December 4, 2022

Unusual Encounter 2022 (Day 4 Morning)

Unusual Encounter 2022 (Day 4 Morning)






TOPIC:                      God of all Possibilities

TEXT:                        Joel 2:25 – 26

PREACHER:             Bishop Ademola Oluronbi



Hallelujah! Thank you, Jesus. I told us yesterday night that this morning, our focus will be on Restoration of Wasted Years. As I go along, I want you to please, follow me carefully. God sent me here this weekend to bring about restoration in our lives. When God wants to bless a life, he will bring the person across His Servant. I told us yesterday night and we read together from the Word of God that when the Shunamite woman came back, she cried unto the King and the Bible said the King appointed an officer. The King appointed an officer and told him to make sure that all that are hers be restored back to her. I strongly believe this day that the Lord has organized this program through His Servant and by the leading of the Holy Spirit, He has brought me here as an officer of God to bring about restoration in our lives. As you cooperate with God, I trust God that all that has gotten lost in your life will be restored, Amen.

Are you here with your biro and notebook? I always tell people that the church is not just a prayer ground or a worship centre, it is equally a school and every student is expected to have a biro, a notebook and textbook. In this school, the Bible is our textbook and every good student will have their biro and notebook and put down something. Hear what that our brother who gave testimony said; when the prophecy came out and it pertained to him, he wrote it down. I studied Education and we were told by psychologists that we only remember 30% of what we were taught in the class, that is why students that don’t know how to take note fail because many cannot even remember up to that 30% and that is why teachers make it compulsory that you must have your textbook and notebook. If you are a Christian worker, you must learn how to write. If you are a Minister and a sound and matured Christian, you must write things down, that is part of training.

Joel 2:25 – 26 is not just a writing, it is a promise from God and also a prophecy. Two things are combined therein, there is a promise and there is also a prophecy. The Bible says here that I will restore to you the years the locusts, cankerworms, caterpillars and palmer worms have eaten. All these are terrible organisms, they are demonic, satanic and they have been eating the harvest of God’s people. They are disruptive agents but God promised that He would restore to the Israelites the years. I stand here as a Prophet of God and I declare over someone’s destiny, “Your years shall be restored,” Amen. If you are looking for who is a testimony of restoration of years and you have not seen, you have me who is standing before you this morning.

God went ahead to give a prophecy. He said, “You shall eat in plenty.” I pray for someone here now, “What to eat will never be your problem again.” I say it again, “What to eat, what to use to feed your family will never be a problem for you again. What to wear will never be your problem again in the name of Jesus.” I was there before; I was a pastor but I had no clothes. I was invited to come and officiate in one big wedding, I was to preach there but I couldn’t go and had to tell them I was engaged. I was not actually engaged but because the kind of clothes or suit that can match that kind of wedding, I didn’t have it. The only suit I had was a bad one and that was the only one I had, so I couldn’t go. I lift up my hands to the God of heaven, “Anyone who is in such situation, the God who changed my life will change your situation. Where to live will never be your problem again in the name of Jesus. What to eat and what to wear will never be your problem again in the name of Jesus.” The Bible says in Joel 2:26, “And ye shall eat in plenty, and be satisfied.” You will eat to satisfaction in Jesus Name. Your family will never be hungry. The God of Heaven will satisfy you. Joel 2:26 continues to say, “You will praise the name of the Lord your God who has dealt wondrously with you.” The Lord will deal wondrously with you and He will do wonders in your life. If you don’t live by the miracles of God, you will die struggling. Every spirit of struggling, I terminate it in your life now, Amen.

It is only God who can restore wasted years and He has promised to do that. To human beings, it is not possible, when you lost a time, that’s all. In fact, people always say, “Once an opportunity is lost, it can never be regained,” however that is for humans. For God, an opportunity lost can be regained again and over again. I point this prophetic finger at you and I pray, have you lost any opportunity? God will bring it back.

What does lost years look like? What years can we categorise as lost years?

