December 6, 2022

Unusual Encounter 2022 (Day 6 Morning)

Unusual Encounter 2022 (Day 6 Morning)








TOPIC:                      God of all Possibilities

TEXT:                        Psalms 3:3; Luke 21:28

PREACHER:             Bishop Moses Alabi Idris



Tonight will be a Miracle Service and I want you to be present. You have gone so far, so end it well; end the seven days well. Remember the story of that great man, Naaman. When the man of God told him to dip himself in the water seven times, up till the sixth time, nothing happened to him until he went in the seventh time and the perfection of his body came. I believe God, the Unusual Testimony of your life, bigger and greater than my own, the Lord Almighty will do it in your life. This morning will look like a prophetic service because it is an early morning hour and I want you to follow this service wholeheartedly. I am feeling strong anointing and great grace here and I know God will do a new thing in your life.

I want to read two Scriptures quickly: Psalm 3 vs 3 – “But You, O Lord, are a shield for me, My glory and the One who lifts up of my head”. Jesus was speaking in Luke 21:28 and He said, “Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near.” Lord, we ask that your hand be mighty here this morning. Touch every life, bless everyone, give us our testimony in Jesus Name. Look at somebody close by your side and tell that person, “Your season is now.”

Our theme is ‘God of all Possibilities’ but I am speaking this morning on what I title: God, the lifter of my head. Everyone in life desires lifting. Life of lifting is a necessity. Hear me very well, everyone is born uniquely. Everyone is born naked, we all came to this world naked but we are not born empty and that shows to us that there is a unique purpose for being alive. Lifting is important. Until you are lifted on the planet earth, you will be registered among common men. I pray for you, “You will not be common. You will not leave this world unfulfilled.”

“God, the lifter of my head,” that is a prophetic declaration by King David. When trouble overwhelmed his life, when everything around David seemed impossible, he made this pronouncement by declaring that God is a lifter up of his hands. I believe God intentionally brought us to life for a unique purpose and to add value to life. Jesus said in Luke 21, “When these things begin to happen…” what are the things that happen? So many things happen in life; there are people who challenges have swallowed up. David faced a lot of challenges; though anointed, he faced challenges. Being anointed does not take you away from challenges but it shows that you will overcome them all. The bible says, “When men are cast down, you shall say there is a lifting up.” I don’t know what you are going through but prophetically, there is a glory about you. God is moving by your side and He knows what He is doing about your life. It may look as if your life has been silent and nothing good is happening to you but in this Unusual Encounter, God will open up your destiny and the grace of God will lift you up.

I have watched men in this world, people who God lifts up and they all have stories to tell, great stories to tell. You heard yesterday, if you were here, how cancer bit me and everybody believed that I would die. Doctors believed that I would die, they summoned conference and began to ask me different things but God said, “You will not die.” Life is a place of warfare, and not a funfare. When you become saved, you must understand that life is not a place of joke; warfare is the matter. I want to say here that God gave you glory while you were coming to the world but there are certain forces that won’t want your glory to be manifested, the enemies of your house. Jesus said the greatest enemy of a man are the people of his household. If you are the glory of your family, so many things will confront and rise up against you. This ministry today has become big and everything looked as if it is in place but you can ask the man of God the story. When I started ministry, I started in the parlour, just myself and my wife. A brother tried to join us to console us but when nothing was working, the brother said, “I have to leave.” He left and it remained myself and my wife. On Saturday, I would teach her Sunday School and on Sunday, she would teach me. I was a member and a Pastor while she was a member and a Sunday School Teacher. It continued like that for so many years; nothing happened, nobody was added to church and after four years, we began to see people join us one-by-one. Before we could win one soul, we spend 8 months. Everywhere we went to preach, they heard the message but didn’t join us until God began to do something. During this year’s Unusual Encounter, you will not come in vain in Jesus Name.

