December 1, 2023

Unusual Encounter 2023 Day 1 Evening

Unusual Encounter 2023 Day 1 Evening


1st of December, 2023



SERMON TITLE:       Unless You Bless Me

SERMON TEXT:     Genesis 32

PREACHER:             Reverend Sam Tukura



Content:  Hallelujah. Glory be to God almighty. Let us sit down. God bless you. Blessed be the Lord God almighty forever more. Our maker. Our joy. Our peace. Go to the book of Genesis 32: 21. And as he passed through the sunset… It doesn’t matter what you may have gone through in life; the maker of the sun has power to regulate the sun. The sun of righteousness will rise upon you. When the sun arises; we don’t beg the darkness to relocate. Matthew 4: 13 – 16.  The great light is a person. The son of God is a great light rising upon your destiny. Now, go with me to the book of Hosea 12: 3. What did you see in verse 3? Number 1 – he had power in God. It is a beautiful thing to have power with God. It is even a beautiful thing to have connections with the powerful people of this word; talk less of having power with God. When you have power with God – that will be your beginning of having power over everything that God created. So that Jacob had power of angel of God… The Bible says he prevails… which means: He wept. Listen. A man full of senses doesn’t usually weep until he has run to his wit’s end. Genesis 32: 24. The Bible says: Jacob was left alone…and God initiated a wrestle with him. God wanted to defeat in this man – what is not allowing God to have total control over him. Let us remember Josuha also. In Joshua 5: 13 – If God does not help you; you may only be by your portion and not in your portion. He was by Jericho and lifted up his eyes… There was a man holding the sword on the wall of Jericho, and Joshua walked up to him – and asked him – are you for us? or you are for our enemies? Two captains cannot be in the same vehicle. Some of you – God could have helped you; but you are competing with the captain of heaven. If you will relinquish the captainship of your life and allow Jesus to be the captain of your life – one instruction is enough to change the story of your life. Just one instruction – Mary said “whatever he told you to do; do it.” Even in the dark world; instructions make a charm works. Listen, for many of us – the angel takes long time against us. How come a man lasts all night in a wrestle with an angel? When we don’t give up in wrestling with God – wasting the time he ought to have used to do miracle in my life – say: O Lord, this night, defeat me quickly tonight, so that your miracle can quickly be come to pass in my life. Hosea 12: 4 – How did he prevail? Not by human might. The arms of flesh may fail – but a weeping man has power with God. But it takes time for God to bring a man to tears. Look at this – He wept. The climax of the prayer of Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane – He wept. His sweat was dropping like blood. Some of you are listening to me tonight – You are here – You are weeping. But, for a man to weep; it’s not a joke. It means that God has broken his bones. And even for a man of Jacob’s order to weep; it means that he has been broken. Supplication is what has been shown to be very potent with God. Supplication is a class of prayer that involve the person begging like a beggar. A supplicant is not in a standing position normally. We have seen men like Abraha, fall on their face. Hear me – some of the matters that affects you requires a supplicant prayer. Zechariah 2: 10. Even supplication has plurality. May the Holy Ghost make you a supplicant tonight. May the spirit of grace – May the spirit of supplicant falls on you tonight. When that happens – there are some postures you will assume during prayer that you won’t be aware. Hebrews 4: 16. We all need grace and we approach the grace on the throne. And when you approach the throne; you don’t approach the throne with qualifications, ego, and pride. You don’t approach a throne casually and irreverently. May you learn the palace-like ethics of revering God. You approach the throne as a supplicant – you are going to plead for your case. In pleading, God wants to see a man or woman that has defeated their pride. How did Jacob prevail? He wept. He made supplicate begore God. Ephesians 6: 18. Holy Ghost – spirit of supplication -package me before the throne of God today – package me in such a way that the father cannot look away. This begging is for who? In Verse 19: All saints. Let someone beg God for me. May you not lack intercessors for your destiny in Jesus name. Out of this matter of supplication; I want to show you the way Paul says it. Philippians 2: 25. Yet, I supposed… It means Epaphroditus is not just a mere person in the church, but a fellow soldier with God. That is another dimension of life. May God give you people who check on you and ask what you want in life. When we go to verse 26. I long after you always… This man, Epaphroditus, who never gets tired to see Paul to be successful in his mission, was sick. He was sick, not because of sin, but because he was neck deep in the mission of Paul. Anyone who is seriously involved in helping you in your needs and wants – who is now sick physically or business-wise – may God shows them mercy! That a man be a co-sojourner and labourer and soldier is not enough; the man was about to die. When your anointing can’t help you; there’s a mercy beyond anointing. Now, you see why supplication matters a lot. Tonight, we are going to plead with God for mercy. Many are the afflictions of the righteous; but the mercy of the Lord will rescue him. No man throughout the Bible cry to God like David. There’s no level you can get to in life that the cry of mercy should leave you. When other things fail; mercy can’t fail. May the mercy of God work a miracle in your life. That man, Bartimaeus, cried for mercy. Bartimaeus the blind cried out. – Jesus, son of David, don’t pass me by. The man cried the more. The cry for mercy is not a cry which you will be conscious of yourself or people around you. May he stop because of you tonight. Jesus gave the man a blank cheque and the man could have asked for money and become a rich blind man; but he cried out for mercy – that he may see. Tonight, you will cry for mercy – because there are things that it is only mercy can solve them in your life. Luke 1: 22. Wherever mercy is obtained; grace for the fulfillment of it in your destiny will fall upon your life in Jesus name! Tonight, may God bring out the credentials in your favour. May God performs that mercy in your life. Nobody can push God to swear. Anytime mercy of God is working in your life; the oaths of God come alive. Prayers. Luke 1: 24.  Luke 1: 5-7, 57. Prayers. You are about to make it when people said your time is gone! Stand on your feet. Let us pray.



  • O God, show me great mercy. Help my life beyond where I am.

Luke 1: 58 – People are going to hear about you – How the Lord has shown you great mercy!

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