December 5, 2022

Unusual Encounter 2022 (Day 5 Morning)

Unusual Encounter 2022 (Day 5 Morning)






TOPIC:                      God of all Possibilities

TEXT:                        Luke 1:34 – 35

PREACHER:             Rev. Ebenezer Idowu Olawuyi



I pray God visits you right now with an early morning gift. I want everybody to pray this prayer: Father, baptize me with fresh power.

Friends, listen to this, you need power (Luke 1:34 – 35). There are wickedness in our generation; they have been there before now and remains till now. The Bible says, “Have respect unto the covenant: for the dark places of the earth are full of the haunts of cruelty” (Ps. 74:20). 2 Ephesians says we wrestle not against flesh and blood but principalities and power; and, our weapon of warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds (2 Cor. 10:4). There are strongholds that need to be pulled down.

Friends, I like to announce to you this morning that you need power. You can’t walk through this world without power. For you to even move on this earth, you need to move against the wind. There are forces that don’t want you to rise. In Zechariah 20 downwards, the Bible talks about four horns that did not allow Judah to rise up. Every time they made attempts to rise up, the horns will pull them down. Not that they were not working or making efforts but every attempt they make to rise, the Devil pulls them down. There are powers in families, territories, etc. that don’t want people to rise. Friends, you need to know that you need power to confront power. When power meets with power, the lesser power gives way for the stronger power. When a strong man keeps his own house, his house will be in peace. You cannot be a Christian without power; we cannot say we have the God of Elijah without having the power of Elijah.

When the angel said Mary would bring forth a child, she asked how it could be since she knew not a man. You may be saying these also: “How can this be when I have stopped my menstrual period? How can this be, knowing that I have nobody to connect me with the government? How can this be, knowing that I finished with third class? How can this be, knowing that I am not beautiful like people say? How can this be knowing that I do not have the financial power? How can this be, knowing that medical report is negative? How can this thing be with all these things that I am seeing? That’s why you need power.

Natural things need to be confronted with the supernatural. Mary looked at herself, she looked at the situation and thought to herself, “Was it possible?” It was like she was saying, “If you look at the situation with human and natural eyes, how can this thing be?”

One of my friends who we finished together from the University… well, by the grace of God, I was very helpful to him because I was a bit further. He was struggling and managed to finish with a Third Class honours whereas there were people in our Department that finished with First Class honours. He was posted to the North but got reposted to Oyo State. He served with an organization within IIT called ILCA (International Livestock Centre for Africa). Right where he was serving, he found favour. His boss went to South Africa where there was the headquarter of the ILCA. They were holding a meeting and there was a need for a researcher in the area of Animal Genetics. The researcher needed to be sponsored and the boss brought the case of my friend. From there, he went for his Masters with a scholarship to Canada. Remember, he was Third Class. From Masters, he went for his Ph.D and he is now a lecturer in a University in the US. This was a Third Class honours graduate but the power of God broke the barrier.

My wife directed a lady to me sometimes ago, she was one of our students also. This lady had epilepsy that have tormented her for years. She had gone to different places and done different things. In a meeting like this, the epilepsy would come upon her and disgraced her, even sometimes in the street or the market. This lady was in pain and sorrowful. I told her, “Since all these things have happened and there is no solution, I am going to employ a super power – the one that is super above the natural.” This was what Mary said also – she knew the natural, however, there is another power above the natural – the supernatural. I told the lady that I would employ the supernatural power into the natural situation. Beloved, it didn’t take few minutes, the story of this woman changed forever. She is now happily married and doing well for years.

Friends, you need power. Mary said, “How can this thing be since I know not a man?” When the natural holds you down, if you don’t understand what to do, you will just remain there. You need power. The angel answered and gave Mary the solution. He said, “The Holy Ghost shall come upon you,” that is, that ‘natural’ will be interposed with the supernatural. “The Holy Ghost shall come upon you and the power of the Highest will overshadow you,” and after it, there is going to be a result – “that thing which shall come out of you shall be called holy.” I am believing God this morning, that the Holy Ghost and the power of the Highest will come upon somebody here. You need Him!

A commander-in-chief commanded his army and said, “Go and arrest this gangster – this terrible people who had been disturbing the town. Go and arrest them.” However, when he was sending them, he didn’t give them weapons. What do you expect? They would be victims. Let me tell you this: God the Father is the commander-in-chief. He commands. Jesus is the Doer, He’s the military man. The Bible says, “By Him, all things were made.” He is the soldier, the policeman but the policeman or the soldier needs a weapon and a missile. The missile is the Holy Ghost.

God the Father commands, Jesus the Doer does it, however, Jesus the Doer says I am helpless without the Holy Ghost. That is why he had to wait for the endowment of the Holy Ghost before He went ahead – the Holy Ghost came upon him like a dove. Friends, you need a fresh baptism. Even when God was creating the Heavens and the Earth, He knew He couldn’t create anything without the Holy Ghost and Power (Gen. 1:1 – 2). The Hebrew Bible says there was confusion, but God knew that He couldn’t do anything without Power. Even the Father knows that He is the commander and He needs power. The Bible says in the 3rd verse that the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. Remember, “the Holy Ghost shall come upon you and the power of the Holy Ghost shall overshadow you.” The spirit of God hovered over the confusion in Genesis and then God said, “Let there be.” God could not say, “Let there be,” until the Holy Ghost hovered over the confusion. Friends, you need power.

