December 3, 2023

Unusual Encounter 2023 Day 3 Evening Session

Unusual Encounter 2023 Day 3 Evening Session


3rd of December, 2023



SERMON TITLE:       The God of Bethel is the God of Unusual Encounter

SERMON TEXT:     Genesis 32

PREACHER:             Pastor Toyin Kehinde



Content: It was the God of Bethel that appeared unto Jacob. And he told his family member that he had a dream. The angel of the Lord appeared to him. The angel said I am the God of Bethel. Now, arise and dwell with your people. Your days of running around is over. The day of running helter-skelter is iver. The day of not having the rest of mind is over. Right from the womb; Jacob has been struggling. Anything he wants to get in life; it’s always either he struggles for it or he cunningly gets it. He has always wanted to be prominent from the womb; but he kept on struggling. He wanted to marry; he was cheated first. His boss also changed his wages like ten times. But the God of Bethel appeared to him that your struggles are over. You are entering into a season of peace. You are entering into a season of victory. You are entering into a season of ease. God is going to settle you! Prophetic prayers. Tell someone: it’s time to go back to Bethel. It’s time to meet the God of Bethel again. He’s the rewriter of history. If you check any book you are holding now; you will see that there’s always a blank page. When men have finished writing; something better and new will be written about you! Prophetic declarations! I told us in the morning; that the God of Bethel is the God of unusual encounter. Jacob met the God of unusual encounter while sleeping on the stone in Bethel. Prophetic prayers! Don’t be expecting the usual things at this meeting. Prophetic prayers! And in the morning service; we say that the God of Bethel is the God of unusual consistency. He is the God of constant. He is the God that remain the same. He said to Jacob: I am the God of your fathers. I do not change. I will not change. Your condition cannot make me change. Your situation cannot make me change. I will not change. I will not begin to change over your own case. I remain the same. In Nigeria; he is the same. In America; he is still the same God. He has turned the life of people around and he will turn the life of someone around tonight. He is the unchangeable changer. He has not fail. And he will nto begin to fail over your own case! Prophetic prayers! Say Amen loudly! Now let me continue. In Genesis 28: 13. “…in the land on which you stand; I will give to you and your descendants.” Even while Abraham to Jacob was still walking on the land; God said I will give it unto you, even while they are still strangers. God is the ruler over the universe. He is the God of unusual promises.  Prayers! He is the law and the law giver. He will remove every law that is not aligned with his own. Jesus said: Heaven and the earth may go away, but not one little of my word will go away. You are wondering where the promises of the Lord you received will come to pass. I am sent to you here tonight that the time of the fulfillment of his promises over your life is here! God is going to begin to move people and situations, because the season has come. God will begin to change the order of things, because your season of fulfillment has come. Your promise is no longer delayed nor tarried. It shall come to pass! Prophetic prayers! Shout hallelujah! The God of unusual promises and prophecies. God has never made a promise that he cannot fulfill. He told Abraham and his wife that he is going to give them a son, but they don’t believe. But God came back and told him that your wife Sarah will conceive herself and give birth to a son for you. So, when the time came; some visitors came around and Abraham took care of them hospitably. And the three men said to them: By this time next year! They said to him; this is no longer to be delayed. This is your season of fulfillment! And when they said that: Sarah laughed! And the angel said: why did you laugh? Sarah said “I did not laugh”. Then they said: for laughing; the child name shall be called laughter! Prophetic prayers! If it was the body of Abraham alone that revived and the body of Sarah was not alive; the miracle will not happen! The body of Sarah was dead – but after the men left; the body of Sarah came alive. Prophetic songs! Further demonstration of Abraham and Sarah’s story. The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want. He set a table before me in the presence of my enemies… We are still going to chapter 32 to chapter 35. His promises; he said I will fulfill it. Tonight, we shall pray! Tonight, every promises of God that has been delayed; we will demand from God to make it fulfilled now – we are demanding from God because this is the season of fulfillment. Prophetic declarations!





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