December 2, 2023

Unusual Encounter 2023 Day 2 Evening

Unusual Encounter 2023 Day 2 Evening


2nd of December, 2023



SERMON TITLE:       Determination to See the Lord

SERMON TEXT:     Genesis 32: 24

PREACHER:             Prophet M.O. Adio



Content:  Prayers. Sit down for a moment. I thank the Lord that give me the grace to be here today. I thank the ministers of God and the committee that is organizing this prayer every year. This that you are doing is inspiring Gid to bring grace to this Land. Even though you have a theme for this gathering, but I gave it my own theme.  Moses is the first person to try to see the Lord in the book of Exodus, and God told him that no one sees him and be alive. And till Moses left this world; no one can look at his face. Seeing the Lord that I am talking about this evening is that so that Giod will transform your life. He is a miracle-working God. Genesis 32: 24.  What we want to touch for the gathering of this year is that Jacob is a beloved of God from heaven. Don’t forget where I started from. Be determined to see the Lord in the gathering of this year. Don’t be a spectator. Don’t come to observe those who knows how to sing the most. Because God wants to move. He wants to visit his people. He will have mercy on those that he will have mercy on. This man called Jacob… what happen in his journey was that God had a great purpose for his life from heaven. If you read from the book of Genesis 22: 25. I’m not saying that you should read it… I will only be pointing to it as we go…  The wife of Isaa c was barren for 40 years and after this barrenness; Rebekah got pregnant and when the time of the delivery was getting near and sought the face of the Lord. That was when God said to her that two nations is in your womb. The elderly one will serve the younger. This has been destined from heaven. The miracle that came forth was that God himself spoke from the book of Romans 9: 13-17; God said Esau. Jacob, I loved; Esau, I hated. What did Esau do? What was his offence? What did Jacob do that make God to love him? Don’t forget: Paul said that it is not for those that runneth…but it is only God that gives mercy. Don’t forget that Isaac was stricken with old age and told Esau to go hunting for game for him to eat and bless him. And Esau went but Rebekkah, their mother, and Jacob conspired against him. Listen Children of God: Nothing happens without a cause. He determined to seek God. If not that he has received mercy from heaven; the heaven won’t have changed his name, supplanter, back. Whatever name you brought here tonight; heaven will change it to great destiny in Jesus name. Esau wept and he asked his father: My father, is there no other blessing remaining for me? Then his father said he will deliver himself from Jacob after he has become mighty. From that day; the battle line became drawn between Esau and Jacob. Also, the bible says that Esau sought his birthright with tears at the end, but he couldn’t recover it again. The promise of God has become abundant over the life of Esau eventually… He has also become strong and mighty…with plenty possessions. Eople of God, know how to surrender all of yourself to God in this program. Then Jacob sent ahead first a quarter of his possessions. His plan was to used them as front against any possible surprise attack from Esau. He then tarries ad don’t know whether he will be alive or not eventually.  Then he found where he is staying Angels ascending and descending over a ladder until God opens the eyes of his heart that the kind of life he has been living is not good. Then he fought with the last angel, but the angel told him that he wasn’t sent to him. You need to shout and cry unto God for your life. It took a lot of sweat in the garden of Gethsemane for Jesus to wrestle with Satan. Many of you are not careful with the issue of your life. Don’t accept your fate in life. It is not the purpose of God for your life to be stagnated or for you to be poor. It is you that will tell Satan that I don’t want it; you are not my creator. Jacob told the angel that I won’t let you go unless you bless me. If the name of Jacob was not changed; he won’t let him go. Then the angel said: you are not supposed to be bearing Jacob. You that you are here; some of you are carrying the generational curses all around. Many are suffering the consequences of acts they know nothing about. The father ate the garden fruit and the teeth of the children are becoming sour. The name of Jacob was changed. The angel was not born of woman; how did Jacob manage to delay him? Satan is not someone you can joke with. Pray that the power that turns darkness to light descend upon you. It was pronounced upon Jacob that from that henceforth; you have become a nation forever. It is the name Israel that the angel gave that the nation still bears till today. The story of Hannah. Who knows that a great child, a great priest, a great judge, a great king, like Samuel was present inside the womb of Hannah? The story of Elijah and Elisha. Elisha was focusing on something. What is your own focus too? Because it is difficult for God to make falsehood. No matter the issue you brought to this mountain; Tell God: I want to have testimony no matter what. And you will have it! Before you obtain anything good on this earth; you must be ready to fight warfare. Don’t forget that when Satan was casted away from heaven; he was sent to this earth. So, this earth is a place full of warfare. The Bible says the chariot of fire came up suddenly. And Elisha cried out: Father! the chariot of Israel Aha… The power has come… The detractors who have been monitoring him was waiting for him to see how he will cross the river of Jordan… But when they saw what he does; the noise came out that the power of Elijah has entered Elisha!


O Lord, Surprise me this year before this year ends.

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