  1. Lost years are fruitless years. The Israelites had done a lot of hard work, people had laboured and planned but while they were expecting result, the enemy would come and eat up their fruits. The palmerworm, locusts and cankerworms would appear from nowhere and eat up their harvest. This had been happening year after year. They didn’t know what to do and didn’t have powers over these locusts. They had used pesticides, insecticides and other things but there was no solution, you know why? Because those cankerworms were demonic. Hear me children of God, there is no technology that can destroy the power of darkness.

I came in contact with one woman sometimes ago, she was dying and already became a skeleton. When I saw her, I was afraid myself. In the Book of the Elders, the book after Revelation chapter 17 and verse 4, it says, “When a child gets to a place of fear, he will be fearful.” When I saw the woman, I said, “What happened?” and she said she couldn’t even explain. The woman was emaciating and she didn’t have blood anymore. She had gone for test and they discovered that there was a snake poison in her body. Can snake poison stay in her body for over one year? “Did snake bite you, woman?” She said, “No.” “Did snake bite you in your dream?” She said, “No.” The doctors said she was okay but she was dying. Medical technology could not discover the problem of the woman. We started praying and the Lord spoke to me that she contracted the poison through the lips of her husband. I asked how and the Holy Spirit said the husband had a strange woman. When the man kissed the strange woman, she released snake poison into the tongue of the husband. When he got home and was making love with his wife, unknowingly to the wife, she kissed her husband and contracted the poison. I lift up my hands to the God of Heaven, “Every strange woman in your life, I sack them today. Any strange woman after your life, as you shout Amen, let an end come to them.” The point I am trying to make is this: technology could not discover that, only the Spirit of God that knows all things without anything hidden to Him revealed that. Glory to God, we prayed for her and till today, the woman is still alive. “Whoever says you will die will die before you. Whoever wants you to get sick will fall sick. Whoever does not wish you success will be the one not successful.”

Lost years are fruitless years. After every pain and hard work, all their fruits were destroyed. To us today, what does fruitless years appear to be? A failed venture, a bad investment, a misguided policy, all the efforts of the day, night, months and years, all led into massive disappointment, that is what I refer to as wasted years – when one has invested and laboured so much; when one’s expectations are much but there came nothing. I came across a man who was working in the bank and according to him, he had 88 million naira in an investment and had believed that when he retires, he has something to fall back on but one day, everything went down and the man had stroke – Wasted years! Wasted efforts! All his investments gone down!

  1. Wasted years are painful years: The years spent in the pain of a lost loved one. For example, when a person lost a person they love and that brings pain into their life and they stay in that pain for many years.

We had a woman in our church who came through a friend of hers. The woman lost her husband and a daughter in an accident and since then, she vowed never to remarry or have any child again. The pain was there for more than 15 good years. There was fear inside of her that if she marries another man, won’t he die too and if she gives birth to another baby, won’t he/she die too? She made up her mind to remain like that and so she was for 15 years. When she came, we sat her down, talked to her and prayed for her. Today, people of God, she is remarried with two children. She got back her wasted years! I don’t know what is paining you there, God will restore them back to you. Whatever you have lost and whoever you have lost, hear the Word of the Lord, God will restore them to you.

I heard of young boy… Indeed, the devil is a bad devil; he is a very bad bastard. This boy gained admission into Unilag and when he was preparing for his first semester exams, he felt sick. The week he recovered from sickness was the week his mates were coming back from Youth Service, that is what I meant by painful years – years spent in sickness and pain. If I have a mother here and you can shout amen, “Every power that wants to waste the life of your children, let that power be wasted now,” Amen. For five good years, he was bedridden. He couldn’t go back to school and the day he was getting up, his mates came back from their Youth Service. I pray for you that young boy or girl, “Every power from your father’s house, every enemy around you that wants to waste your years and career, let that power die in Jesus Name,” Amen. Pray this prayer quickly: In the name of Jesus, every man or woman around my life that wants to waste my years, life and destiny, let that person be wasted. Any man seeing your glory, anyone anywhere who has seen your glory and wants to tie you down in sickness, before they get you, let God waste their lives, amen.

