December 1, 2023

Unusual Encounter 2023 Day 1 morning

Unusual Encounter 2023 Day 1 morning


1st of December, 2023



SERMON TITLE:       Unless You Bless Me

SERMON TEXT:     Genesis 32

PREACHER:             Reverend Sam Tukura



Content:  You can take your seat. I thank you my dear friend again. Rev. Olawuyi. Your friendship has been godly. Thank you. And our father that God used to declare this program; thank you again Sir. God bless you Sir. Let me be very fast. Give me Genesis 28, from verse 10. The theme of this meeting was drawn from Genesis 32, where Jacob was wrestling…and saying if you don’t bless me; I will not let you go. Genesis 28 verse 10. And Jacob went out from Beersheba… This journey was an escape journey. He is running from his elder brother, Esau. Esau has sworn to kill him because he and their Mama has conspired to steal his blessing and Mama Rebecca has warned him to run for his life. Because there is nothing more important than your life. Because if there is life; there is more hope for more. If you are hearing me this morning; you are running from something. Jacob also ran. And the Bible says when he got to a certain place, and the sun was set; he tarries there and use stone as his pillow – hard pillow. There will always be a time in your life that what you will put your head on is not a place that is comfortable. Heaven is about to open up for you this morning. This man – the verse 12 says ….and he dreamed…and a ladder was set up and raised down from heaven. It’s not an ordinary ladder.  When do we always use ladder; it is when we want to touch something and we are too short to reach it. Do angels need ladder? No. It is humans that needs ladder. It is when you are trying to touch something that is higher and taller than you. May God connect you with what your hand is trying to touch in life in Jesus name. There are things in the heaven that belongs to you. Forever O Lord, your words are settled in heaven. it is settled. Let me jump a bit – 20 years later – God stole Jacob to go back to Bethel. Look at the way Jacob characterized this place – Genesis 20: 17. Gate of heaven. You know, at the end of this, as a reader – you will see that – if you do this and this and this to me – I will give you a tithe of everything you give me. In Malachi 3: 10 – God commanded the people to bring their tithe to him and see whether I will not open the windows of heaven. Heaven has windows of heaven – Heaven has gates. Unfortunately, many who must enjoy the blessings of windows of heaven may not go through the gate. What shall it profit a man that he will gain the whole world and not go through the gate of heaven. May you enjoy the two – Hallelujah! Go to Genesis 32 verse 1. Between Genesis 28 and Genesis 32 – We have 20 years.  Verse 2: And when Jacob saw them; he said – These are God’s host. Sometimes, in your journey, you don’t know the war at your front. May you not lack the host of heaven in the days of your war.  Hear me somebody; what you saw in the dream – the good you saw in the dream – you are about to see it physically. The Lord Jesus was talking to Nathaniel in John 1: 49. Some of us from this program; we will see something greater than this. Truly, I said unto you – hereafter – Number 1 – you will see heaven open. When you leave here; you will see heaven open. Hereafter – after this here – I will see heaven open I don’t know the amount of power of the grave or hell that has been open against your life – I will see the heaven open upon your destiny, upon your glory, upon your life. No more dark snakes chasing you in the dream. Who is the son of man?  These two things – Opening of heaven and Angelic Activities – They happen frequently in the life of men. If I want this to happen – I must find my space in the son of man. May you find your space there! Make your effort to make heaven open when you do this. When you go back to Genesis 32… Jacob saw the angels of God – the host of heaven. Because of your importance in the place of God – Satan’s war against you can be very serious. Some of you – You can’t avoid some enemy on your path to destiny; may you not lack the host of heaven. Verse 3 – Jacob sent messenger before him to the land where his brother was. Esau has become a mountain. When what has sworn to kill you has become a mountain; friends, your sense cannot save you. And he commanded them saying – My Lord, Esau – thy servant Jacob says thus… Jacob is trying to fight a spiritual war with senses. When his host of powerful angels is standing around him; he is trying to be sensible… When you abandon the angels of God and wants to use your senses; you will see that what you are trying to avoid with your senses will come back 400 times more. What did Jacob do? He was afraid – He divided his property in batches. He thought if Esau destroyed a batch; the next batch will be able to escape. The Angels who are to defend him are around him, but he’s busy using his senses – He’s busy doing divisions. In this program; you are alone with God – This is not a program where you will be using some strategies. Some of you here this morning – Your first task is not even defeating your enemies – we need to destroy first that thing in you that is preventing you from yielding to your angels – from destroying your enemies. Hosea 12:  Whenever you are behaving like Jacob – be expecting difficulties – because a summary of Jacob is that he was a man in his own ways – not God’s ways. Jacob’s matter does not start today – it started from the womb. If this baby knows where to hold his brother while still in the womb – what would you expect him to do when he came to earth? Some of you are full of competition. You will not pass me. You will not pass me. (1) Jacob had power with God over his brother. (2) Jacob had power over the angels. – And prevail. His name was changed to Israel – A prevailing man. Immediately after the word “prevail’; you will see “,’ and not “;”. How? He wept. Who is weeping? Jacob! When a man of sense is weeping; sense is finished in him. Some of you – God has brought you to where you are now. You didn’t do it yourself. Weeping may endure for the night; but joy comes in the morning. When we come back in the evening; we will preach the word further. The pillow you are using in your house may be soft – but where you place your head is very hard. I want you to have power with God that, hereafter, you will see miracles of God working. Some of you medically, doctors are only managing your case – but the heavens do not manage a case – Heaven deals with cases.



  • Lord, I want you to open the window of heaven for me – but more than window; open the doors of heaven to me.
  • Lord, have mercy on me – for gibe me all my sins and wash me with the blood of Jesus Christ.

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