December 3, 2023

Unusual Encounter 2023 Day 3 Morning Session

Unusual Encounter 2023 Day 3 Morning Session


3rd of December, 2023



SERMON TITLE:       The God of Bethel is the God of Unusual Encounter

SERMON TEXT:     Genesis 32

PREACHER:             Pastor Toyin Kehinde



Content: Opening prayer. Somebody say a louder amen! We want to thank God for God’s servant for his consistency remaining on the narrow way. Many people could have derailed on the way due to the pressures of life. We give glory to almighty God. Can you appreciate the glory of God in his life and the life of his family! Everyone who is here this morning, whether here physically or online; you will not go back the same way in Jesus name. And God will bless every one this morning in Jesus name. Jacob was on his way and was about to meet the greatest fear of his life. The person he has been running from to a great city. Some body here today will not leave here until you are blessed. The story began from Genesis 31: 11-13. This was Jacob talking to his wives. He told them – the angel of the Lord spoke to him in a dream and I said here I am, and he said: Lift your eyes now and see… Say confidently: The God of bethel! You know that God appear to people in several ways. God appeared to Jacob and said: I am the God of Bethel, where you made a vow to me… If God has not spoken to me here; he won’t wrestle at Bethel. His going back home was as a result of the fact that God of Bethel appeared to him in a dream. The God of Bethel is about to blessed and transformed somebody today! In Genesis 28: 10-13. Listen to me: Few things I want to tell you about the God of Bethel. Number one: The God of Bethel is the God of unusual encounter. I am saying to somebody this morning: the miracle you have never receive before: the God of unusual encounter is going to visit you with it in Jesus name. It has never happened before – Jacob was running away because he has fraudulent taken the blessing that has been promised to him even before he was born. He ran and escape and then he got to a place where he needs to lie and he used to a vital stone to lie down as a pillow instead of a vital foam. God of Bethel is a God of mercy – He is a God of unusual encounter. He must have been really been tired. I am prophesying to someone here today: Your dream will change – your story will change. He did not dream that someone was pursuing him – But he saw a ladder with angels ascending and descending! Prayers. The choir sang that it doesn’t matter what you are going through; you may be using a stone as a pillow – no matter what you are going through; heaven will open for you! Suddenly where Jacob was sleeping; heaven open! And there was a ladder – the Bible says: they were ascending and descending – not descending and ascending. That is why Jacob said: God is in this place.  I tell you: The angels will carry your prayers to the throne today! And they will bring back your answers in Jesus name! Sit down: I have few minutes left. In the days of Daniel; he was also praying – because he knows that the time to turn away the captivity of Israel has come. As he was praying; there was the prince of Persia – blocking his prayers – before long; God sent another angel to defend and support the angel bearing his answers. Prophetic prayers! He got to Bethel as a fearful person – somebody running away from calamity – but the God of Bethel appeared to him – and he had a dream. I will be telling you more in the evening and in the next several gatherings. The God of Bethel is the God of unusual encounter. The God of unexpected. It has happened twenty years ago when he met the God of /Bethel – It has happened twenty years ago when he met the God of unusual of Encounter. This God of Bethel – The God of unusual encounter – does not and cannot change – and can never be changed. Prophetic prayers! Who could have said that Sarah will give child to Abraham! Something miraculous – Something unexpected – something no body has never heard before – that is what God will do in your life! Your name will no longer be the same! Prophetic prayers! Stand up on your feet and let us pray!  You know Jacob wrestle with the angel in prayer – You are going to going to wrestle with God in prayer! Prophetic song – O God visit me miraculously – don’t let me come in vain.




  • Father, I want my own unusual encounter this morning – do the unusual – God of Bethel!

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