  1. Wasted years are misdirected years. What do I mean by that? That is, when a person followed a path but it didn’t work out well and ended in disaster, pains and disappointment instead. When the path a person chose in their career or college took a dead end or their choice of marriage ended in disappointment. This is where I fit in. Listen to me young man, there is no gain in smoking Indian hemp or taking drugs, they are only wasting your years.

I didn’t know what happened, my life was misdirected. I was going straight, but when I finished secondary school, I found myself in a motor park. My parents were not poor but I found myself as a bus conductor and even graduated to being an ‘agbero’. I can take money from your bag while you are standing and you won’t know, we were trained to be like that. We can remove chain from your neck while you are looking and you won’t know; it is when you get home that you will discover. I thought I was enjoying life, misdirected life. That is why, young man and young lady, I am talking to you, don’t waste your life. Not everyone that was in my gang obtained mercy like I did. I remember one of them that was called Patola. There is no brand of Indian hemp that this guy cannot smoke, at last, he died like a chicken. He over drugged himself and died just like that. While he was smoking, he died like that and that was the end.

I won’t forget one day at Agodi Police Station, three of us were arrested. The first one who we called Ategun had entered. The second one, Okere, had entered and they took them in. As I was about to enter, one policeman looked at me and said, “Look at his face, black face.” I told him to calm down that at least they had done their worst, they had already captured them. The policeman hit me on the chest and said, “Go back.” I was still showing off and told the other guys that I was going to see them later, but that is if I would see them tomorrow. What made that policeman to send me back? I didn’t know. Till today, whether they killed Ategun or Okere, I don’t know. Young man, God sends me to you, please, calm down. You have a glorious tomorrow, calm down. You have a better future, calm down. Your parents are waiting for you, don’t disappoint them. They have invested over you and they are expecting dividends, calm down. Misdirected years is what I am talking about, for example, when a person is to be going to Lagos but turned back to Ife. The incidence at the Police Station didn’t stop me. I went back to my gang, they called my name and was surprised I came back. I bragged to them that I couldn’t be caught, I was from Oduduwa House (the Yoruba clan) and have been empowered.

The last one that drove me away from the motor park was this. Our hangout then was Iwo Road and we were about to go claim Gate. We were inside a bus and were fourteen. We were loaded inside the bus with UTC cutlasses on us. We planned to come down and begin to cut everyone down. While we were going, you know there was an army barrack around Gate. As we passed that barrack, one of the boys hit me at the back and I gave him a blow in retaliation. Our leader who was leading us said, “Who is fighting?” They mentioned my name and he said, “Throw him down. He is the stranger among us.” On the speed, I was pushed down, but because I was used to conducting, I was able to jump down. The garage at Gate was on a side and there was a Baptist church in front of it. As they got to the front of the Baptist Church, something happened. The men at Gate had heard that some Iwo Road boys were coming. They had already described the bus for them and stopped them. They didn’t allow any of them to come down. They poured petrol on them and burned everyone, no man escaped. I was in front of the Baptist Church watching as it happened. What made them push me down? Mercy.

I still didn’t stop. I went back to the garage. They saw me and asked me how I escaped again and I bragged to them that they couldn’t get me because I disappeared. Then, our boss called me and said, “This boy, you will take me to your house. Those who empowered you, you have to take me to them.” After I left, I began to ask myself where I would take him because nobody empowered me. It was the fear of what that boss would do to me because if he discovered that I was lying, he would slice me by himself, that was what sent me away. I escaped to Lagos, got to Lagos on August 25, 1984. I went to Oshodi, registered my name and wanted to continue the assignment because my vision then was to be the number one agbero in the whole of Oyo State. I had a brother in Lagos and on August 27, 1984, I went to visit him. I didn’t meet him at home, they said he had gone to church. They described his church for me and I went there.

