December 2, 2023

Unusual Encounter 2023 Day 2 morning

Unusual Encounter 2023 Day 2 morning


2nd of December, 2023



SERMON TITLE:       Unless You Bless Me

SERMON TEXT:     Luke 7: 11-14

PREACHER:             Rev. Sam Tukura



Content:  Now, this is a dead man, because in verse 14; Jesus Christ touched him. What makes me happy in this matter is that Jesus was not invited to the matter. There are matters which God will invite Himself to. May God get invited to your situation by Himself in Jesus name. Let me quickly say this: there is no case beyond God. So, he came and touched the coffin. Those that carried the coffin saw that he touched the coffin and they paused. This was a journey to the grave, but heaven arranged mercy for him. It was a young man; the father is gone. He only has his mother, but God ordered the steps of Jesus Christ to interrupts the funeral procession. Many dreams, visions, and future were about to be buried, but God interrupted it. But because Jesus is not just a prophet; but God himself; He will never say “Thus says the Lord”; He will always say “Thus says the Lord…”, or “verily”. Moses, Elijah, will say “Thus says the Lod, but because Jesus Himself is God He will only say: I say! I don’t know who says “die”, but He says “I am the resurrection and the light”. Luke 7: 12.  No matter how lovely or beautiful you are; there is nothing like a good corpse – A day will come – when you will die – the same people who has been showing you love – fawning over you – will carry you out. God has a way of being compassionate. Many times, if you read scripture, the bible will say…and being moved with compassion. There are things in God that informed God to be mercy and compassionate beyond all your actions or decisions. Exodus 33:  … I will be merciful for those who I will have mercy on. Romans 9: 15. And he said to Moses… This is a man God has used… Who God will answer on without blinking a eye… But he said, you want to see my face? This is about mercy! I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy upon.  I hope you will understand…. Because you can’t buy mercy. Sometimes, it will surprise you the reason why God will have mercy on someone sometimes. The matter of mercy and compassionate are ll within I am that I am. O God, what can I do that will attract your mercy. What I may do may not be enough to invoke your mercy. O God, decide in your heart to have mercy on me. Psalm 147: 10. He demanded strength not in horses. He taketh pleasure not in the race of man. In those days, if you have a horse or you have your legs; the journey is smooth already. But where God is taking you; your understanding or your strength alone is not enough to be commensurate to the journey. Your fear of God is your horse for your journey of life. If God leaves you to your legs; there are destinations you can never arrive to. May God’s mercy becomes your horse in Jesus name! That young man is already dead and being carried out. Anytime a corpse is being carried; it means the grave of the person is ready. So, the grave of this young man is ready, but the grave disappointer is on the road and uninvited, he touched the coffin and the funeral procession was interrupted. Jesus Christ will disappoint those who wanted to bury your destiny in Jesus name! If he did this uninvited; what would he do if he is invited? And he said to him; young man: arise! And he that was dead sat up. Where? On the shoulder of those who carried him to bury! You will sit on the shoulder of those who carried him to bury and rule in Jesus name! I want to ask you a question. Will the funeral procession continue? No. Yo! Because Jesus Christ has disappointed your enemies; the city has not seen enough of you. And they U-turn. Do you know why? The songs of the funeral procession were changed. As this dead body rises to life; the kind of holy commotion that came up was unexplainable. When the grave was ready; one or two persons normally waited around the grave – waiting for the corpse to come. It’s like you have been killed politically or business-wise already, but you then made a U-turn back to a new great role. Those who have deleted your number before now will very soon be begging your PA for your phone number in Jesus name. Your glory will shine again! Your destiny will shine again! Those who were expecting the young corpse at the grave were disappointed that what could have happened differently from that of his father – long dead ago. Numbers 23: 23. Surely…there is no enchantment against… After this divine encounter program; enchanters and diviners shall begin to go mad in Jesus name! Some witches shall wake up as mad witches! Yo! It will happen! His encounter will sweeten your life but be bitter against your enemies in Jesus name. Let’s go back to our story as I am trying to bring it to a close. No other religion founders have claim over the death. But Jesus Christ said: I am the resurrection and the light… John 12: 17. Jesus Christ called Lazarus from the dead. When Elijah…with all his anointing…when he wanted to raise the dead has to lie on the dead. No case stressed the master. Only He… Jesus Christ… Lord of lords…called the dead from the grave. If he can call a dead man after four days; he will call your destiny out of poverty! Jesus Christ never struggles with darkness. In the past; even wicked people used to tell me that I am bad. I will put on a round neck shirt on my neck and dress like Rasta man. A recount of his old bad life. But when Jesus saved me, instead of going to Jamaica to rap; I was going to Jamaica to preach the gospel of Christ. Before I became born again, I was a Rastafarian; but now I am a Christafarian! And for many of you who may not know; Bob Marley cried to God and got converted, and was baptized in the Ethiopia church before he died. More recount of old life. Don’t put your trust in any charm or any idol. There’s no salvation in any of them. Salvation is only in Christ Jesus! Anyone that has another god different from the God that created his life; is challenging God to a fight and can never win it! Your god that rain can spoil…no be god now… But today, there is a man whose name is Jesus, He is a great disappointer of the grave and darkness! The people who are waiting at the graveside discover that there is a man, whose name is Jesus Christ, who has changed the story. They have to fill the grave back with sand. The man became a living exhibit to counter every philosophy or religion. And when He died, He Himself woke up on the third day. You know what? That young man that was raised. Was he raised back to life to go back to his old sinful life? No. He’s raised back to become a living testimony of Christ to the city. God is about to raise your life back; he is calling you back to new testimonies in Christ Jesus.



  • O Lord, I don’t want to die with my destiny. I don’t want to die with my glory. I will fulfill my destiny. O Lord, disappoint those who thought it is over for me!

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