There are three things that cause lifting:

  1. You have to know Jesus. David knew God and he followed Him. He wrote most of the Book of Psalms; some are songs of praise that he used to lift God up. David stayed with the animals, he spoke to the animals like human beings and God used that to train him and use him for the glory ahead; maybe that is what you are passing through. When Jesus came, he told Andrew and Simon, “Follow me and I will make you…” in another place. He said, “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” When you know Jesus, not only to come to church and say, “Oh, Graceland is a good church, our pastor is wonderful.” When you come, you must know Jesus and be ready to follow him. That is the first foundation: Knowing God through Jesus. If you are going to be lifted and want your head to rise, you need to know the lifter and that lifter is Jesus. I prophesy to your life, “Let the hand of God come upon your life.” You have to know Jesus and follow Him very well. In 2 Chronicles 26:4, the Bible talks about King Uzziah that he did what was right in the sight of God. You must live right; right-standing and relationship with God. When you know Jesus, it is not a license to be doing whatever you like because you have to live right and that is how His grace, His power and His Word can work for you.
  2. You must begin to serve Him and render service to him. When I say serve, it is to keep right-standing and relationship with God personally and that is very important – that Jesus know you and you know him; you are in right-standing with Him and then render service to Him, very important. Like our Daddy was saying, some people have to be here around 4:00am to make this place conducive for service. Some people would go late – that is their service to God. Every service attracts a reward; serving God attracts a reward. The Bible says that, “Ye shall serve the Lord your God and He will bless your bread and water.” In Christendom, you must know what to do for you to be lifted up. Service is important; to serve God and to render His service. There is a gift inside you… look at the choir, that’s the service they are rendering. These are the things that provoke lifting and this was what David was doing in the midst of the animals and God was watching. When the appointed time come for a King to be chosen, God went to look for him in the jungle. When you serve God, the day of lifting, promotion and glory will not pass you by.
  3. You seek God for your head to lifted. In 2 Chron. 26:5, the Bible says Uzziah sought the Lord in the days of Zechariah and God prospered him. Seeking God is important for your head to be lifted. When I saw that nothing worked in the Ministry… one day we were in the parlour and that time we were already around 8 to 12 members. One day, one man who had a twisted leg entered the parlours. He entered the parlour – the church and so, we started praising God. I discovered his hands were the loudest and his mouth was the loudest. I was so irritated and whispered to my wife and said, “I will send this guy out.” She said, “Why? God brought somebody and you want to send him out?” I told her that we went everywhere in Abule-Egba to witness, those who had straight legs didn’t come but it was the one that had twisted leg who came, so how do I do it? I was not sure about my anointing at time whether it could even cure a headache. I said I don’t want him. After service, I called him and asked how he was. He said the service was wonderful and that I am an anointed man of God. I told him if he knew ‘Ile-Epo’ and the CAC called Agbala-Itura, the church of Baba Abiara in that area and he said he knew it. I told him to go there next Sunday because the hand of God is mighty there. He said, “Man of God, you dey send people away from church?” I said, “No. This place is my parlour.” He told me I was using it for church and I said, “Yes. However, his own anointing is not here.” Do you know why I did that? When I go for evangelism and I give him tracts and say Jesus saves and Jesus heals, what do you think people will tell me? They would say, “If truly Jesus heals, why was he still there behind me with twisted legs?” Anyway, I sent him away and that if he comes back, I know what to do to him. I turned back to God and said, “God, I may be wrong with what I did. Give me anointing for this work, make me a voice for my life. Anoint me if you have called me,” but today, the story has changed. Today, the anointing is doing great works. I just said this story so that you will understand and that is what we have come to do here. By the time you will return next year, the Lord would have lifted you in 12 folds in every area of your life. Hear me, you are not returning back with a sickness; the sickness you have brought here, you will drop it. God will take it away from you.

The power of God is real and you need to seek God. Among your families and contemporaries, you need to be lifted. If you remained a common man, you will be living an average, low life. A common life has no voice and cannot be an achiever. It is God that raises men. The Bible says, “When you are cast down…” there are things that make men down – pressures of life, challenges of life, when you work and work and it didn’t work. When you do things and things don’t answer to you.