I was at the far back in the church when the man who was preaching pointed at my direction and said, “There is a young man there, Jesus needs you.” I doubted and didn’t go forward. I had a ring on my hand which I had earlier collect from an Alfa in Ilorin. The man of God said, “Remove that ring” and at that same point, the ring began burning my finger. As I removed it, I began to wonder where I was. The Pastor said, “Come!” It was a command and you don’t command area boys, I went nonetheless. He looked at me and said he saw a star over my head, then told me I was going to be used by God, I laughed at him. Suddenly, I fell down and after few minutes, I woke up and looked at myself, I was dirty and on crazy jeans while the other people were neat. That is why I hate crazy jeans. Why would you be wearing crazy jeans when you are not crazy? Because when I was wearing it, I was crazy myself. This was how God saved me. August 27, 1984, Jesus saved me.

It was a year after I got born again that I knew the source of my problem. I was not a dullard when I was in school. I was not always the first or second but you would find me between third and fifth. I was not too bad but I found myself where I never planned; for about five years, nobody knew where I was, they thought I was dead. We had seven days of fasting and prayer like this and on the third day, I fell into a trance and my spirit left my body into the firmament. I was hearing voices and that was what turned me into a prayer man. My mother’s name was Temilade and I heard voices saying, “Damola, the son of Temilade, whatever we say you will become is what you will become. Whatever we say you will eat is what you will eat.” And then, I was eating Indian hemp.

Prayer Points

  1. Every strange voice tormenting my life and destiny, stop now in Jesus name. Every strange and Satanic voice commanding my destiny, cease now in Jesus Name.

I want every mother to stand firm, you are going to wrestle in the next two minutes over the destiny of your children. Parents, you are going to pray for your children. Every young man and woman should pray for themselves.

  1. Every satanic voice misdirecting my children, in the name of Jesus, let that voice die. Every satanic voice commanding my destiny, in the name of Jesus, die now.

I told you yesterday that my father had seven wives and I didn’t know what entered into my mother, she was the last one – the last among six witches. I called my mother one day and told her she was a witch because how could she open her eyes and get married to a man with six wives already? Young lady, don’t let men destroy your life.

People of God, it was that revelation that turned me into a prayer warrior. I didn’t have a mother to pray for me. In the midst of my problem, my father died and where was my mother? Instead of her to be praying for her children, she was fighting the other wives and while they were all fighting, the other ones who were more powerful were taking the destiny of each children one by one and swallowing them. There was one of the wives, the fifth one, she had four children and died without having anyone left, they killed all the four children. They couldn’t kill me and that was why they sent me out to the garage. Whatever power that wants to change the lives of your children for bad, let the power of God blow them up now in Jesus Name, Amen.

God restored my years. I didn’t go back to do my NCE until I was 24. By then, all my mates in the secondary school had graduated. Some of them had even become doctors. I finished secondary school at the age of 17+, some of my mates gained admission into OAU or Ibadan Polytechnic. I remember, my closest friend became a pharmacist at the age of 24, while I just gained admission for NCE at that same age. The funniest thing is that, when I just got to school, one of my classmates who used to follow me in secondary school became my lecturer. I wasted years. When you are smoking and drinking, you are cooperating with Satan. When you are living in sin, you are cooperating with Satan to do whatever he wants to do in your life; remember it is ‘With God, and so, it is ‘With Satan’. I entered NCE and within three years, I graduated. I did part-time in the University for five years, studied Agricultural Management/Education and graduated. At the age of 30, I got married. By 31, I entered full-time Ministry. At the age of 40, I had built my house; God restored my years. One of my friends who studied Accounting at Ibadan Polytechnic went abroad and when he came back, I housed him. He said they all thought I was dead but I told him that I was not dead. God helped me.

  1. Prayer: O Lord my father, all the years I have wasted, knowingly or unknowingly, by your mercy, restore them back to me.

