December 5, 2023

Unusual Encounter 2023 Day 5 Morning Session

Unusual Encounter 2023 Day 5 Morning Session


5th of December, 2023




SERMON TITLE:       The God of Bethel

SERMON TEXT:     Micah 2: 13

PREACHER:             Bishop Olawale Aiyegbusi



Content: Opening prayers. Give him praise. Adore him. Lord, I worship you, Lord. Thank you for the new mercy of today.  Go ahead and thank him. For, it’s by the Lord’s mercy that I am not consumed. He said his mercies are new every day. C’mon receive new mercy. There’s a new mercy for today. Lift up your voice – for new mercy for your health, for every area of your life. Go ahead and receive it. Thank you, Father. Glory be to the name of the Lord. In Jesus most precious name we have prayed! Please take your seat. I want to thank God once again for allowing me to be here. Who is he that says a thing when God did not say! Even if we say it and plan it and God did not command it; it won’t come to pass. Jesus has big people everywhere and one of them is Daddy Olawuyi – People that Satan sees in every state and hide himself. We celebrate you Sir. When you go through social media sometimes; I cry. Please honour elders and God will honour you. God did not let Daddy come yesterday so as to confirm my words. After we finished yesterday; the spirit of the Lord said to me that I should treat the Bible passage of yesterday in different light. Micah 2: 13. Nobody, I repeat, no body. No theologian – no bible scholar will be able to bring out the name of Jesus throughout the bible till we leave this world. Go through he amplified version of Micah 2: 13. This morning we are operating by the breakers’ anointing. Any gate that is standing before – that won’t allow you to move to your next level – by the breakers’ anointing; they will scatter in Jesus name. Media, can you show me by the King James Version. Any gate that is standing – that does not allow you to advance – those gates are coming down in Jesus name. Simon Peter – is Jesus disciple – he wasn’t known by the high priest – but other disciples were well known. Peter wasn’t connected there, but his friends were connected.  He was outside in a terrible cold. Listen to me – closed gates will do some things that ridicules a man – Look at Peter – a man who is an acclaimed leader – was outside because of supposable closed door. Closed door ridicules person. Closed door can make the first born be begging the last born of the family for money.  The gap in their age may be up to 10 years; but will mess up the position of a person in the family. The number one person among the apostles was shut out in the cold outside. Do you know that despite the fact that they shut Peter outside – he didn’t go back. You prayed for something for 1 years, 2 years… Then you give up. This generation – we give up too soon. Peter kept on hanging there – he didn’t leave – I trust the Messiah. The fact that you are following the Messiah does not mean that there can’t be closed doors. It may not be your sin – you may be righteous. Peter said – my redeemer liveth. Your redeemer – the one with the breaker’s anointing will come through for you. Maintain your position – stop looking for God everywhere. And when its time to work – like Daddy said; no man can stop him. Stay where you are! Peter was number one. He was not ashamed. Closed doors mess up people’s positions. Closed door messes up people’s potential. You may be a wizard in your profession and everyone knows that once they bring Kola into this position – he will sort it out in two minutes; what people have been trying to do 2 hours. Check around. If you are somebody that moves around – you will see artisans with great potential but with nothing to show for it. Peter once stood up – and said you are the Messiah the son of God – even when other people don’t understand who Jesus is. Do you know what Jesus said about Peter in John 32. Satan wanted to pick Peter. Jesus said: Simon, Simon, Satan wanted to use you – but I have prayed for you – that your faith will not derail. Closed doors can mess up people’s prophecy. But as we pray this morning; anyone who has been rubbished by closed door – today – the Messiah will show up for you in Jesus name.  The first gate – I want us to deploy the breakers’ gate against this morning – is called the human gate. Some people are no longer even human beings – they have become human gate. Let us look at Ezekiel 11: 1-4. Therefore, prophesy against them… Jump to verse 13…  Listen to me – there are men who are gates. Where they are standing – if they say you are not passing – you are not going anywhere; I’m telling you that you are not going anywhere. Until Haman was brought down; Mordecai did not get to his glory. Until Paul addresses the gate of Bar Jesus; Paul didn’t have access to Sergio Remus in the Book of Acts 11. Prophetic declaration. If you want to sit down for only one minutes. Number 2: There is the wilderness gate. In Exodus 14: 1-3. There is a gate called the gate of the wilderness. In just one year – some people can lay their hands on seven things but don’t have anything to show for it. Some people are deity. There is a wilderness gate. Esau dealt with the wilderness gate. The wilderness kept him outside until Jacob and his mother usurp his position. Prophetic declaration. Prayers. If you want to sit down; you can sit. Let’s take you through one more and I close. Psalm 24: 6. He said: Lift up your heads O ye generational gates. In other words; you gate that shut out my father; you can’t shut me out. I don’t know about yours; but my own generation is different – therefore, no generational door can shut against me. Lift up your heads o ye gates – o ye generational door. In John 1: 45-46. Nathaniel looked at Phillips – that you are a fool; can anything good come out of Nazareth? I don’t know what is in your family that is preventing your glory to come out; the power of God that I serve has broken it up in Jesus name! Prophetic Prayers. I will see you in the evening by the grace of God!


Prophetic Prayers

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