Psalms 104:30 says, “You send forth your Spirit, they are created; and You renew the face of the earth.” You see, God had to send His Spirit to be able to create the world. I am believing God this morning that creative power will happen. Friends, don’t say, “They said”; Man’s extremism is God’s opportunity. Don’t say, “They have concluded that my sperm count is too low and I cannot conceive.” I stand before God Almighty, the power of the Highest that God will recreate you in the name of Jesus. Anything in your body that needs to be recreated, God will do it this morning. The power of God is going to come upon you and new kidney will be given to you. If you are battling with liver problem for so long, God will give you a new liver in Jesus Name.

God can do these three things: He can correct it, He can create a new one and He can bring the dead one to life. The Bible calls God a quickening Spirit. There may be need for someone’s organ to be quickened this morning; there may be a need for somebody’s memory to be quickened this morning. You may have discovered that you read thoroughly but there is no result. There may be a need for somebody’s business to be quickened. I introduce to you the Holy Spirit, the third man of the Trinity, the power of the Highest, the One who can do anything. If you want to confront any impossibility… Who told you that you have passed the marriageable age? Mary said, “How can this thing be, knowing that I don’t have any man?” You may be saying, “How can this thing be, knowing my age? How can this thing be? Will anybody still marry me?” I want to announce to you, when the Holy Ghost comes upon you, it doesn’t matter your age. God will raise up someone who will love you and care for you. We have seen a 66-year old woman who married for the first time in her life. We have seen 60+ years old delivering. The Bible says concerning Zechariah and Elizabeth that they were stricken in age. I introduce to you today the power of the Highest, it will come upon you this morning and that barrier shall be broken. Your body shall be quickened and you will be resurrected and quickened.

Long for His visitation. Forget about what is happening to you. Long and cry for His visitation – “Lord, visit me with the power of the Highest.” The power of the Highest will change your story and make you laugh. I have seen God does things that are beyond human understanding. Look at the case of Samson… somebody was saying, “This demon is powerful o,” I was angry and told her not to say so. She said it has tormented her for so long… Oh, my people perish for lack of knowledge. Please, seek the power of the Highest. In Judges 16, the people came and delivered Samson into the hand of the Philistines because they were afraid of them. His own people, the people of Judah delivered Samson to the Philistines and when they were taking him, the Bible said they bound him with new ropes, not old ones, to be sure that nothing could break them. Samson said the only thing he asks from Judah is that they should not kill him by themselves so that it won’t be that they killed their own family. Some people by ignorance have delivered their family members to the enemy. Maybe when they were young, they engaged in charms to protect their young ones and in the process, delivered their sons and daughters to the enemy. Samson’s family, his father and mother, tied him with rope and delivered him to the Philistines but Samson told them not to worry, they should not just kill him by themselves. Friends, I tell you, you need power. Demons bow to power. Devil trembles at the power of God. The Bible says in v. 14 that the Spirit of the Lord… that’s the anointing. By the anointing, the yoke is broken and destroyed. The burdens are lifted from the shoulder. The Spirit of the Lord came and the bible says, “And the rope became like flax,” that is, a burned thread. That was the way it became when the power of God came upon him. I pray for you, “What is that bondage that has held you down? What is that yoke that has held you down? I come in the name of the Lord to introduce to you, like the angel said, the solution to that problem. The Holy Ghost shall come upon you and what will come out of you will give glory to God.”

Jesus knew. He waited for the Power to come upon him. He knew and so told his disciples not to rush ahead or be in haste and that they should wait for Him in Jerusalem. The fact that they are born again doesn’t matter, they should wait in Jerusalem. You need Power so that you become unconquerable for the witches and become a live wire, whoever touches you become dried up instantly.

Prayer Points

Say, “I need power.”

  1. Father, I am the one in need of power. I am the one in need of fresh anointing.
  2. Every power of impossibility, I confront you today with the power of the Highest and I command the you to give way.
  3. Mary said, “How can this thing be since I do not know a man.” In other words, this is a natural thing. I want you to recognize that natural situation in your life and I want you to confront it with the supernatural power.

Say: Every power of nature hindering me, that has put limitations in my life, I confront you now with the supernatural power of God in the name of Jesus.

  1. The ropes burned in the hands of Samson as if fire burned it. John the Baptist says, “Jesus is going to baptize with Holy Ghost and fire.” Whatever chain or grip that has been holding you down, even though you are trying it keeps stopping you. Pray: O Fire of the Holy Ghost, burn every works of the devil in my life.
  2. Holy Spirit, I release my life for you to recreate anything that needs to be recreated in me. Let your creative power work in me.

I am praying right now and I want you to believe God that organs will be recreated. I hear God telling me that there is someone here who God wants to heal their sex organs. When it happens, you must give your testimony. You may not come out publicly but you must write down your testimony.

“Father, everything that needs to be recreated. Right now, Spirit of the Living God, My Father, I am asking, let your recreation, resurrecting and quickening power be at work now in Jesus Name.”

Call to Salvation

Now, friends, this is very important. You need the Holy Spirit to indwell in your life but before He dwells in your life, you need to give yourself to Him. Peradventure, you are here and have not given your life to Jesus and you want to surrender your life to Jesus. Pray: Lord Jesus, I thank you for dying on the cross of Calvary to save my life. Today, I give my life to you and surrender my life to you, save me, forgive my sins, cleanse me and make me a child of God. Write my name in the book of life and give me strength and grace to serve you for the rest of my life. Thank you for saving me. Amen.


This evening is going to be another wonderful time, Bishop Idris from Lagos is going to be ministering. Don’t miss this evening’s meeting, it’s going to be a wonderful time because it keeps getting better and better.

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