December 5, 2022

Unusual Encounter 2022 (Day 5 Evening)

Unusual Encounter 2022 (Day 5 Evening)





SERMON THEME: God of All Possibilities

SERMON TEXT:  Isaiah 25: 7-9

PREACHER: Bishop Moses Alabi Idris



Introduction (Reverend Ebenezer Olawuyi): You are welcome again to the fifth day evening session. How many of you have been blessed in this program? Can you demonstrate it by standing up and shouting Hallelujah! God is not yet done with us and He is never fed up with us. Set your mind that you are going to finish this program and not just finish it but go home with testimony. Like I used to say; God will not invest His resources without a purpose. God will not waste His resources. God is a business man and wants profits. That is why He doesn’t like those who are not fruitful. He wouldn’t prepare His servant to just come and go back without an impact. He sent His servant to produce His result and fulfill His purpose. Very soon; we will be going to the worship session before we bring up the man who will be ministering to us tonight as I have earlier told you. He looks gentle but he is loaded. He is the founding pastor of the Living Rock Church in Lagos, Abuja, and UK. He is a seasoned man of God that ministers with signs and wonders. He is also the prayer director of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (Lagos Chapter). I will introduce him now and he will then come up after the worship session. So, with the Joy of the Lord in my heart; I present to you Bishop Moses Alabi Idris.

Message: Shout a loud Hallelujah. If you know that tonight is your night in this Unusual Encounter program. I know that this program is a prophetic program established by God to change destiny. So, I want you to tell God that Lord tonight gives me an encounter today, tomorrow till the end of this program. In Jesus name we pray. Be fore I start this ministration; I want to give thanks to the host. Life is not beautiful until someone introduces you. Jesus was introduced by John the Baptist. I want to greet you Papa and Mama. Indeed, it’s a Graceland. I appreciate all men of God, various leaders in everywhere. I appreciate you all. God always call one person, but supported by many people. I’ve been told about who you are and that’s how I meet you. I want to read Isaiah 25: 7-9. And then after that; I will brief you and then we will go into ministration. So, every covering over your eyes; consider it that it will disappear tonight in Jesus name. Father let s bless us tonight. Let your words come with power, save soul, and healing. I want you to look at the person beside you and say: this is your moment. The theme of your program is: God of all Possibilities. I come to you tonight and I say: With God; no more tears. This is a perilous time. The bible says this is a perilous time. It’s a dangerous time. The whole world is going through tears. And when I entered church; I don’t know what church look like. And as I begin to follow; I begin to see my pastor going through how the power of God is displayed in the Bible. I see tears in the church then and so I asked my pastor: why are there those tears? Then, my pastor told me: it’s a power of God. I like to let you know that no one is born to this world by mistake; God created you perfectly when he created you. But as you began to grow; the enemy will begin to mar your glory. But I want you to know that God will intervene in your in this night of unusual encounter tonight in Jesus name. Life is full of impossibilities but God of all possibilities will encounter you tonight in Jesus name. Many people are going through tears and pains; Maybe you are almost 40 years of age but not yet married or you are almost 60 and married but no issue. That is why Gid is a perfect God. I prophesy this into your life: Tonight, God will wipe away your tears. In 2008; I was diagnosed with cancer moving from stage 3 to stage 4. The doctors gave 2 weeks in LASUTH. I left hospital with tears and I began to question my God. Where is the God of Lazarus who wake up the dead after four days? Where is the God that wake up the son of the widow of Nain? Then, I told myself: Moses Alabi Idris, cancer will not kill you. Hear me: what you are going through: it might be like evil; but behind it – it will lead to glory. I started bleeding after two weeks. I asked them medication but they said they don’t have it. They said I should be taking pain reliever. I went to Ghana, underwent chemotherapy and, when I came out; I was as black as the skin of the music speaker set.  But when I saw the theme of this program; I recalled what Gid has done my life. It’s five years now but I’m still standing.  I was supposed to sign a document, but it was stated in the document that you might have organ complications. But then I remember that my God is a God that replace. I went back to them to check again, but everything is now normal. The Doctors said we don’t know what you do; but what we saw in you; we have never seen it before. Every tear of your life in this unusual encounter; God will wipe it off. God brought me back from the mouth of death; you will not die in Jesus name. All my organs are functioning perfectly. Do you know that my energy is so strong that sometimes I preach like four times in a day. I shed tears in that; but God turned it to joy. Every tear in your life that Satan is using to mock you; God will turn it to joy in Jesus name. A sick man has no title. A former dead man is the one talking to you today. Hallelujah! A woman in Umuahia; somebody told her my testimony; The woman is aged. The woman said I heard you chased cancer out of your body. I said its not me. Jesus did it. She said help me chase this thing out of my legs. The last time she spoke to me; she said my son; I have started walking small small. The problem that believers have is faith. Many of us we believe in prayer but we did not believe in his ability. Supernatural is natural to Jesus. Place a focus on the ability of what the power of God can do for you tonight. Whatever that causes tears; it is high time for God to do it. A lady has been looking for husband many years in my church but then, one day, a man appeared in my church but I thought he was a playboy. I didn’t want her to marry him – He was too polished and educated, but I didn’t know it was an answered prayer. Today, they are blessed with children and good things of life. I want to change your belief. People in the world are believing many things, but don’t join them. Believe in the word of God. Whenever I go to the hospital; the doctors always use me as my reference point for others. People don’t always believe the story and always ask whether there is a special prayer I prayed.  But I let them know I didn’t pray any special prayer, but only believe the word of God and what he says about me. Prayers. A brother went to a program like this and he prayed all the prayer they called. But after the program; the man of God told him that he has not prayed enough. Then he went and locked himself up and prayed for strange encounter. That brother has wanted to travel, got his passport, went to visa office but don’t know how to go. The consular officer told him that can he marry her? He said yes and that is how his life was turned around forever.

Prayers. Prophetic prayers. I’m sure we are going to have a lot of testimonies tomorrow in Jesus name. Is there anyone who just came here tonight and needs to give his life to Jesus Is there any one like that? When you are coming tomorrow; don’t come alone.

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