Call to Salvation

Hallelujah! Look at me here, the beginning of my change started in August 27, 1984. How did it start? I answered to an altar call and till today, the man remains my Spiritual Father. That was where I met Rev. Toyin Kehinde also. He was my first spiritual teacher. His life challenged my life and he taught me how to walk straight because I was bent.

The foundation of the change you are looking for is at the point where you give your life to Jesus. From then, it has been from glory to glory and honour to honour, that was what qualified me to be able to know great men of God and stand before you like this. How can you explain it? An agbero guy becoming a Bishop?

This is an opportunity for you to give your life to Jesus. Are you here this morning and want to give your life to Jesus and get a good beginning from him? Say: Lord Jesus, I thank you for dying on the cross of Calvary to save my life. Today, I give my life to you and surrender my life to you, save me, forgive my sins, cleanse me and make me a child of God. Write my name in the book of life and give me strength and grace to serve you for the rest of my life. Thank you for saving me. Amen.

Father, in the name of Jesus, I pray for all these ones who have come to you. I pray that your hand rest upon their lives and the hand of the devil be cut off from them. The destiny and the life of these ones shall not be misdirected. They will become instruments in your hand. The way you are using me today, you will use them likewise. In Jesus Name we pray, Amen.

An evangelist went to a far place, spent millions of naira to organize a crusade and for three days, it was only one boy, just a child that came out for the altar call. The first day, that same boy, the second day, that same boy and the third day, that same boy. When the evangelist returned to his home, the church sacked him saying how could they waste money over one small boy and said God didn’t speak to him. Today, that boy is Billy Graham and today, see the number of souls Billy Graham has won to Christ. Do not despise the little ones, how I wish I had the opportunity like these young children who have come to give their lives to Christ. Encourage the children teachers also, don’t discourage them. They are doing great works.


Lift up your right hand.

Lord, I declare supernatural restoration over every hand lifted up. Whatever the enemy has forcefully taken from you, whatever they have taken from you because of envy and jealousy, hear the voice of the Lord, as you shout amen, you will have them back.

There is a woman here who lost a child. God has given you another one but there is this fear inside of you if this one won’t also die the way the first one died. Hear the voice of the Lord, God asked me to tell you that that child will not die.

I saw a seat of honour at the centre here and I pray that whoever owns this chair, by the voice of the Lord, go and occupy it in the name of Jesus.

I saw a picture of the globe at the centre and the logo of the church in its centre. Before long, there will be a global recognition of this Church, Amen.

There is a woman here, something usually troubles your stomach, as if something is stirring your stomach. I command, let healing come. Whatever you have eaten that is troubling your stomach and troubling you, let the power of God nullify it in the name of Jesus. As from today, you shall go from glory to glory, honour to honour and blessings to blessing.

Lord, I lift up my hands to you and pray for every mother that is crying over their child. You are the One who wiped away the tears of my mother over my life, Lord, I ask you, let mercy speak. The Lord who delivered me from the prison house… I got to the gate of the prison house but the angel of God sent me back; that policeman was an angel of God to me. I pray, wherever that boy or girl goes to, the grace of God will defend them, Amen. The Lord who appeared and pushed me down from the bus of destruction… they would have burned me down and I would have died like a goat but something happened and I was pushed down. That thing that happened that saved me from sudden death, wherever your children go, such thing will happen and they will escape death and accident, Amen.

You will not die the way your father die. What killed him will not kill you. The enemies of your Father’s house, I declare them failure over you. The God who delivered me from the wicked hands of my father’s house will deliver you.

I pray for everyone, your wasted years are restored. So it shall be in the name of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

For everyone looking for the fruit of the womb, lay your hand on the womb, the power of God is coming upon you now in Jesus Name, let that barrenness disappear in Jesus Name. Let fruitfulness come in. That yoke is broken in the name of Jesus.

Hear, that young lady, between now and the next Unusual Encounter, your marriage will take place. You will carry your baby in the name of Jesus. So it shall be in the name of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

Every prophecy shall be fulfilled in your life, none of them will fail and you will return with testimony in the name of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

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