A boy went to stay with his friend for the weekend. The parents of his friends were blessed people. His friend has his own room and they came to serve them but by the time the boy returned to his father’s house, he refused to eat because he tasted another food somewhere. One day, he called his father and said, “Dad, when you were young, what were you doing? Why do you keep seven of us in one apartment? Look at the life we are living. When you were younger, maybe you used to play and didn’t think about us.” The mother began shouting at him but the Father told her to leave him that he had right to talk and it showed that he has sense. The father told the boy that he worked but work didn’t work for him. If you don’t seek God, there are certain things that will never show up. God taught me how to submit myself to prayer and I lived, by the grace of God, to seek his face. I didn’t know that the days of evil were coming. I never knew, but I submitted myself to prayers. In those days that I did not have money to buy compressor for fridge, I would grab the fridge and began to pray until that fridge worked; I would grab television until it worked. I cannot do that now, if I do it, God will not answer because I can go to the market and buy anything I want now. When you desire lifting, you submit yourself to God – it is God that lifts people, that’s why the Bible says, “When you are cast down, you will say there is a lifting up,” that is what David did. Prayer is a channel to connect to the supernatural; it will do that which God has commanded for your life and manufacture that which God has planned for you. When men pray, heaven gets opened and the Unusual begins to take place. What men cannot do, prayer will do it for you.

Jesus said, “Howbeit, this kind can’t go out except by prayer and fasting…”  There are sicknesses that are meant to kill people. There are afflictions that are meant to kill people or make them become useless. “…this kind cannot go out except by prayer and fasting” – sby giving yourself regularly to prayer and fasting and praying until something happens to you. If the door of heaven is shut against you, you stay there until someone opens it. The force of prayer is the key to rise. You may be small, but prayer can make you great. You may not have anything but prayer can open the door. I don’t know of any other thing to do in ministry than prayer. I remember, one time, God said seek me for 50 days and it had to be dry fasting. When it was 47 days, I collapsed and couldn’t move or walk. I thought I would die but a hand I didn’t see came and began to pour something like water into my body and strength came. I got up and God began to open doors.

Do you know why I chose to seek God? When I was 4 years old, I lost my mother who stayed with my father for 15 years and was barren. She had me and then 4 years later she died. When I was 16 years old, my father also died. I became an orphan and don’t know where to go to; family rejected me but Jesus took me up and began to lift me up. I was taught how to pray and I would be asking “If I pray, will I see God?” I thought I would see him face to face, I didn’t know I would see him through His manifestations. Today, He lifted me up, why? Because he heard my voice. He can hear your voice also. As we pray today, your doors will be open, your life will become a life of testimony. What Satan has held back from you, God will take it from him and give it to you.

David prayed and he sustained His kingdom. He prayed and he rose from an ordinary shepherd to become a king. I thought Jesus does not need to pray but when He came, He prayed. In Luke 4, He went on fasting and prayer and he prayed everyday, prayed all night until his destiny spoke. Your prayer will make your destiny speak for you. We want to pray now and I want you to get ready for prayer.

The three things mentioned earlier are the things you must learn how to do: Know Jesus and follow Him; serve him, render service to Him and commit yourself to Him in prayer. Pray until your glory is delivered, the whole world is waiting for you. Sickness must not remain in your body and defeat is not your portion – you must understand that. This morning, I want you to pray prophetically over your life and you will begin to see wonders taking place in your life.


Prayer Points

Stand up and lift up your voice:

  1. My Father, you are the lifter of my head. Lord, today, lift me up. Lift my head up.
  2. For every cloud that covers me and my life and makes my work not to speak. Every cloud that is not making the right men see me. Every cloud that covers my life, I command you be shifted in Jesus Name.

