannot do for himself; then he will do for you what you cannot do for yourself. In Hebrews 11:6, the Bible says: But without faith; it is impossible to please God. He says come – until you come unto Jesus; until you come to him; you cannot have faith. It is when you come unto him that your prayer will be answered. Until you take the step to come unto him; that which God has prepared for you will not come to pass. There is a man, there is a woman, there is a boy and girl that needs to come to God. When I say come unto God; I don’t mean come to church. All those years, I was attending church, singing hymns etc. Matthew 15:9. It means come to Jesus with your heart to him. Look at what he said….” But their heart is far from me.” Your heart is the controlling power of your life. Until your heart is changed; you will not experience transformation. And the Old Testament says: …Son, give me your heart. Your heart needs to be right with God. So, I’m talking to someone tonight. You want to give your life to Jesus. Those are the first people I want to pray for tonight. In the few years I have prayed to God; I have seen the works of God. God has been so good. You will go beyond just coming to church. You will go beyond just bearing biblical names. You want to give your life to Christ That is one of the reason God sent me to Ilorin. Are you hearing me? You want to give your heart to him. You want to rededicate yourself. You want to say Jesus, in a new way, I want to rededicate myself to you. Wherever you are; just find yourself to the front. He wants to restore back the spiritual gifts you have lost to you. You want to say: Jesus, take over my life. I was the only one that came out that day. Maybe others were feeling like big men. But I came out and my life was transformed. If God can use area boy like me; he can use you. The second group of people I want to pray for are those who want to say: Jesus, I want you to use me for your works. Know this: When Jesus begins to use you; He will begin to transform your life. Listen to me: When you serve God; your life will be transformed. I made promise to God that same day that I will serve him with all my heart and all my might. When I was in the campus; I became a radical for Jesus. I Corinthians 15: 58. He said: Be steadfast, be unmovable. If you want your victory to remain sure – If you want your Joy to be full; be steadfast. I want to pray for this people. The same grace that has been blessing my life – the same grace that has been lifting me; I want to impart it to their life. The Lord talk to me and say: Son, when you serve me; I will service you. When you serve God; he will service you. He knows what you need, and he will give you. The man has been coming to church – he has been calling the name of the Lord, but He is saying: Son, give me your heart. So, when I say: Give God your heart; I’m not saying you are not born-again o. I’m not saying you are not coming to church o. I’m not saying your name is not Hezekiah! But He is saying: Son, your heart is not with me. Say, Jesus, make me an instrument for you. There is a man at the back over there. You are saying: I don’t have time. I’m telling you that you have time. What you are saying is you have no interest. You have time to watch football. You have the time to do other things. The miracle you are waiting for is in you. The blessings you are waiting for is in getting dedicated to God. Prayers of surrendering lives to Jesus Christ. Admonition to group wanting to join the church workforce. Prayers to group wanting to join the church workforce. Lastly, everyone: stretch forth your hand. Grace is coming upon you now. Grace that takes a man from nothing to greatness. Grace that raises a man from the dunghill to the throne among the princes of the earth. May that grace rest upon you and become irreversible now and forevermore in Jesus name. Amen!

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