December 6, 2023

Unusual Encounter 2023 Day 6 Morning Session

Unusual Encounter 2023 Day 6 Morning Session








TOPIC:                      Unless You Bless Me

TEXT:                        Genesis 32:26 – 31

PREACHER:             Reverend Ebenezer Olawuyi



Lift up your hands and acknowledge Him this morning. I like you to just tell Him, ‘Holy Spirit, we welcome you.’ Be conscious of His presence. Spirit of Grace, we welcome you. Six persons here, the Lord is visiting you this morning with a special anointing. The Lord said, ‘I am going to visit six persons with a special anointing.’ This is the moment of miracles. This is the sixth day. Jacob said, ‘I will not let you go unless you bless me.’ Somebody is here, you feel heat inside your ear, right now, inside your ear, the power of God is flushing out every strange thing.

We are going to pray. There are two things that bring a tree down: the wind that blows at the tree and the weakness or the corruption inside the tree. If a tree is standing, you may not know that termites have bored into it and think it is the wind when it falls. When the wind blows at the tree, you would think the tree just fell, not knowing that something has eaten the tree from inside. Jacob was running around, he didn’t know that Esau was not his problem. He thought Laban was his problem but Laban was not. His problem was inside of him. So, when he cried and said, ‘Lord, bless me,’ the simple answer would have been, ‘Receive the blessing.’ God would have said, ‘Receive your blessing’ but the Lord said, ‘What is your name?’ You will pray this prayer: Every termite/worm eating me, whatever it is, anything eating me internally, that is not making my glory to break forth, that is not allowing me to enjoy my blessing, O fire of God, burn them. Every stranger and force within me that is not allowing my glory to break forth, O fire, burn them.

John the Baptist says, ‘He that cometh after me whose shoelace I cannot lose, He will baptise you with the Holy Ghost and fire.’ One of the emblem of the Holy Ghost is fire. You will pray. Say it after me, ‘Holy Ghost fire, burn down every tree in me that is not producing good fruit.’ Pray: ‘Every stranger in me, hear the word of God, now, begin to go out.’ Listen! This is what is likely going to happen: some of you may just discover that you begin to yawn. Some of you would just see that you want to fart. Some of you may want to vomit, don’t stop it. Some of you will see yourself stretching. Any manifestation that comes, don’t stop it. When strangers want to come out, they force themselves. Some of you would have gone farther than where you are, so pray: ‘Holy Ghost fire, flush out every stranger in me.’

You see people say, ‘I inherited it from my mother. My grandmother had arthritis, my mother also had,’ and now it is their turn. Your grandfather had heart problem, now, it has come down to you also. You will do one thing this morning: when a child is born, the midwives would cut the umbilical cord attaching the child to its mother. There is what is called ‘spiritual umbilical cord,’ attaching you to generations. If you don’t mind, put your hand on your navel and say it after me, ‘Every spiritual umbilical cord tying me to evil inheritance, I cut you off now by fire.’

There are families in which it is the woman who takes care of the husband. The men in the family don’t ever rise, not one of them. You would see if you look at all the males in the family, they are always down. You would see some families, it is the wife who always feed the family. You would see some families, even at old age, they would still be struggling to eat. They never enjoy their children. You would see in some families, the ladies are not married from the first daughter, second daughter, etc. The scripture says, ‘Right from the days of John the Baptist until now, the Kingdom of God suffereth violence.’ The battle you don’t win now, your children will inherit it. Maybe you’re already seeing that thing in your father and mother, if you keep quiet, you will inherit it. So, you need to be angry. Evil inheritance! Say after me, ‘In the name of Jesus, I break away from every evil inheritance.’

The Lord told me that if you pray, your story will change. We are on a field now and when we leave this place, the sun will rise over us. When Jacob left Peniel and was crossing, the Bible says, the sun rose on him – ‘And as he passed over Penuel the sun rose upon him, and he halted upon his thigh’ (Genesis 32:31). Not that the sun rose but the sun rose on him. Tell the Lord to complete your case today. Inheritance can come in different ways. Some people, after their parents tried and got to a place, when they were to eat the fruits of their labour, something will just come and take away their lives. You will pray that same prayer again, ‘In the name of Jesus, I end every evil inheritance in my life in the name of Jesus.’

Like light breaks out of darkness, after this meeting, you will suddenly break forth. There are some of you, the Lord told me now that you have been making efforts, you get to a high level but something suddenly pushes you down. You are making efforts but you are coming down. The Lord tells me that if you pray today, your story will change. Jacob prayed, he persisted and the Lord changed his story totally. Call the name of Jesus seven times: ‘Jesus!’ Every mark of evil you inherited, the fire of God will wipe them away in the name of Jesus. You will turn it to your own prayer, say it after me: Holy Ghost fire! Wipe out every evil mark and evil identification over my life and over my health in the name of Jesus.

Pray: Every voice speaking against me, against my breakthrough and progress, I silence you now by the blood of Jesus. There is a woman here, the Lord said I should tell you no more stagnancy for you, you have stayed too long in that position. The wind of the Holy Ghost is coming upon you now. The Lord said I should tell someone here, you have been afraid and so fearful of what have come upon you recently. The Lord said to me to tell you, you have overcome. I stand by the prophetic unction of the Holy Ghost, that sickness and disease, you have overcome it in Jesus Name. You won’t die; the yoke of death is destroyed today in Jesus Name. Hear the Word of the Lord for somebody here, you have been labouring but there is nothing to bring forth, you work like an elephant and reap like ants. Your results are not comparable to your efforts. You are intelligent, but it’s not just working, but now, the power of God is going to touch you. From this moment, as the Lord liveth, your story is changing. Lift up your hands and give thanks to God.

The Lord told me there is somebody here, you are the star of your family but you are not allowing me. He said, ‘Your creation and whole family are waiting for you but you are not breaking forth because you are not allowing Me.’ Are you in that situation and want to say, ‘Jesus, I want you to take me over, I am surrendering to you?’ The Lord said to me specifically. I stand here by the Spirit of the Lord to say this. He said, ‘There is a star here, your glory is so great but you are not permitting Me.’ If you are the one, lift up your two hands to the Lord and say it after me, ‘Jesus, I surrender – totally surrender, fully surrender – I am not forced to surrender, please, forgive me for not permitting you all this while. Now, Jesus, take me over. I confess with my mouth that you died for my sin and God raised you up. I declare, Jesus, you are the Lord! Satan, I forsake you, I break every agreement with you, you are no longer my Lord. Thank you, father! Believe it. Grace and anointing is imparted into your life. Lord, I do this as you have sent me, I am asking you to confirm your word. Let global stars come out of these ones in the name of Jesus!

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