We read Isaiah yesterday and it talked about ‘covering casts.’ In life, God always sends somebody to someone. When our church was growing up, some members I started ministry with don’t have money. It was like pastor, like members, that was the way we were. But do you know that today, it is the same people who are giving in millions? So, if you started so low, that does not mean God won’t do anything, however, certain things can deprive you.

  1. Pray: Whatever that covers me, that covers my life and make good people not see me, that makes good customers not see me, in the name of Jesus, I cast you into fire.

I want you to present something important in your heart to God – something that looks impossible. When I came back from the hospital, that day the Doctors around 5 of them came and sat down as if they were in a conference hall to announce to me that this was what they found. When I came out, honestly, fear gripped my heart. I called my first born in America and I told him. He said, “Daddy, when they told you, what did you say?” I said I was afraid and tears were coming out of my eyes and began to think death because hardly, people survive it. You know what this boy told me, he said, “Daddy, but you taught us faith and it is this faith we all live on.” I told him that I never told them cancer would come. He told me and asked, “Is cancer above my faith?” As he was talking, I would also throw another question to him because I was afraid of dying of cancer. When I was in Ghana, everyday on my phone, people would send to my WhatsApp, the story of people who died of cancer. I called this boy and said, “You need to come home”. He asked why and I told him because I wanted to anoint him for Ministry. He said, “If I am coming for Ministry, that would be in your old age. You cannot handover to me now because you have not finished your course.”

When faith looks like it has left your life, somebody must be standing to inject faith back to you, that’s why you shouldn’t stand alone as a Christian. In the conversation that day, fear came up; that didn’t make me an unbeliever because I was to go through what I had not gone through before. The doctors told me that they knew I was a man of God and that I had two weeks to live. This boy started injecting and reminding me of messages and some utterances that I have forgotten. He said, “Dad, what had happened to you? Can you pick up your faith now? I know you will not die of cancer. God allowed it so that you can become a testimony for life and heal others.”

In that premises, I began to speak in tongues and said, “God, you are about to show up again. Devil, you are a bastard. If you are killing everybody, not this boy. Cancer, you are dead already.” I went into the car and went home, I went straight to the altar and my wife asked me what the doctors said. I told her that the doctors said I had cancer but God just took it out of my life. She asked how possible and I told her that the hand of God just came and removed it from my life. I said, “I will not die.” I told her my boy just injected faith back to me, I am revived. If you are in this place today, by next year Unusual Encounter, may you be a testimony people will be talking about. I was a cancer patient in Ghana but began to minister in the hospital to other people who had cancer. A woman said, “But is it not the same thing that brought you here?” I said, “No,” that I came there because of them that God put it there so that I can witness to them and that God put it in me so that when they see me, they can believe. Do you know? That woman was healed of the depression of cancer. Disappointment is being removed from your life now. Failure is removed from your life now in Jesus Name. You will not remain stagnant and you will not end the way others ended.

One day, I said, “This Bible I preach is enough to take care of me and take care of whoever believes it.” I began to see it happen supernaturally. I had been facing issues a long time ago. When I was growing up, a whole house fell on me and the family did not bother removing me because I was an orphan. They thought I was dead but God sustained me because of you who are here. I never knew that I would meet you and by the time we finish the Miracle Service tonight, if I am a man of God, the wonders of God will become a testimony in your life, Amen. I see another Dangote in your midst here, Amen. I am seeing another Baba Adeboye in our midst here, Amen.

You are going to speak to God. Pray, “God, the lifter of my head, visit me concerning this issue. Pass through me today. Lord God, do the impossible for me now.”

We will be having a Miracle Service tonight – that’s my line in Ministry. You need to believe the grace of God. Come on time so that I can have ample time to minister tonight. We will focus on healing but I want to pray for young ladies who are due for marriage, barren women and those who have strange sicknesses in their body. God showed me that there are two people here (they can be more that), when they start anything, they don’t complete it. The Grace of God is coming upon them. By the time you return back, just like the woman who gave an amazing testimony yesterday, you will give an amazing testimony that God is in this program and he would do more. God will do more.


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